The Blogging Journey

I’ve been blogging for just two months now. I’m still a rookie. But so far it has been quite a journey and I’ve already learned so much, made steps forward, tried to improve and promote.
I started blogging after checking out multiple fashion blogs and asking myself: what would I blog about if I had a blog? In a few days, I had thought of and written down at least 25 things to blog about, which made me decide to give it a try and see where it would go. I threw myself into the deep, knowing nothing about HTML, SEO, IFB and a lot of things you get to deal with as a blogger. But I’m very determined and with a little help from the internet (online tutorials rock) I’ve learned myself a lot. And I’m still learning.
 What is most important to me, is that I love blogging. I’ve kind of become addicted to blogging, even when walking down the streets I think about new blog topics and I get inspiration from nearly everything. A whole new world opened up to me, and I love it. When I started I obviously started for the fun of it, but inspired by other bloggers I’ve been taking my blog more and more serious and I’m really hoping to achieve something with my blog. If only it were over 1000 followers, or being invited to events, Fashion weeks (NYFW, call me anytime), and the like. I’m not in a hurry, since I’m still so new to the blogging world and learning new things everyday (I see my Macbook more than I see the BF), but I’m hoping one day, I’ll get there. It will probably be a long journey, but I’m looking forward to it. And I hope you’ll join me!
PS. Pictured above are the business cards I designed myself and received last week. I ordered them for free! Business cards for me are a necessity while networking. And since I also shoot people in the streets sometimes, I like to give them something more professional than a post-it when they ask for my URL. How else do you get your blog noticed with thousands of bloggers out there?


Finger Party

I’m very much into wearing lots of jewelry at the same time lately. Last week I’ve showed you some inspiration on having an arm party, today it’s all about the fingers. I love the look of wearing multiple rings at the same time, especially when they are statement rings and big ones. I’m into statement rings anyway, since I’ve seen so many beautiful ones already this fall. My problem is that my fingers are quite lean. Regular size rings (like small ones from H&M;) are still too big to put around my fingers, so I’m a bit apprehensive on buying them online. But I’m still looking for budget options on where to get multiple statement rings to throw a party for my fingers. Ideas, anyone?


Outfit: The End of Summer

Jeans   /   Nudie
Leather Jacket   /   Zara
Leather Bag   /   River Island
White T-shirt   /   H&M;
Leopard Snood   /   H&M;
Sneakers   /   Adidas
Oh, how cold it was yesterday! Even when the sun showed herself at the end of the day, it was still chilly outside. I guess fall really has begun early this year. Luckily I’m ready for it since I’ve already found some great fall items to wear. The leopard scarf served me well today, protecting me from cold winds! And I’m so happy with my new sneakers. For those of you who were wondering what I would wear them with: this is it! What do you think of this outfit?


New in | How could I not?

I’m weak. And I know it. Yesterday I was in Amsterdam to check out my dear friend Margot’s new place, and after strolling around in the Jordaan area we made a quick stop at River Island. So far, everything was good. But then I saw this bag. The perfect brown leather bag I had been looking for so long. In the perfect shade of brown, real leather that smelled like.. Well.. I just needed it. I really did. 
And then I saw the leggings.. Amazing black Aztec print leggings. I’m really into Aztec prints lately, and  fell in love with this black and white version of the print immediately. It’s pretty thick and I bought it one size bigger than I normally would wear leggings, so that I can also wear them as trousers appropriately (as in: no camel toes and such). 
Luckily, I had a little piece of luck on my bank account this month, so my new purchases aren’t such a drama for my budget, but I did make an agreement with myself: I’m on a budget this month and am not allowed to buy anything this month. That is, unless I find the perfect denim shirt I’ve been wanting for so long. 
Nonetheless, I’m so very happy with what to me are musthaves for this fall! What do you think?

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>Outfit: At the Harbor


Top   /   River Island
Jeans   /   Maison Scotch
Belt   /   Scotch and Soda (stolen from boyfriend)
Sandals   /   H&M
Bag   /   River Island
Cuff   /   H&M
Sunglasses   /   Ray Ban
Watch   /   Vintage
Kind of late, but here’s my last outfitpost from Madeira.
It was so much fun shooting there since the scenery was amazing. I can’t get my pictures this pretty in the Netherlands I guess..
I’m wearing my absolute favorite jeans, boyfriend jeans by Maison Scotch. They are made from Japanese denim and since I’m a denim lover, I love the quality and the great fit of this piece of denim!
The bag is also a musthave, the color is my fall favorite, I’ll be wearing it a lot this fall!
As you might have noticed, I’ve been doing more outfitposts lately. What do you think of them? Should I keep on doing more of them? Let me know!


>I wish..


I could afford the new Chanel Boy Bag! 

It’s so androgynous, kind of boyish chic, and that’s exactly what Lagerfeld wanted it to be.
Creative director Karl Lagerfeld explains: “Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude, in fact, it is the very spirit of Chanel. She got it from Boy Capel, the great love of her life, which, incidentally, explains why the new bag is called the Boy Chanel.” 
It comes in three different sizes and in red, ivory, black and grey. 
In Chanel stores this september..


>New in – Scotch, Leopard and Leather


I finally got a birthday present for my boyfriend! We had both been on the lookout for this leather iPhone case, but it had been sold out for a while. But when I walked into the Scotch and Soda store yesterday, they had it! With a matching iPad case! The leather is so beautiful and the color of the leather is amazing. I kind of profit from my boyfriend having these as well, since I get to look at them (and I use his iPad during the day when he’s at work). I’m getting the iPhone case for myself as well, but I’m going to have the Maison Scotch version so my boyfriend will not take mine!
Although I told myself I was just going to get my boyfriend a late birthday present, I allowed myself to stop buy just one store. H&M. Since I just couldn’t wait to see what they had in stores for this fall. And since shopping at H&M doesn’t usually cost me my whole fall budget. I definitely found some great items I had been looking for before already. (fake) Leather shorts. A leopard scarf. It’s actually a snood, and I can’t wait to spice up a black and white outfit with it. The necklace I had been looking for already, and I finally found it, I’m so happy with it! And a black kind of croc leather belt for around my waist, since I missed that in my closet. All from H&M, all within my budget. Not bad right?
And here’s what I didn’t buy:

This amazing leopard raincoat from Maison Scotch. A raincoat is a musthave in the rainy Netherlands anyway, and this one makes it so cool to wear a raincoat. Why didn’t I buy it? My boyfriend hates it. And I’m afraid that this much leopard isn’t really Lucy. But I still love it though..
An amazing burgundy sweater with embellished shoulders from Warehouse. Unfortunately they didn’t have it in my size. A denim jacket, also from warehouse. I did really love how well it fitted me, but I wish it was a little bit more ‘special’, it was kind of plain. And a leopard belt. I don’t know what it is but I’m kind of into leopard. But since I had just bought another belt I thought I might take it easy, that’s why I didn’t buy this belt. I might go back and get it..
What do you think of the items I did get, do you like it? Would you buy the leopard raincoat?
Let me know!

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