2012′s Style Resolutions

It’s 2012! Most people have their resolutions at the start of the year, whether they stick to them or not, and I do as well. Next to my personal ones (work out more, save more money, cook more often, finish that thesis in time, etc.) I have a few Style Resolutions, things I want to do or wear in 2012 and making myself stick to them by making them resolutions. Here they are.

Wear more heels.
I don’t wear much heels. I do own a few pair, but I avoid them because I just can’t get used to walking on heels. My feet start killing me after about 10 minutes. But since I got myself some IM boots last year, and these Zara beauties, and because heels just make any girl look a little better, I’m going to try to wear more heels. Not just in outfitposts, but in real life as well. I’ve been missing out on too much shoes in my life, since I didn’t get them because of the high heels. Bare with me, because I’m not going to work on these 11,5 cm babies (too much walking involved), but I’m forcing myself to party, go out, have dinner and such on heels. Wish me luck.
Buy the perfect, timeless black bag.
I have quite a few bags. Mostly small, some big, from clutches to satchels to shoppers.. But I lack that perfect, timeless black bag that I can wear everyday, goes with every outfit, and is big enough for me to carry all my stuff around. Ideally, this would be the Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag, preferably in black suede, but I’m not sure if this will be happening (the ‘saving money’ resolution kind of blocks this one) but I’m sure there’s another option out there, I just have to look further. This by the way is also the reason that you see me posing without bag often. Because I don’t like the bag I’m wearing enough to appear on a photo. See my urge?
Try to wear a dress.
I don’t think you guys have seen me in a dress yet. I don’t think so, because I don’t wear dresses. Or at least hardly ever. I have a few, but somehow wearing them makes me feel more girly than I really am. And more importantly, pulling a pair of jeans and a jumper out of my closet is just much easier and goes better with my shoe closet that doesn’t involve many dress-matching shoes. But in 2012, I’m going to try to reconnect with my inner girl, and try wearing a dress every now and then. This one I can’t promise to stick to, because if I don’t feel comfortable in something, I just don’t wear it. Period. But the least I can do is try, instead of ignoring all my dresses as I did in 2011. To be continued..
Wear more color, preferably pastels.
2012 is the year to pop, hear my words. OK, I understand if you don’t believe me since I mostly only wear black, white, grey, denim blue and a bit of burgundy. These not-really-colors just appeal most to me, can be combined together at all times and work for me. But if you never try anything, nothing will ever happen. So I’m climbing out of my black and grey cave this spring, and will wear some color. No popping pink though, pastels are the color to go for this year. Which is fine with me, since that’s less of a rigorous transition from non-color. I’m going mint all the way. Watch me.
Start a ‘Shop My Closet’
It’s been on my To do-list for 2 months now, but next year I’m really starting a ‘Shop my Closet‘ section on my blog. My closet is becoming wayyy too small for the stuff I’m trying to fit in there, but I reckon about 40% of it I don’t even wear. It’s good stuff though, but I just have too much and tend to go for a few favorites every time. So I’m getting rid of the items I’m not wearing (anymore or at all) and selling them for very low prices to.. you? Keep an eye on my blog for this can happen any moment!
Get 40.000 Facebook Likes.
Ok, so that might not happen. And it’s not really a style resolution. I guess I’m still going with my blog as it rolls, and I don’t really focus on my amount of followers because I like to focus on blogging. I love what I’m doing, and if anyone likes it, than that’s a bonus. But of course it’s always a great compliment to see my blog growing, soooo..
Click HERE to Like my Facebook Page, and I’m already one step closer to 40.000 likes!
And now I’m curious. What are your 2012 Style Resolutions?

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22 Responses to “2012′s Style Resolutions”

  1. Fashion is a party Says:

    leuk om te lezen! ik kan me er niet heel erg in herkennen, maar wens je succes ;)

  2. Denise van Breemen Says:

    Goede voornemens! :) kwestie van doen, niet waar?

  3. Lana. Says:

    Leuke post en leuke eerste foto :). Succes ermee!

  4. soldoutforever Says:

    Haha leuke voornemens!! We liken je al op facebook, hopelijk haal je de 40.000 ;) xxx

  5. Frederik van Holland Says:

    Veel succes met je eigen style! Gaat wel lukken! En dat wat betreft de dresses: Dat komt vanzelf wel, of niet! Maakt niet uit!

  6. Laura_Maradam Says:

    I didnt think about anything style wise… but I do have a lot of 2012 resolutions :p I take it more like a to-do list to do instead of a daily one, just one that I have a year to acomplish so it's not really big things but stuff that never gets done otherwise…
    PS: lets have a heels party!!


    Heel leuk om te lezen! Die perfecte zwarte tas vinden moet mij ook gaan lukken dit jaar. En je facebook pagina like ik al! ;) xx Iris

  8. Golden Cheer Grahams Says:

    Love that black bag !
    Wish u an happy new year ! ★

  9. Kimberley Says:

    Dit zijn de echte goede voornemens! Ik kan me er ook wel in vinden, vooral dat 'meer kleur' hihi.
    Succes sweet:)
    xo kimberley | http://www.kimberleyschouten.com

  10. foxxiestyle Says:

    Goede voornemens! ik doe met je mee met je punt over hakken. Ik heb precies hetzelfde probleem, ik koop ze wel maar ze blijven toch netjes binnen op een rijtje in m'n slaapkamer staan..

    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar en heel veel succes met je blog in 2012! Xx

  11. Rianne Says:

    Uitgaan met heels is altijd een goede oefening vanwege het dansen en zodra je een aantal glazen alcohol op hebt, voel je de pijn minder. Leuke post!

  12. Live life glamorous Says:

    Leuke post. En wie weet haal je de likes wel. Ik vind je blog erg mooi en het is leuk om je artikeltjes te lezen. Het mag gezegd worden dat ik je blog een aanwinst vind. :) Keep on going!

  13. Style Your Image Says:

    Leuke post Lucy! Keep up the good work!

    Xo, Petra

  14. Sharon Says:

    Happy new year,such a great post I need a classic black bag as well

    U have a wonderful blog,am a new follower

  15. Mary @ Fashionbirds Says:

    I LOVE the first picture :D

    Great resolutions, it really points out that it's you writing :) but I like how you stick to your style. (Heels? – Fantastic addition though :) )

    And yeah, we definitely should meet up when I'm back in U-Town! I'll let you know when I'm back :) <3 xoxo

  16. Make-Up By Navi Says:

    these definitely match my style resolutions too! for my own i would add buy the perfect trench coat…excited for your "shop my blog"…take care!

  17. Daphne Says:

    Gelukkig nieuwjaar meis!!!! EN die eerste foto is echt kei leuk :D Goede voornemens ook trouwens! Ik zou je graag 'n keer in'n pasteljurk zien met hakken eronder, hihi.. (3 vliegen in 1 klap zeg ik zo ;) En wat betreft je laatste voornemen, I hear ya..mijn focus ligt ook meer op het bloggen dan op het promoten van mn blog, maar bij deze heb je er weer 1 like bij, op naar de 40.000!

    Veel liefs, Daphne

  18. BlondeFashiontale.com Says:

    goede voornemens. en dat hakken lopen komt wel goed! Ik kon het ook niet en heb nu geen moeite meer met 15 CM;)

    happy new year XOXO

  19. linsey sijmons Says:

    Dat klinkt allemaal erg leuk meis! Gooood luck :)

    With love,

  20. The Chic Sheet Says:

    Well I am feeling the part about wearing more color, and I just started my Facebook page today for The Chic Sheet, (finally I know-LOL)- so I will be one more on there to add to your "Like" ;)


  21. My Style Ideas Says:

    Goede ideeën, veel succes :-)

  22. Seth Says:

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Seth


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