>New In | Acne & 3.1 Phillip Lim


So here’s what I got from the vouchers I won the other day (read about it here).
When I went shopping, I was very disappointed of the stores I could actually spend the Fashioncheques. There weren’t that many stores I could spend it, and most of them I didn’t like. There were a few in the fancy P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam, so I decided to have a look. I have to say, I saw a lot of amazing items there but a lot of them were actually over 500 euros a piece, and I could not see myself spending that much money on just one item. When I found these two, I tried them on several times just because I had to get over a certain hurdle of spending a lot of money on clothes when I don’t have that much money in my bank account. But then I realized I won the money, and I didn’t have to spend it out of my own pocket, and these two items are truly an investment for my closet!
I got a mint colored oversized Acne knit. It’s very oversized indeed, it almost comes down to my ankles. But I love the color, the furry mohair fabric, and especially the fact that it’s truly a statement piece. It might not be everyones taste, but I love it very much and it’s for me the perfect winter investment. When spending that much money on clothes, I do want them to be ‘statement pieces’. I would never get a simple white tee for 200 euros when I can easily get a nice white tee at Zara.
The second piece is a partly sheer blouse from 3.1 Phillip Lim, just as Acne one of my favorite brands I can’t afford. The picture really doesn’t do justice to the blouse, it’s gorgeous. It fits me perfectly and I love the sheer sleeves and the long back.
I’d love to hear what you think about these two pieces, my first ever Acne and 3.1 Phillip Lim items. I’ll show you outfits with these very soon!


>The ‘winning’ outfit


After yesterday’s post in which I told you I won a big price with my outfit, a few of you were curious of what I was wearing that day..

Jumper   /   Warehouse
Denim Shirt   /   H&M
Leather trousers   /   New Yorker
Choker   /   H&M
Bracelet   /   ASOS
Shoes   /   Converse (not shown, just my black chucks).
I wasn’t going to post that outfit since I didn’t have a photographer that day so all I made were these 3 detail shots. But since I got such sweet reactions I decided to show you anyway.
This was the outfit I was wearing when I won the 500 euros of shopping money.
I do have to admit, I went to the Styleguide launch in Arnhem, not in Amsterdam, and I think that if I had gone in Amsterdam, I wouldn’t have won. I also wouldn’t say it’s my best outfit ever, but I guess Danie Bles was looking for girls who were mixing brands and styles or colors of fabrics, and that’s kind of what I did with this outfit.
But I did, and I was super excited! Yesterday I went shopping with the BF right away, and let’s just say, there’s nothing left of the shopping money I won!
What I got? I’ll show you tomorrow..


>Diary | Knits & Nails


What you’re looking at:
1. I went to the launch of the Danie Bles Shop & Styleguide last thursday. And guess what, she was picking winners, looking at who was wearing (according to her) the best Mix & Match outfit. And I ended up winning the first place! I won 500 euro shopping money in fashion cheques, I was over the moon! That means shopping this weekend :) 
2. Having the most delicious pizza at Vapiano with the sweet Laura.
3. Went on a little nail polish shopping spree. I got black/silver glitter, dark grey metallic, mint and black nail polish. It’s becoming an addiction! Luckily they were all under 2 euros :)
4.  I got the silver H&M Trend knit you’ve probably already seen on many blogs. But I just couldn’t resist. It’s oversized, it’s comfy, it’s shiny, it’s warm, it’s gorgeous! I’ve had it for almost two weeks now but haven’t got the chance to show you how I wear it. I’ll show you very soon, promise!
5. Having a delicious lunch. I love hummus. I’ve been home studying a lot this week, so a good healthy lunch keeps me going on days I’m stuck behind the computer!
6. Matching my nails with my knit. Sometimes I paint my nails in a different color every day, just because I like it when they match (or at least not totally mismatch) my outfit.
7. I’ve been walking by this jacket from Zara for a month now, telling it (yes, I speak to jackets) that I will pick it up as soon as it’s on sale. I absolutely love it, but I’m on a budget!
So that’s what I’ve been up to. Hope you have a lovely weekend!


>OPI Goes Dutch!


OPI goes Dutch with an new collection of Dutch-inspired nail polishes!
The colors are mainly inspired by the colors of Dutch flowers, and it’s a very versatile line of polishes!
And not to forget, OPI always comes up with the most funny and inventive names.
From left to right: 
Gouda Gouda Two Shoes  /  Wooden Shoes Like to Know It  /  I Don’t Give a Rotterdam  /  A Roll In The Hague  /  Petal Faster Suzi  /  Dutch Ya Just Love OPI  
Thanks a WindMillion  /  Red Lights Ahead..Where?  /  Kiss Me On My Tulips  /  Vampsterdam  /  I Have a Herring Problem  /  Did You Hear About Van Gogh?  
While I’m still waiting on the OPI Muppet Collection with all the glittery nail polishes (see below, I need the pink and the red ones!) I’m already really looking forward to this Dutch collection which will probably launch in February or March 2012. Thanks a WindMillion is already on my wishlist, I love the minty color! And I wouldn’t be a real Dutchie if I didn’t get A Roll in The Hague, that vibrant orange is probably as Dutch as you can get!
A few colors from the Muppet Collection that will be in stores next week.


>Outfit: Parka Love


Parka   /   H&M (old)
Leather trousers   /   New Yorker
T-shirt   /   Zara
Bag   /   River Island
Pistol boots   /   Sacha
Necklace   /   Vintage
At the moment, this is my fall uniform. I’ve had this parka for years and it just never gets old, I still absolutely love it. It just goes well with so many items in my closet, and my favorite way to pair it is with a simple white tee, a good leather bag and some black or leather trousers. I’m hooked on these leather pants so I’ve been wearing them a lot. I bought the necklace at a sort of flea market (rommelmarkt) this weekend for just 1 euro, and I like how this statement necklace adds that little extra to this pretty basic outfit!
Oh and sorry that not all the pictures are sharp, but it’s getting harder and harder to take proper pictures since it gets dark so early and I can’t do it during daytime!


>Burgundy / Leather


Alexander Wang gets it. What is more beautiful than the color burgundy? Burgundy in leather. 
From his Spring 2012 collection.


>Shoes | Which one?


What I like most about the webshop Nelly.com is the great selection of shoes. They sell a few of the hottest shoes at the moment, and most of them are very budget friendly!
I happen to have a 50 euro voucher from Nelly.com, but I just can’t decide between these three shoes.
The first are from Lundberg, and I love the Jeffrey Campbell-ish platforms, but they’re the highest of the three which makes me doubt.. (They are out of stock since yesterday but will return soon).
The second are Cheap Monday wedges, in a sort of suede cream fabric. I love these ones, but I’m afraid they will be a bit clownish on my feet.
The third ones are pretty classic Jeffrey Campbell rip-offs. I’m just not sure about the laces, though.

Could you please help me out and tell me which one you like best/I should get?

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