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1. I went to the launch of the Danie Bles Shop & Styleguide last thursday. And guess what, she was picking winners, looking at who was wearing (according to her) the best Mix & Match outfit. And I ended up winning the first place! I won 500 euro shopping money in fashion cheques, I was over the moon! That means shopping this weekend :) 
2. Having the most delicious pizza at Vapiano with the sweet Laura.
3. Went on a little nail polish shopping spree. I got black/silver glitter, dark grey metallic, mint and black nail polish. It’s becoming an addiction! Luckily they were all under 2 euros :)
4.  I got the silver H&M Trend knit you’ve probably already seen on many blogs. But I just couldn’t resist. It’s oversized, it’s comfy, it’s shiny, it’s warm, it’s gorgeous! I’ve had it for almost two weeks now but haven’t got the chance to show you how I wear it. I’ll show you very soon, promise!
5. Having a delicious lunch. I love hummus. I’ve been home studying a lot this week, so a good healthy lunch keeps me going on days I’m stuck behind the computer!
6. Matching my nails with my knit. Sometimes I paint my nails in a different color every day, just because I like it when they match (or at least not totally mismatch) my outfit.
7. I’ve been walking by this jacket from Zara for a month now, telling it (yes, I speak to jackets) that I will pick it up as soon as it’s on sale. I absolutely love it, but I’m on a budget!
So that’s what I’ve been up to. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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11 Responses to “>Diary | Knits & Nails”

  1. Live life glamorous Says:

    >Wohh! Super dat je 500 euro gewonnen hebt! Nu ben ik benieuwd naar je outfit van die dag!

  2. laura_fash Says:

    >I recognize that delicious pizza from here!!
    Need to do it soon again

  3. All about vintage Says:

    >Loon wauw dat laatste jasje is geweldig :$

  4. Bow Tied Beauty Says:

    >Sounds great :) Congrats on winning, that's awesome!



  5. Bella Donna Says:

    >geweldige foto's en een heeeel mooi jasje! X

  6. Whitney Says:

    >Ben heel benieuwd naar je 'winning outfit!'

    Xoxo Whitney

  7. Francien Regelink Says:

    >Lucy ik dacht al dat jij mee ging doen aan de Mix&Match, omdat het in Arnhem was! Wat vet dat je hebt gewonnen!

  8. Wida Says:

    >I really love your nails! I'd also do anything for that pizza!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  9. POLLIANI Says:

    >love that jacket from zara.. have a great day girlfriend <3

  10. Marielleheart Says:

    >OMG gefelicteerd met #1! Heel cool babe! En die hummus is zo heeerlijk he?

  11. Cylia Says:

    >leuke diary:) en die blazer van zara.. waow!!

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