Outfit | Fur & Leather

Faux fur vest   /   Zara
Leather jacket   /   Zara
Oversized top   /   Zara
Trousers   /   River Island
Sneakers   /   Converse
Bag   /   ASOS
Ring   /   Nelly
It’s been so cold the last few days that all I’ve been wearing is fur, fur, and more fur. Luckily I have a few options, amongst which this furry vest that I got on sale for just 15 euros. I was already over sale, being annoyed by leftovers that nobody wants to have hanging in stores, until I stumbled on this furry baby that I couldn’t leave behind. I love how oversized and warm it is. Maybe not the most figure flattering item, but that’s usually what happens with fur.


Preview | Fur & Leather

A little preview of tomorrow’s outfit wearing some fur and leather! It’s kind of all I want to wear in this freezing cold weather!
I’ll show you the rest tomorrow :)


Inspiration | It’s still winter, you know

I could fill a whole post with pastel colors and shorts and other summer stuff to wear in spring, but I decided to show you what really inspires me right now, while it’s freezing outside and there’s snow on my roof and I have to pick an outfit to survive the cold in fashionably.  Maybe not all that fashion forward, but it’s still winter, you know.

So obsessed with rose gold jewellery lately! Can’t seem to find that many good budget options though!
I hope you have a nice week lovelies!
Images via Tommy Ton for Style.com, Stockholm Streetstyle, Tumblr, Columbine Smille.


Favorites | My Rings

I’ve been wearing a lot of statement rings lately since I have found quite a few good budget options. I thought I’d share my favorite rings of the moment with you! My absolute favorite is the claw ring from Club Manhattan, I’ve been looking for a claw ring for so long! The cube ring is also pretty edgy if you ask me. Big rings can just bring that little extra to your outfit!
Cube ring / Nelly.com   –   Cross ring / Nelly.com
Hawk ring / Cheap Monday   –   Claw ring / Club Manhattan
Silver band ring / H&M;   –   Rose big ring   /   ASOS
Which one is your favorite? Would you like to see more favorites from my closet every now and then?
Have a nice sunday lovelies!


Outfit | About Black Ends and KO’s

KO Renell Jeans   /   Ebay
Jumper   /   Zara
Parka   /   H&M;
Bag   /   River Island
Shoes   /   River Island
Necklace   /   Fashionology
Finally a good picture of my new hair so that I can now ask you: what do you think?
And now. The jeans. They are not the real Isabel Marant ones, they are the perfect KO’s found on Ebay. I was always very much against knockoffs, because of the insult to the designer and just because it’s wrong. But I had been obsessing for months and months over these jeans, I’ve even dreamt about them. Apart from being sold out, they are also about 500€ a pair. So when I found the perfect KO’s on Ebay, I was in doubt for days, and eventually ordered them. No regrets there. I’m truly, truly sorry miss Marant but I am just so in love with these jeans, I also would be if they would have been from any other designer/brand. BUT I will tell anyone who asks that they’re fake, I’m really not about pretending.
Oh, I have them in white as well.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on either my hair, the whole KO discussion or both! I’m really curious to hear your thoughts!


Pre-Fall 2012 collections: My favorites

Almost all Pre-Fall 2012 collections are out there. I know, we haven’t even started spring yet. But I’m already inspired by Pre-Fall 2012 now, and it will probably be cold until April so I can much more relate to these collections then to Spring right now. Too bad we’ll have to wait so long for it to be in stores.  These are my favorites..

Above is Diesel Black Gold. Love those two very casual but edgy looks. Amazingly layered skirt on the right! And chelsea boots, my feet will love that.
Already shared with you on Facebook, but I’m sooo obsessed with these Givenchy boots!
Loving the clean Alexander Wang cuts. Some pretty interesting details in this collection!
I’m not really a Chanel girl, but these two particular looks are screaming ‘Lucy’. Oversized clothing? Yes please. And more fur, definitely more fur. These looks scream comfort, but fashionable.
This collection from Reed Krakoff really surprised me. More clean and simple looks, but loving the long leather gloves to spice up an outfit. And that vest that is half fur..
Rachel Zoe surprised me as well! The white pants in the left picture will make any leg look a mile long, and I loooove the vest on the right.
I wasn’t exactly blown away by this Acne collection actually. But the transparent bags and boots are something to take note of, for sure.
Did you notice ALL the looks that I love most are black/white/grey/cream? I just can’t help it, I can’t seem to go for colors. I guess it’s the timelessness, cleanliness, and I always find it an exciting challenge to create interesting outfits out of just black, or black and white. I guess I won’t be wearing that much color this year. We’ll see.


Outfit | Modefabriek #2

Boucle jacket   /   Isabel Marant
Tops   /   H&M;
Leggings   /   Vero Moda
Boots   /   Isabel Marant
Bag   /   River Island
Necklace   /   Fashionology
Double finger cross ring   /  Nelly.com
Here’s what I was wearing on day one of the Modefabriek (see the other outfit here). The first time I’m rocking this jacket and I don’t want to take it off anymore. The fabric, the black/white/grey which you know is my favorite color combination, the edge that the shoulder pads give to it.. Thought I’d add some extra to this outfit by wearing an army legging, instead of the usual black. And wearing one of my new favorite necklaces, it’s so me. Jeez, do I have many favorites lately?
I’m announcing the giveaway winner tonight on Facebook and Twitter, so keep an eye on one of those to see if you’ve won! You can still enter until 18.00PM!

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