Looking back on 2011

It’s almost 2012. This year, especially the last half of it, as gone so fast I wanted to take a little time to look back on 2011. I started my blog on June 29 this year, 6 months ago. I started it because I wanted to share my view on fashion and my inspirations with other people, but kind of expected only my boyfriend and parents to read it. I guess I was wrong. Every since I’ve started blogging, I’ve really found my passion (I knew fashion was one already, but blogging turned out to be one as well) and somehow my blog has grown a lot in these past six months. I’m so grateful for all my followers, the people who have been supporting me from the beginning, my boyfriend who takes a lot of effort shooting all my outfits, the great reactions I get.. When I started this blog in June, I couldn’t have imagined to be where I am right now. And I couldn’t have done it without you guys, my readers.
So thank you. You made 2011 a great year for me. And I’m looking very much forward to 2012, since I already know it will be filled with blogging, fashion and hopefully you guys. You can expect lots of outfits, I’m planning on starting a ‘Shop my Closet’ in 2012, and there are some exciting things coming in the beginning of 2012.
And I hope that 2012 will be a great year for all of you, and I really hope that you will return here, on my Facebook Page, and Twitter.
Now, what to wear for NYE?


New in | Sale Shopping

Pointed ankle boots   /   Zara
Aztec print jeans   /   River Island
Cropped mint knit   /   River Island
Oversized burgundy cable knit   /   River Island
Did some sale shopping this week! I went to the much anticipated Zara sale on tuesday, but I was actually quite disappointed. Prices were down by about 20% on many items, that’s not what I call sale. And the bag I wanted was sold out already. I did walk into these beautiful pointed ankle boots, that I had seen a few times already but hadn’t gotten. They were actually quite a good price now, so I brought them home. Gotta start learning to walk on heels once, right?
What really surprised me was the River Island sale. I just loooove these grey Aztec print jeans, and I was in need of some new pants! I also came across a very cute cropped jumper in a light mint color (which you can’t see very well in the picture, I blame the light), and it was so cheap I just had to bring it home. Also an oversized burgundy red jumper, since it’s very comfy and I have the feeling we’re up for some freezing in February.
What do you think of my new stuff?


Outfit | Casual in Between

Jumper   /   Brandy Melville
Scarf   /   Chasin
Boyfriend jeans   /   Nudie (stolen from boyfriend)
Shoes   /   Topshop
Cross bangle   /   Fashionology.nl
Skull bracelets   /   Brandy Melville
Rings   /   H&M;
Christmas is over, and the last days of 2011 are here. For me, 4 days of working very hard on my thesis, since I don’t have to work. Four very casual days in between dressing up for Christmas and NYE. I’m already thinking about what to wear this saturday, but I haven’t decided yet.
For now, it’s just the softest jumper I have ever owned by Brandy Melville, some comfy boyfriend jeans, and the scarf my boyfriend got me for Christmas (from the men’s brand he works for), I love it!
Sorry for the slighty underlit pictures, but sometimes I have to work with what I have (read: the basement). What do you think of this black and grey ensemble?


Diary | Christmas

Of course, my Christmas diary evolves around food, not fashion this time.
Had a lovely 3 nights of Christmas with good food, good times with friends and family, and even a little glitter. So here’s what you’re looking at!
1. A red velvet cake with raspberry and white chocolate that me and my boyfriend bought as dessert for Christmas eve. It was delicious!
2. Wearing sequin leggings on the 2nd day of Christmas. Wanted to add a little extra sparkle to my outfit!
3. + 4. Delicious Christmas cupcakes made by Cupcake Boutique, that I had at Nineteen PR last week. They are just as delicious as they look!
5. My new jumper, bought on sale at H&M; for just 10 euros!
6. Got another skull bracelet from Brandy Melville, since I just wanted to have two. Just looks better, if you ask me ;)
7. The most yummy Beef Wellington that I had at my parents sunday. It was cooked to perfection, and tasted even better than it looks. Good job mum!
8. Some Christmas chocolates. Almost too cute to eat. But I ate them anyway hihi.
9. + 10. Having dinner at my BF’s parents. The goat cheese souffle was delicious, as was the rest!
I had a great Christmas as you can see. What did you do?


Outfit | Christmas #1

Jacket   /   Zara
T-shirt   /   Zara
Boyfriend jeans   /   Nudie (stolen from boyfriend)
Shoes   /   Topshop
Necklace    /   Gift from boyfriend
Watch   /   Six
Here it is. What I was wearing on the first day of Christmas. No dress. No heels.
We had a very relaxed and cozy afternoon at my parents house and ate the most delicious Beef Wellington ever. I loved spending Christmas with my loved ones and somehow didn’t feel like putting on a more party-suited but much less uncomfy outfit. So I went for boyfriend jeans. And spiced it up with some glitter shoes. Good enough for me, good enough for my loved ones. This Christmas is more about spending time with my family and eating than about fashion, so this is what I wanted to wear.
And I would love to hear what you think!


Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to all my dear readers, friends and family!
I didn’t send Christmas cards this year, but I’m hoping you all have a lovely Christmas!
I’m celebrating it with my loved ones, starting with a special homemade dinner with the BF tonight!
What are you’re Christmas plans? Enjoy!


Outfit | Warm Winter

Jumper   /   H&M; Trend
Jeans   /   Zara
Shoes   /   Topshop
Bag   /   Zara
Nails   /   See here
I know what you’re thinking right now. Am I really wearing studded slippers without socks in winter? Yes, I am, because what we’ve got going on here can hardly be called winter. And I don’t mind at all! With a temperature of almost 9 degrees, I can still wear these babies in December and not have cold feet, love it! Besides, this jumper is warm enough to keep my whole body warm, I want to wear it every day because it’s just so comfy! A pretty basic look today, but this weekend I’ll glitter up for Christmas! Can’t wait, already thinking about what to wear. Not sure yet, but I’ll definitely show you!
Happy friday lovelies, and don’t forget to like my Facebook Page, I’d love you to!

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