A peek into my apartment

 In my diary I always show you peeks into my life. No diary this time, since all I’ve been doing is working, blogging and working on my thesis. But I thought it would be nice to give you a little peek into my apartment! Click for more :)

I’ve been living in this apartment with my boyfriend for a little over 2 years now. When we moved in, it had only just been built so we could do with it what we wanted. It’s pretty white. White walls, white leather couch and chairs, white tables, white cabinets, white curtains. I like it, because it makes the apartment really white and clean. But we do try to accessorize our house a little in a way that makes it looks less ‘sterile’. Here’s how we’ve done that..
1. Things made of stone give that extra touch of nature to your home. Loving this buddha head we brought home from Bali last year. And some snowy Christmas branches, but only in December.
2. A little orchid in between to of these white little chairs gives a cosy touch. It’s fake haha, because I’m not that good with plants.
3. I love the contrast of this modern lamp with the robust painting we also brought home from Bali last year.
4. We’ve also added some wood to the house, to make everything a little less modern and more natural. Loving these stone candles and wooden candle holders!
5. Again, a mirror with a wooden frame. This is the only thing you’ll get to see of my bedroom though ;)
6. The living room. We have two french balconies next to each other which gives the house lots of light. This high table with stools is actually our dinner table, although we hardly ever eat there. In the background you also see a big hairy carpet, which kind of ‘softens’ our interior.
7. My favorite Christmas decoration!
8. The white leather couch, with some pillows in grey and sand for a bit of contrast (again).
9. Christmas tree! (I actually have two, a big one and this small one)
10. More wood. And my Christmas friend Rudolf that lights up the whole living room.
11. Part of my book closet, which is also filled with dvd’s.
12. Meet Muis. She likes to look out of the window, and put her nails into our furniture. My absolute favorite interior accessory!
I’d love to hear what you think of my apartment!

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14 Responses to “A peek into my apartment”

  1. Laura-maradam Says:

    And when am I invited to this pretty appartment? ;)

  2. soldoutforever Says:

    aaaah super postje… echt een beetje zoals we ons wel bij je voorgesteld hadden :) !!

    Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt!!


  3. Whitney Says:

    Heel mooi Lucy!

    Xoxo Whitney

  4. Phuong Says:

    ziet er super gaaf uit!

    Travel in Style

  5. helena Says:

    Ziet er zo leuk uit! Als ik ook op mezelf ga wonen wil ik ook zoiets!

  6. Rowan Reiding Says:

    Ziet er heel leuk uit! Mooi gedaan!



  7. Fashion Inciter Says:

    Nice! I actually like the white, it works ^-^ Great pictures, cute cat XD Nice post Lucy!

  8. Kimberley Says:

    Supermooi! Is ook wel mijn stijl hihi. enjoy your weekend:)
    xo kimberley

  9. The New Girl In Town Says:

    Ziet er leuk uit!:)

    xx Laura

  10. Nena Says:

    waauw jij woont mooi ! je hebt goede smaak van inrichting :)


  11. Live life glamorous Says:

    Ziet er super rustgevend uit. Nu ben ik wel heel benieuwd naar je vriend…. ;-) Fijn weekend Lucy!

  12. Lana. Says:

    Je hebt je huisje leuk ingericht :).

  13. Daphne Says:

    Super leuk meis! Mooie inrichting en die barkrukken zijn gaaf! Wij hebben precies hetzelfde met de eettafel, eten bijna altijd voor.. Wil in het nieuwe huis wel echt 'n heerlijke grote tafel met relaxte stoelen om lang aan te zitten tafelen/spelletjes doen/kletsen/etc. Ben blij dat je de post gedaan hebt :D

    Veel liefs en'n superfijn weekend,

  14. thebeautytiger Says:

    Super leuk appartement!
    Fijn als inspiratie.:)

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