Diary | Christmas

Of course, my Christmas diary evolves around food, not fashion this time.
Had a lovely 3 nights of Christmas with good food, good times with friends and family, and even a little glitter. So here’s what you’re looking at!
1. A red velvet cake with raspberry and white chocolate that me and my boyfriend bought as dessert for Christmas eve. It was delicious!
2. Wearing sequin leggings on the 2nd day of Christmas. Wanted to add a little extra sparkle to my outfit!
3. + 4. Delicious Christmas cupcakes made by Cupcake Boutique, that I had at Nineteen PR last week. They are just as delicious as they look!
5. My new jumper, bought on sale at H&M; for just 10 euros!
6. Got another skull bracelet from Brandy Melville, since I just wanted to have two. Just looks better, if you ask me ;)
7. The most yummy Beef Wellington that I had at my parents sunday. It was cooked to perfection, and tasted even better than it looks. Good job mum!
8. Some Christmas chocolates. Almost too cute to eat. But I ate them anyway hihi.
9. + 10. Having dinner at my BF’s parents. The goat cheese souffle was delicious, as was the rest!
I had a great Christmas as you can see. What did you do?

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13 Responses to “Diary | Christmas”

  1. Crown Garland Says:

    Ziet eruit als een heerlijk kerst!!

  2. Golden Cheer Grahams Says:

    very nices pictures !

  3. Vera Says:

    Leuke kerst heb je gehad volgens mij!


  4. Thefashionguitar Says:

    The food, the clothes, all perfect!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, but I think you had ;)

    XO Charlotte

  5. Laura_Maradam Says:

    I wouldnt mind the red velvet cake ;)

  6. Cylia Says:

    yummy cupcake:)!! jaa voel me echt super vereerd om bij Bloggers Wardrobe te horen. It's pretty amazing!! X


    Oeh I love your bracelets!! xx

  8. Fashion Inciter Says:

    And now you have me starring at that first cake for 5 straight minutes. In love with those bracelets. Nice post girl.

  9. The Chic Sheet Says:

    There are soo many yummy things in this post :) I hope your X-mas was as lovely!!


  10. Kimberley Says:

    aaah ziet er erg leuk uit, hopelijk heb je ervan genoten:) Ik heb ook een hele leuke trui gekocht in de H&M; sale voor 10 euro hihi
    xo Kimberley


    Cuteee die cupcakes :)!! x

  12. Nena Says:

    jij hebt echt zo een heerlijke echte kerstmis gehad aan je foto's te zien :D

  13. Daphne Says:

    Wat'n heeeeeerlijke foto's meis!! Ik loop echt 'n beetje achter met mn blogreading, maar damnn jij hebt'n goede kerst gehad :D Ik was benieuwd naar die velvet cake en heb spijt dat we hem niet gekocht hebben hihi. Mooie trui ook en dat maar voor 10 euro, good job!!

    Veel liefs, Daf

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