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What I like most about the webshop Nelly.com is the great selection of shoes. They sell a few of the hottest shoes at the moment, and most of them are very budget friendly!
I happen to have a 50 euro voucher from Nelly.com, but I just can’t decide between these three shoes.
The first are from Lundberg, and I love the Jeffrey Campbell-ish platforms, but they’re the highest of the three which makes me doubt.. (They are out of stock since yesterday but will return soon).
The second are Cheap Monday wedges, in a sort of suede cream fabric. I love these ones, but I’m afraid they will be a bit clownish on my feet.
The third ones are pretty classic Jeffrey Campbell rip-offs. I’m just not sure about the laces, though.

Could you please help me out and tell me which one you like best/I should get?

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17 Responses to “>Shoes | Which one?”

  1. pia Says:





    >Nummer 3!! X Iris

  3. Live life glamorous Says:

    >Cheep monday shoes!

  4. Carmen Says:

    >nummer 2 of 3! 2 is weer eens wat anders :) haha

    XO, Carmen

  5. Daphne Says:

    >Oehhh, ik vind juist nr. 1 héél erg gaaf!! Ben benieuwd welke je gaat kiezen meis :)

    xx Daphne

  6. helena Says:

    >Ik vind 1 het mooist, maar zo te zien denkt iedereen er anders over!

  7. Sarah Says:

    >I love the ones in the third picture. I couldn't ever walk in them though!



  8. Phuong Says:

    >the first one!!

    Travel in Style

  9. Kim AllAboutTheStyle Says:

    >1 of 3 !! Maar die 3e heb ik echt al iets te vaak gezien hihi dus dan zou ik echt voor 1 gaan !

  10. Davina Says:

    >number 1 for sure!!

  11. Fashion Inciter Says:

    >The ones all the way to the left for sure I think. PS. Lovely new layout.

  12. Alice /// VESTIGIAL WINGS Says:

    >the second ones!

  13. Katie Says:

    >I like the first pair! I think the Litas are a little over done…I still want them though…
    The wedges are amazing, but I just like the first pair more. All are great so whichever you end up picking, you can't go wrong!

    instead of an elephant

  14. Vanessa Says:


  15. Lovely by Lucy Says:

    >Thanks so much all of you for all the helpful comments!
    Most of you like the first pair best, which I can very much understand. But I'm afraid they might still be a bit too high for my, and also they're not yet back in stock at Nelly.com.
    For now, I've ordered the second ones and I'm just going to see how they turn out and I just might order the first ones as well when they come back in stock :)
    I'll keep you posted!

  16. Arstcrylique Mode Says:

    >I tried the second one in Stockholm, but I have to say they don't look so good once you wear them.
    Lundberg's are very cool, and well, JC is always JC.
    If I should choose, I'd choose the first one.

    Sara Ottavia C.

  17. Kimberley Says:

    >1 is echt heeel gaaf! leuke blog girl, keep it up!:)


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