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I haven’t had time to show you yet, but last week I went to the Frenchonista launch event for bloggers.
You’ve probably seen it on a lot of blogs already, but I still wanted to share since I really like the clutches that Samia Taika, also known as Frenchonista, has created. There are various sizes and styles, but all of the clutches are classic and fit almost any outfit. And they’re made from beautiful real leather! I love the basic black one you see in the first picture, it would go with almost anything!
It was also at this event where I met the lovely Cecile from Cupcake Boutique. She made these amazing lolly cake pops pictured above, and I’m just such a big fan! I know I also named these in yesterday’s post but I just can’t stop dreaming about walking in a forest made of lolly cake pops.
Thanks to Samia for the invite, and to Cecile for my latest obsession and saving my life that night!
Get your Frenchonista clutch here!

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  1. Kaitlyn says:

    Love basic leather clutches, and these look fantastic! Also adore cake pops, so good… xx

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