Outfit | So Silver

Silver cardigan   /   H&M; Trend
T-shirt   /   Zara
Jeans   /   Nudie
Shoes   /   Topshop
Cross necklace   /   Unknown
Bird skull necklace   /   River Island men’s dep.
Nails   /   Essence
I’ve had this silver cardigan for quite a while now, but hadn’t shown it to you yet. In the same week I got it, about 6 Dutch bloggers did as well and posted it on their blog. I decided to wait a little, because I wouldn’t like you guys to get the wrong idea: I wear clothes because I love them, not because everybody else has them.
I love how it’s comfy and oversized, but still looks fashionable and shiny, a perfect combination of you ask me. So why not go all the way with silver shoes as well, I thought. Worked out pretty well for me!
Let me know your thoughts!

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24 Responses to “Outfit | So Silver”

  1. Kimberley Says:

    love the cardigan! Ik heb m ook gepast, maar jou staat ie een stuk leuker hihi. Ik ben er net te klein voor:(
    xo Kimberley

  2. Dorien Says:

    Geweldige nagellak!! :-)

  3. Whitney Says:

    Die cardigan vind ik nog steeds geweldig! En hij staat super leuk met je glitter shoes!

    Xoxo Whitney

  4. Nena Says:

    die schoenen staan echt leuk onder dat vest !


  5. Daphne Says:

    Ook al zie je hem veel, het blijft 'n super gaaf vest en staat heel erg leuk samen met de schoenen meis!

    Liefs, Daphne

  6. The New Girl In Town Says:

    Heeeel leuk!:)

    xx Laura

  7. pia Says:

    that cardigan is soo beautiful!!!

  8. linsey sijmons Says:

    So silver and SO cute! Loves it.

    With love,

  9. Golden Cheer Grahams Says:

    Nice look ! That's a very good idea !

  10. Laura_Maradam Says:

    Zooooo mooi ben jij!!! :)

  11. soophisticated.com Says:

    wauwie, heel gaaf! Super gecombineerd!

  12. Graciéla Says:

    love the shoes! EN het zilvere vest! Zo leuk is die!

  13. Live life glamorous Says:

    Leuk hoor! :) En je cardigan is inderdaad een hype. Verstandig om even te wachten!

  14. Roos Says:

    Mooi zeg! welke nudie jeans is dat? toevallig deze: Tight long john black tears jeans? Zoja, hoe valt hij kwa maat?

  15. Laura Says:

    i love the combination! the shoes look soo pretty on (didnt like them that much when i saw them online) and ombre nails are cool! would love to have that vest too, but its sold out everywhere

  16. Fashion Inciter Says:

    So cool to see the shoes on, they look amazing. I love the sweater as well. Great post Lucy. (Great pictures as well!)

  17. The Chic Sheet Says:

    I am really diggin all the metallic going on here ;)



  18. Sarah Says:

    super hoe je zilver en glitter toch stoer weet te maken!

  19. CheckMyFashion Says:

    very stunning look. silver never goes out our way!

    From http://www.checkmyfashion.com/
    An Online Wardrobe for worldwide Fashion Lovers

  20. soldoutforever Says:

    you look absolutely awesome :)

    the vest, the shoes… just great :)


  21. Hanna & Christel Says:

    super mooi! dat vest staat je prachtig! mooie blog heb je ;)


  22. t Says:

    Cool look!


  23. Marloes Says:

    Mooi! Je haar is echt da bomb.

  24. Andrea Says:

    love your outfit!
    pretty girl!:)

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