Still Not Sure (Tattoo Part 3)

Yes, you probably remember 2 of my posts before (here and here) where I was playing with the idea of getting a tattoo. In the first post, it was just an idea, but to be honest with you, I didn’t think I was going to do it. After the second post, something really did began to tickle. But still, I wasn’t sure if it would be something for me. In the month between the last post and this one, I’ve come across more tattoo’s, by incidence but also on purpose, since I still had a little voice in the back of my mind that kept remembering me about the idea. Well, the latest update on the thinking-about-getting-a-tattoo adventure is this: I think it can actually be something for me. Look at the above images. A small heart, bird or word, in a place where it can be hidden if I want to.. I really like the spot where the first girl got hers..
I still haven’t made up my mind, but my mind is going more and more in the ‘do it’-mode. Of course I’d have to think and be sure about what to get exactly, but I think it would be a bird, a heart, or a word. And either on an easy to hide spot, but I do like the above ones that these girls have on their wrists.. I know this is the third time I’m bothering you guys with my inner tattoo-conflicts, but I’d love to hear what you think! Let me know!
images via tattoologist

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  1. Michelle Says:

    Hey! Tattoos are awesome, so good luck deciding on what you want. However, just a word
    of advice: get something that means something to you. something that you love, that
    you can look at and be reminded of something important to you. those usually make the
    best tattoos. Yes, some things just look pretty, but tastes change and what you like now
    you may not like in ten years time. even if it something as simple as an arrow or something,
    make sure that arrow MEANS something to you. that way in ten, twenty, fifty years, you’ll
    look at it and be reminded of why you got it and the importance of it. not just ‘oh, i thought
    it was cute’

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