Outfit | So Silver

Silver cardigan   /   H&M; Trend
T-shirt   /   Zara
Jeans   /   Nudie
Shoes   /   Topshop
Cross necklace   /   Unknown
Bird skull necklace   /   River Island men’s dep.
Nails   /   Essence
I’ve had this silver cardigan for quite a while now, but hadn’t shown it to you yet. In the same week I got it, about 6 Dutch bloggers did as well and posted it on their blog. I decided to wait a little, because I wouldn’t like you guys to get the wrong idea: I wear clothes because I love them, not because everybody else has them.
I love how it’s comfy and oversized, but still looks fashionable and shiny, a perfect combination of you ask me. So why not go all the way with silver shoes as well, I thought. Worked out pretty well for me!
Let me know your thoughts!


What to wear this December – with discount!

Since it’s almost december – the ultimate party month – I have lots of shopping inspiration for you!

1. Leather zip top grab clutch, €35
2. Pyramid lock envelope clutch, €20
3. Envelope laptop case in faux croc effect €20
1. Metallic t-shirt, €20
2. Top with sequin hat print, €18
3. T-shirt in neon, €12
1. Revive gold quilted shorts, €40
2. Revive palazzo trousers in gold metallic jacquard, €65
3. Revive mini skirt in gold sequins, €75
1. Leo sequin slipper, €35
2. Leo velvet slipper shoes, €35
3. Mars loafer shoes, €28
4. Leo slipper shoes in leopard, €50
1. Faux fur coat with round collar, €85
2. Faux fur coat with lapel, €85
3. Stripe faux fur coat, €90
1. Faceted stone triangle stud earrings, €10
2. Spike ball necklace, €12
3. Pack of 2 spike rings, €12
4. Glitter cuff bracelet, €18
1. White boucle panel dress, €55
2. Cardigan with pearl detail, €60
3. Fluffy knitted jumper dress, €45
I’ve selected the ultimate (and budget friendly) december items from my alltime favorite webshop: ASOS
And guess what, all the items in this post are 25% off right now!
To shop, simply click HERE
 If you see something you like, just copy-paste the name of the item in this post in the searchbar on the website, and you’ll find it!
Be quick, because the 25% offer is only for limited time!
Happy shopping!


New in | The perfect glitter shoes

For those of you who are following me, you might have noticed a slight obsession with glitter lately.
I had been craving these amazing glitter brogues from Topshop for over a month when I finally decided to get them, and now I’m wondering why I didn’t order them earlier.
They are absolutely perfect, especially for the upcoming party season.
I don’t wear a lot of heels so being on the hunt for statement flats can be quite a daunting task, but luckily there’s Topshop. I love making heads turn (I already did) with these shoes, so you’ll see me wearing these a lot! What do you think?


Outfit | Dip Back

Dip back top   /  ASOS
Jeans   /   Zara
Slippers   /   Topshop
Furry snood   /   River Island
Bird skull necklace   /   River Island men’s dep.
Ring   /   H&M;
Sooo into asymmetrical pieces at the moment! Especially with the fall winds going on, I love how the wind plays with this extreme dip back shirt. The furry snood keeps me warm in these windy days, and I just love my slippers too much to not wear them, even though my feet are quite cold when wearing them now. What do you think about my outfit?


Event | 7 for all Mankind

This thursday I went to the 7 for all Mankind store opening in Amsterdam. It’s a pretty big store at the P.C. Hooftstraat filled with almost too many jeans to choose from. But thursday night it was especially filled with fashionable people enjoying their cocktails and the chocolate fountain (!). I met the gorgeous and sweet Anna from NSMBL and Cindy (picture 4), and had a lot of fun with the lovely Joyce (last picture) and Debbie. Thanks girls, had a great night!
Picture 4 and 7 bij Renee for NSMBL.nl, rest by me.


Love | Frenchonista Clutches

I haven’t had time to show you yet, but last week I went to the Frenchonista launch event for bloggers.
You’ve probably seen it on a lot of blogs already, but I still wanted to share since I really like the clutches that Samia Taika, also known as Frenchonista, has created. There are various sizes and styles, but all of the clutches are classic and fit almost any outfit. And they’re made from beautiful real leather! I love the basic black one you see in the first picture, it would go with almost anything!
It was also at this event where I met the lovely Cecile from Cupcake Boutique. She made these amazing lolly cake pops pictured above, and I’m just such a big fan! I know I also named these in yesterday’s post but I just can’t stop dreaming about walking in a forest made of lolly cake pops.
Thanks to Samia for the invite, and to Cecile for my latest obsession and saving my life that night!
Get your Frenchonista clutch here!


Diary | Hectic days

Some of my loyal followers might be surprised to see my diary on wednesday, since I usually post it on friday. But my life is so hectic right now, I don’t even know if I’ll have time to post anything on friday!
Juggling my time between studying, working, blogging, going to events, seeing friends, making time for my boyfriend and making sure there’s food in my fridge is not so easy these days.
But still, they are all fun things so I’m just trying to squeeze them in my schedule. So far, so good.
Here’s what I’ve been up to this week, besides working on my thesis and working.
1. A bit of late night blogging in bed, being accompanied by my sweetie (that I sometimes envy for not having any obligations whatsoever).
2. Loving my new Sacha boots, I’m wearing them all the time since they not only rock but they keep my feet really warm!
3. Something else I’d rather not take off these days, once more the jumper my mum made for me (I’ll post the outfit tomorrow!)
4. This weekend my boyfriend and I put up the Christmas tree already and decorated the house, since Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year and I just couldn’t wait :)
5. Finally got OPI’s ‘Rainbow Connection’ the multiglitter nail polish from the Muppet collection! It’s the prettiest nail polish I own at the moment, it sparkles like no other!
6. Delicious lollipop cupcake (yes, it’s a round cupcake on a stick) made by the sweet Cecile from Cupcake Boutiq. I could have eaten 20.
7. Another little peek into my apartment. This is our substitute for a fireplace. It does the job quite well!
8. Found this little cross necklace for just 1 euro!
9. These furry boots from H&M; are making sure my feet will survive winter!
10. Found the most delicious tea EVER! It tastes like something in between warm apple pie and apple strudel. A liquid cake in a cup, I love it.
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