Overview of Online Poker Game Procedures

Overview of Online Poker Game Procedures! Poker is an important instrument in both online and classic gambling games. The popularity of the game of poker continues to increase every year. Quite often, the game of Poker appears in various feature films. This proves that the popularity of the game of poker has been recognized as a popular international gambling game.

To achieve victory, you need the highest-ranking hand card combination, where the Royal Straight Flush is the highest combination in poker in general. Before the cards are dealt, you will enter the initial betting phase. After the opening betting phase is complete, two cards will be dealt with first, where the first card is face up, and the other is face down.

Strategy Stages in Playing Poker

Playing situs poker online requires the right strategy so that you can achieve maximum victory, poker is known as a gambling game that has a high level of difficulty playing. Playing skill alone is not enough. It takes experience and good mental and emotional management so that you can play poker optimally to make it easier for you to get victory in playing it.

Here are some important strategies in maximizing online poker games:

Accepted Initial Card Analysis

At this initial stage, you must be able to determine whether the two cards you receive can continue the game or not. If the two cards you receive are Pair Cards or High Cards with a minimum combination of 10, J, Q, K, and AS then, you can continue the game because the card combination is very promising for the initial phase. It is highly recommended for you to raise the bet if the condition of the card in your hand is very good.

Make the most of the Fold Strategy

During the card distribution phase (flop), the cards you receive are very low and certainly have no chance of winning the game, it would be wise if you decide to fold, because by making this decision, it will prevent you from losing with an increasingly nominal value. Big.

Observe the Habits of the Players

Like the discussion above, playing situs poker online is not enough with only skill, but it also takes playing experience and the ability to observe every movement of your opponent. Professional and senior players can generally take advantage of their experience in assessing opponents’ movements.

Playing at the Right Tempo

Don’t think too long about implementing your strategy and play style. Face every situation that arises patiently and calmly.

Management of Your Playing Capital Wisely

Always set a limit for your playing capital. When you reach a predetermined limit of victory or defeat, immediately stop playing and withdraw your winnings. Never be greedy in playing because it will be bad for you.

Well, that’s a glimpse of the procedures for playing online poker that you need to know to make it easier for you to play poker online. Hopefully, this article can provide insight for you. Good luck!!

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A Powerful Guide to Win Playing Online Poker Gambling on the Internet

A Powerful Guide to Win Playing Online Poker Gambling on the Internet

A Powerful Guide to Win Playing Online Poker Gambling on the Internet! There are many tips for getting a win in playing online poker gambling on the internet, and you can find this trick with an easy pass if you already understand how the game is going.

You need to know more, of course, that playing online poker gambling on the internet doesn’t just have to master the term card combination, but you also have to master when it’s time to fold, when to call and when it’s time for us all this. Everything requires its own conditions from the players.

So it does give a definite victory to the players who play. Now online poker gambling friends, for this wonderful opportunity, we will share a little like what the tricks to win in playing online poker gambling on the internet, hopefully, the news that you have found from here will give you an overview of online poker gambling games that can give you victory.

The following are safe tricks to get wins easily in playing online poker on the internet

Playing Together with Peace

The first factor that you must run when playing online poker gambling on the internet is playing with a slow pass, it’s not easy to really play gambling together casually, the air of our lust to win a grand pass, so it’s no wonder we try to implement anything in order to win a great victory, even though if we know more deeply not all gambling games are easy to play.

There are tips for yourself to win, one of which is to play with a slow mind. Start from a small value, if you have passed the belief that you can increase the value of your bet to be greater. This game system must be gradual in order to be able to produce maximum results.

Playing Together with Long-Lasting Experiences

Furthermore, to get a win in playing online poker gambling, of course, you have to have a good experience with online poker gambling games on the internet, really not a few people have that experience. There are many gamblers who have the experience of playing online poker gambling on the internet, and the rest don’t understand this game. If you already believe enough in mastering the game of poker, so immediately apply it to the real game.

Play with the Bluffing System

So on the 3rd, we recommend that you play online poker gambling with a bluffing game system, this bluffing game system is a little different from other gambling games, to run this system you need mental courage, because not all gamblers have managed to win by winning. This trick. The average gambler who manages to run this trick is to do it all in even though they don’t have a card combination at all.

Play with Analysis

So the last one is playing online poker card gambling with the correct analysis, not all gambling players are indeed able to apply this game together lightly, there are many easier tricks which are to carry out card analysis outside. Thus you can find victory together directly.

So that’s our article this time about the best online poker gambling game for you. Thanks.


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Soft side


And so my interest in purple continues. I don’t wear softer colors that much but I’m really into them right now. Good thing it’s still sweater weather, although I’m very ready for some Spring sunshine as well!

Sweater: Weekday (find very similar ones here and here)
Velvet cap: ASOS

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inspiration / late winter

winter outfit street style editorial inspiration what to wear 2016 2017 fall

Winter has been upon us for quite a while. And it’s always late in a season that I could use some extra inspiration. I’ve been wearing the same thing for weeks and it’s been boring me a little, so I’ve been on the lookout for some extra inspiration. I don’t really want to get new clothes at the moment, unless they’re spring appropriate, but it’s always good to scour some inspiration images and maybe get some different ideas on how to combine your current winter clothing or a different idea on how to style, let’s say, your big hoodie. Which I totally want to wear with glitter pants now. So here’s some of the looks that spoke to me, find more of this on my pinterest to see what inspires me :) Happy Sunday!

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Purple haze

purple spring 2017 trend shop lilac jumper bomber

Yes, currently a little high on purple. I don’t always get swept away by trends but I’m really feeling this new trend color. It’s mysterious, not very common and it works really well with my usual favorites, black and grey. So I’ve been checking out some things purple online and above are my favorites. How cool is that purple puffer jacket? Shop below.

Puffer jacket: Puffa / Bomber jacket: ASOS / Velvet dress: Club L
Jumper with balloon sleeves: ASOS White / Skirt: ASOS / Sweater: Adolescent clothing

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Lilac love


Say hello to what’s been keeping me warm the past week. I hardly took it off ever since I got it. This big chunky knitted lilac boyfriend cardigan. It’s so comfy and warm, but where I really fell for was the color. Even though I don’t wear much color, I do have a little spot in my heart for lilac. That’s also why I’m very happy to see that purple is HOT at the moment. Forget pink, purple is the color to wear right now. Luckily I still had some (almost) matching sneakers to complete the look. I’ll be browsing the internet for the rest of the afternoon looking for some great purple buys, I’ll share them with you later!

Boyfriend cardigan: Rokoko
Old top and jeans: ASOS
Sneakers: Nike


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Merry Christmas!


It’s quite rare that Dutchies celebrate the second day of Christmas as well as the first one, but for me Christmas can’t last long enough. Love hanging out with my family, eating lots of food and getting presents. I was very spoilt this year getting my favorite Diptyque scent, guess Santa knows what I like! Here’s what I wore on the 2nd day of Christmas, which was all about relaxing in front of the fireplace at my parents house (and not too tight clothes otherwise they would show all the duck breast in my belly). Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. What did you get this year? And most of all, who’s excited for New Years Eve?

Peplum top: JDY
T-shirt dress underneath: Monki
Leggings: H&M
Nike Air Force 1 on my feet

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