>Versace for H&M – The good bits


Here are the looks from the Versace for H&M collection that I do like. I’m not a big Versace fan, so when H&M announced they were doing a collection with Versace, I was a bit disappointed. I was kind of hoping for a collaboration with Alexander Wang, or Balmain. Now that all the looks and items are out in the open, my verdict is twofold. The colorful, flower-printed leggings, scarfs and dresses are really not my cup of tea. I could imagine the items looking great on others, but not for me. But there are a few looks that I do really like, especially the first look you see above!
I’ve also selected a few items that I like, especially the leather jacket and the ring.
Still, the skirt for instance is 99 euros and since I like it, but I wouldn’t really buy a 99 euro skirt at the moment and I don’t care much for the name Versace, I don’t think I’ll lie in front of an H&M store at 8 AM november 17th.
How about you?

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6 Responses to “>Versace for H&M – The good bits”


    >Ik ga ook zeker niet in de rij staan. Totaal geen Versace fan! X Iris

  2. helena Says:

    >Ik ga denk ik ook niet voor die winkel liggen of zoiets, maar er zitten echt een paar super vette dingen bij! Zoals dat jurkje op de tweede foto en het studded shirtje op de laatste foto.

  3. Hannah Louise Says:

    >Thank you for the comment!
    I love this collection so much, just followed you back <3
    Hannah x

  4. Elina K Says:

    >I don't like Versace too but I really like that leather jacket! x


  5. Vanessa Says:

    >im glad to hear that im not the only one who is not too thrilled over this collection. i only like the dresses in the 2nd and 4th pics, but im not willing to pay $200+ for them

  6. Novita Says:

    >Im very dissapointed. I was hoping for something more classy. A couple of the dresses are ok… but for coming from a big designing house is really sad, what I mean is that, I was hoping for something more creative and unique.
    I also like the items you picked, the problem I have with the others is that they are so '80s, I get so much 'deja-vu' from them. The colorful items are common ones and the only thing they did with them was splash those psychodelic colors and patterns that in all honesty it even looks kind of trashy.
    I know I sound really harsh… but I guess my expectations were big. Next time it wont. And I agree with some comments Ive read around, I wouldnt pay hundreds of bucks for a skirt. The deal about working with H&M is to make designer clothing to be available for people without big pockets. It has been like that previously, but pitifuly this is not the case.

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