>Packing for Madeira


Today is finally the day. I’m packing for holiday because tonight me and my boyfriend are going to Madeira! I’m really excited and can wait to go, but first my suitcase has to be packed. Which I don’t find an easy job. Which outfits am I going to wear? Which shoes am I taking and do they go with my outfits? Is it weird to take 5 handbags with me for just 2 weeks? I find it quite hard to figure out what to wear for the next two weeks! And my suitcase is filled quite a lot quicker than I thought. Luckily I’m taking the boyfriend (with his suitcase), so I might me able to sneak some shoes into his luggage. 
I do am taking my Macbook with me, so although I won’t be blogging every day, I’ll try to blog every once and a while to keep you updated and make you jealous of the great vacation I’m having. ;) 
I’m also obviously taking my camera, and there might be some outfitposts in the next few weeks, that’s also why I’m taking such a long time deciding which outfits to take with me!
Want to see how my holidays are and what I’m wearing?
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See you soon =)


>Selected Items: THE Shoes


Today’s selected items are all selected around THE Shoes. When I saw them, I immediately fell in love with them. Big time. I’m a big fan of neutrals, and mixing them with black for a little bit of an edge to the outfit. So I went looking for things that I felt work well with the shoes. I really love the red color and I wasn’t sure whether it would go well with the neutrals and black, but I think it does. It’s an interesting color combination. What do you think of it?

Top   /   Topshop
Jacket   /   Day Birger et Mikkelsen
Glasses   /   The Row
Clutch   /   Nelly
Ring   /   House of Harlow 1960
Bracelet   /   ASOS
Jeans   /   Topshop
Shoes   /   Nelly


>What’s for breakfast?

>During the week, I usually eat the same boring breakfast. But I just can’t help it, I love porridge. It’s healthy, contains a lot of fiber and keeps me going the whole morning. But every now and then I like to switch my breakfast to something else. Something fruity, something special, something different. So here are some ideas to change your breakfast every once in a while. Variation is healthy, and keeps life exciting! And we all need a treat sometimes.

 Make your yoghurt more exciting by putting it in a glass and layer yogurt, granola and fruit. It looks like a dessert but is actually a healthy breakfast!
Sometimes you have to give yourself a treat in the morning. My way of doing that is by having a romantic breakfast with my boyfriend, and making fresh croissants with jelly. Nothing can beat the smell of freshly baked croissants!
Eggs on toast boring? Not if you cut them out in the shape of a heart! You can buy egg cutters (or cookie cutters) in almost any cooking store. 
I loooove making french toast. It isn’t a lot of work and it’s so delicious! Also try the french toast recipe I posted earlier!
And of course, who can resist a peanut butter sandwich?


>To Tat or not to Tat


Today I was just walking around a bit, and I came across a girl that just had a very pretty tattoo done. I couldn’t help but starting to think about it. Some people have really great tattoos, and there are some ( mostly small and humble) tattoos I really like. Would I want a tattoo some day? Would I be the kind of person for a tattoo? I’ve thought about it before, but I always come to the same conclusion: I’m too whimsical to get a tattoo. I change my mind about things multiple times a day, and I wouldn’t have the guts to get a tattoo because I would be afraid of not liking it anymore after a few months. And it would for me be a permanent thing, since I’ve once seen on TV how they laser tattoos to make them disappear: disgusting! 
But then, I started surfing the web and came across some really pretty tattoo’s, of which I could imagine someone wanting it to be on their body for the rest of their life. I definitely think your tattoo should at least have some kind of meaning, but if you really love a design, that might be meaning enough..
I haven’t really drawn a conclusion for myself yet, but I do know what my mother would say.. ;)
Here are some designs I really like! Would you get a tattoo? Or do you already have one?

images from Google Images and weheartit.com


>Oh Berlin. I miss you.


Of all places I’ve been to, Berlin is one of my favorites. And I’m talking about the eastern part of Berlin. There’s a certain atmosphere and I just love the people there, they are so stylish and relaxed. I’ve been to Berlin quite a few times, even lived there for a few weeks to study German. This january I went with my boyfriend and it kind of felt like coming home. I could definitely see myself living in Berlin. 
The last few days Berlin has been on my mind a lot. I want to go back. It itches. There are a few places that for me, make Berlin the way I see Berlin. These are my favorites…
Kauf dich glucklich
The cute and cozy cafe in Prenzlauer Berg area that sells the best homemade waffles ever, and has great ice cream too. The interior is great with all the vintage furniture, and there are a lot of items in the interior you can actually buy, including chairs. Everytime I go to Berlin, I come here for some waffles. The Kastanienallee location also has a shop with vintage and new clothing. Love that.
Flohmarkt am Mauerpark
Also located in the Prenzlauer Berg area, there’s an amazing flea market located in a the Mauerpark every sunday. It’s a really big market with everything from junk to amazing vintage items. I’ve bought some great vintage black boots here once. In the summer, this is the place to be on sunday. Searching for great vintage items on the crowded market, and after that lounging in the park.
Club der Visionaere
This is one of the clubs where I had the time of my life when living in Berlin. It’s a bar and club located on the riverside, and it’s a great hangout during day time, and quite a freaky techno club during night time. Ricardo Villalobos  and Richie Hawtin come here. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with them..
Kaffee Mitte
When in Berlin, my boyfriend and I always come here for the best ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’. They make amazing cheesecakes. It’s located in the Mitte area, and we always stop by here while shopping, while it’s right across the street from the Acne and Diesel store, among others. Love the atmosphere here. 
East Side Gallery
When visiting Berlin, you can’t escape it’s history. And you shouldn’t. One amazing piece of history is the East Side Gallery, a 1.3 kilometers long section of the Berlin wall, that is painted by artists all over the world. And right behind it lies a city beach! Great place for chilling out in the summer, I love city beaches. There are some quite good parties there, too.
Another great place to hang out when it’s smoking hot outside, is the Badeschiff. It’s a pool in the river Spree with a little beach. You can’t swim in the city river because it’s too polluted, but I love this bright blue refreshing pool in the river. Hung out quite some times here. 

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>High Fashion Hair


On the runway you usually see the most amazing hairstyles. Unfortunately, if you’d want to create that for yourself you’d need a hairstylist to do it for you, because the hairdo’s are very complicated or hair extensions are used. But some designers do choose for easier hairstyles, so that we ‘normal people’ can easily copy them for ourselves! Here are some hairstyles, straight off the runway, that are easy to copy but still will make you look couture! (If combined with the right outfit, of course =))
 Alexander Wang
 Charlotte Ronson
 Michael Kors


>Love: Fashion Illustrations by Sabine Pieper


While looking for inspiration, as I’m always doing, I came across the beautiful fashion illustrations of Sabine Pieper. She’s an illustrator from Berlin and is featured in multiple illustration books and even does exhibitions of her amazing work. Her illustrations also appear in Elle Magazine.
I love her illustrations, the femininity of them and the perfectness.. So inspiring!


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