>OPI Goes Dutch!


OPI goes Dutch with an new collection of Dutch-inspired nail polishes!
The colors are mainly inspired by the colors of Dutch flowers, and it’s a very versatile line of polishes!
And not to forget, OPI always comes up with the most funny and inventive names.
From left to right: 
Gouda Gouda Two Shoes  /  Wooden Shoes Like to Know It  /  I Don’t Give a Rotterdam  /  A Roll In The Hague  /  Petal Faster Suzi  /  Dutch Ya Just Love OPI  
Thanks a WindMillion  /  Red Lights Ahead..Where?  /  Kiss Me On My Tulips  /  Vampsterdam  /  I Have a Herring Problem  /  Did You Hear About Van Gogh?  
While I’m still waiting on the OPI Muppet Collection with all the glittery nail polishes (see below, I need the pink and the red ones!) I’m already really looking forward to this Dutch collection which will probably launch in February or March 2012. Thanks a WindMillion is already on my wishlist, I love the minty color! And I wouldn’t be a real Dutchie if I didn’t get A Roll in The Hague, that vibrant orange is probably as Dutch as you can get!
A few colors from the Muppet Collection that will be in stores next week.

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19 Responses to “>OPI Goes Dutch!”

  1. Raspberry & Rouge Says:

    >Wil ze allemaal!! Happy friday! XO Rebecca



    >Wat een leuke namen hebben de nagellakjes! X Iris

  3. Debbie Says:

    >Ahh heerlijke lakjes, wil ze allemaal wel :p

    En de clutches zijn super, ben zelf superblij met het resultaat, haha. Zeker een aanrader dus ;)


  4. Phuong Says:

    >prachtige kleurtjes en die namen zijn orgineel

    Travel in Style

  5. Laura_Fash Says:

    >Hahhaha I die. I don't give a Rotterdamn.

  6. Daphne Says:

    >Wat gaaf! En zo leuk hoe ze ze hebben genoemd :) Vampsterdam is niiiice!!

    Fijn weekend babe,
    xx Daphne

  7. Marielleheart Says:

    >Wat tof!! Dat wist ik niet!! x

  8. Sarah Says:

    >The glittery nail polishes are gorgeous!



  9. sammycx Says:

    >I love OPI <3 really nice colours :)


  10. Davina Says:

    >i love this OPI collection!

  11. MAGASIN88 Says:

    >super collectie!

  12. Kira Says:

    >Ik vind deit echt een super leuke collectie, ben zeker van plan om hier iets van te kopen.

  13. Lisa Says:

    >Hele leuke collectie!


    >Hi Lucy,

    Bedankt voor je reactie en voor het volgen!
    Wat een gave kleuren, I LOVE OPI!



    >Prachtig kleurtjes en grappige namen!

  16. Fashion Inciter Says:

    >I love them all! Especially the last blue in the Dutch collection and the bottom left in the Muppets.Great post!

  17. Femke Says:

    >haha, I don't give a Rotterdam… Well, I actually do – I love that color!

    xoxo, Femke On the Button

  18. DailyGlamour Says:

    >lovely color !

  19. Marian Says:

    >Die namen zijn echt geweldig " I Have a Herring Problem" haha.

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