Inspiration | It’s still winter, you know

I could fill a whole post with pastel colors and shorts and other summer stuff to wear in spring, but I decided to show you what really inspires me right now, while it’s freezing outside and there’s snow on my roof and I have to pick an outfit to survive the cold in fashionably.  Maybe not all that fashion forward, but it’s still winter, you know.

So obsessed with rose gold jewellery lately! Can’t seem to find that many good budget options though!
I hope you have a nice week lovelies!
Images via Tommy Ton for, Stockholm Streetstyle, Tumblr, Columbine Smille.

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22 Responses to “Inspiration | It’s still winter, you know”

  1. soldoutforever Says:

    love the second picture :) xo

  2. l'es is more Says:

    wauw wat een inspiratie. 2e foto is zo gaaf. haar haar!

  3. Joy. // Says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. garde Says:

    the girl with the flared jeans…so beautiful

  5. RaspberryBlonde Says:

    Love the 2nd, 5th, 6th and the nails.
    There is a beautiful watch in rose gold in Massimo Dutti. I have the same in gold, you can see it in some of my outfit pics.

  6. christian Says:


  7. Marilie Says:

    I love those gold jewellery too!!!!!
    See here:

  8. Lovely by Lucy Says:

    Oh thanks for the tip! :)

  9. Judith Says:

    Amazing pictures, loving the nails :)

  10. Debbie Says:

    Haha Luus, ik denk dat ik al weer over welke schoenen je het hebt ;) Die komen binnenkort, promisss ;)

    Toffe post btw, all black for the win ;)


  11. helena Says:


  12. Golden Cheer Grahams Says:

    Nice pictures ! Love the necklace !

  13. Tulips & Tulle Says:

    Love the second outfit!

    Come drop by my blog at Tulips&Tulle;!

  14. RaspberryBlonde Says:

    Ja ik hoop het toch dat ze er nog zijn, want heb het mijn wel paar maanden geleden gekocht… Dus sorry indien niet meer zo is! ;-)

  15. evangelie Says:

    Crazy for black!

  16. nadja Says:

    great post
    I'm so in love with all over black looks… awesome"!

  17. Marloes Says:

    Die nagels, Té Gek!!!!!

  18. Vasilieva Says:

    all black all gorgeous

  19. Crown Garland Says:

    Thanks for sharing :) Great inspriation!

  20. Sari Eline Says:

    Mooie foto's! Ik hou van dit soort posts en vooral op een sneeuwwitte dag als deze ;)


  21. Nena Says:

    leuke inspiratie !

  22. The Chic Sheet Says:

    This is all the inspiration I need at the moment.. I am still in a Monday fog and needed this pick me up ;)


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