DIY: Galaxy Nails


Galaxy nails! How cool is that? This weekend I’ve made my own galaxy nails. And it was easier than I thought it would be! So here’s how I did it. I first polished my nails with a black sparkly nail polish. Than I got a sponge (from my kitchen, use any sponge) and put a bit of purple sparkly nail polish on the sponge. Then I tapped the sponge ever so slightly on my nails (don’t use too much nail polish!) to get some purple sparkles on it. I did the same thing with the sponge with green and pink nail polish (that weren’t sparkly, but gave an extra dimension to my galaxy). And that was the base of my galaxy. I got the sponge one last time and put some gold sparkly nail polish on it and tapped it onto my nails for some extra sparkle! What I then did, is try to make bright stars with yellow neon nail polish. That’s where I found out I have lots of practice to do when it comes to nail art. I used a simple toothpick to apply dots of neon nail polish, but the dots turned out bigger than I wanted them to be. Nonetheless, I do like the way my nails turned out. Here’s what I used, it’s so easy! And don’t you think my nails look funky now?
(The ring is from ASOS by the way)

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Friday Diary

Time for another diary in pictures, which will also explain the lack of outfitposts lately. I’ve been really busy this week since my classes at the university have started again. They threw me right into the deep, giving me lots of assignments and literature reviews to make, and I’ve only just started again (after a very long summer). I don’t really mind since the classes I take are very interesting, but I do hate that I don’t have that much time to blog. Also I haven’t seen my photographer (read: BF) that much this week since he was busy with work so that makes shooting an outfit even harder. Nonetheless, I will make it up to you guys this weekend by posting an outfit with the leopard top you see above, since I’m quite obsessed with leopard prints lately (as you might have noticed). So here are some fragments of my week:
1. Having some delicious macaroons which my mom got me. Thanks, mom!
2. My new burgundy jumper with embellished shoulders (from Warehouse). I’m so hooked on this color!
3. In love with my new Cheap Monday Hawk Ring.
4. Having some liquid vitamins. I love this flavor of Innocent Smoothies, so berry!
5. Wearing an off-shoulder leopard top.
6. The book I’m currently reading for school, and an amazing new accessory for in my apartment!
Have a lovely weekend lovelies!

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Leopard love..

As you might have noticed, I’m really hooked on leopard prints this fall. I was always afraid of leopard because I’ve seen a lot of trailer trash parading around in the print, but I’ve finally embraced leopards print.

Well, more than embraced. I’m hooked. Luckily, many fall collections are filled with leopard prints. More exciting, leopard is here to stay! Watching spring 2012 collections from New York Fashion Week, I came across Betsy Johnson’s spring 2012 collection (pictured above). Love!
Notice the bright pink lipstick? :)
So here are a few affordable but pretty leopard items I’ve put together for you. Go Wild!
Leopard and chiffon top   /   Romwe
Leopard boots   /   Topshop
Faux fur leopard coat   /   River Island
Leopard clutch   /   Warehouse
Leopard cardigan   /   H&M;
Leopard and leather gloves   /   ASOS

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An industrial space

Don’t get me wrong. I love where I live. It’s not huge, but it’s big. It’s cozy. Decorated in white, grey and a touch of wood. It’s really nice.
But would it not be so cool to have a huge industrial space, with minimalistic furniture, almost no stuff in it, high windows and everything in black/white/grey? I think it would be. Maybe for my second apartment in New York..
(just dreaming).

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No Fall without Knits

There’s no fall without knits. Every year they’re there, in different shapes, colors.. This fall I’m seeing a lot of oversized knitted jumpers and really chunky knits. There’s nothing more comfortable than wearing a warm jumper on a cold fall day. And well, if you look good in it than that’s an extra advantage. Above you see my four favorite knits. An army colored jumper from Zara, a yellow chunky see-through jumper from Monki, a basic black jumper from H&M;, and a very warm oversized white knit from Zara. My absolute favorite garments are always those that look good and are also comfortable. Luckily, you can get your knit anywhere. Here are three chunky knits I would mind having, love the color of the last one!
Contrast stitch jumper   /   Topshop
Chunky grey knit   /   River Island
Green knitted jumper   /   Romwe


Behind the images..

One of the reasons why I love photography, is because behind many pictures is a story. A story that the viewer often doesn’t know. The viewer can only guess. I can spend lots of time looking at pictures and thinking up a story that might be behind the image. Probably not the most productive way to spend my time, but I only do it when I have the time, like on a lazy sunday. Today I was looking at some street shots made by Tommy Ton at NYFW last week. Some of them makes me really wonder what happened before and after the picture was taken.. A picture might say more than a thousand words, but it can also raise hundreds of questions. Just wondering..
 Where was this woman running to, on her Isabel Marant sneakers? Why was she in such a hurry? Does that outfit look that good when she’s standing still instead of running?

Wow, who was this woman calling? And what did he or she do to make her so angry? I wouldn’t want to be the person on the other side of the phone..
 Is she wearing anything underneath that amazing grey coat? Or does she wear that to-die-for croc bag in front of her all day? And where can I get those shoes?
 Did she got hit by that taxi after the picture was taken? Where was she running to? Or was she running on purpose because she knew what effect her sheer maxi skirt would have?
Where is she taking those two amazing clutches? Why is she wearing two? OK, I would wear them both as well if I had them, can’t choose! What’s in them? And what would her face look like?
 What are they doing on their phones? Texting? Reading news? Checking their e-mail? How come they’re all doing that at the same time? Was there a scoop and did they all check it out immediately? Is the middle person a man?
 What is she wearing? Wouldn’t you like to know what she combined that amazing purple heels and the snake print clutch with? I would! You can see part of what I think are denim shorts, but this picture just makes me so curious!
What is she thinking about? Is she happy? I’m not sure, her eyes look kind of empty.. Does she eat at all?


Acne Spring 2012

I’ve been looking forward to see Acne’s Spring 2012 collection, shown in London yesterday. Acne is one of my favorite brands I can’t afford (if being honest) because of the minimalistic shapes and great materials that are used in the collection. So I was really excited when scrolling trough the collection this morning, and to share with you the details I love most right away. I think the clothing really speaks for itself here. Great leather pants with edgy details. Minimalistic and oversized shapes. Thin, natural material on leather. A mint dress with a mustard coat. High necklines, mixing color with black and white, the grey knitted crop top. It’s as good ad I’ve expected from Acne, maybe even better.

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