Outfit | Furry Sneakers

Leather jacket   /   Zara
Sweater   /   Scotch & Soda
Mesh top   /   Nelly (on sale here)
Jeans   /   Zara
Sneakers   /   Satorisan
Necklace   /   Fashionology
Claw ring   /   Club Manhattan
Nails   /   OPI Thanks a Windmillion
Some of you might know, some of you might not, but I have a thing for fur. So that’s exactly what appealed to me in these sneakers. I mean, who has furry sneakers? I do now. I also like their boyish look since I really like to wear boyish stuff sometimes, also like the oversized sweater you see above. Today’s look is all in the details, sneakers with fur, the perfect blue jeans but with tiny paint splatters, a white mesh top peeking out under my sweater, and some green nails. So what do you think?


Craving | Almost My Birthday

It’s almost my birthday, the 7th of March, so time for a little wishlist!
I’m turning 23 which has always been my lucky number, so I feel like this is going to be a great year.
It comes in quite handy that my birthday is in the time that I’m on a shopping diet!
So here’s my wishlist:
1. My dream bag. The Alexander Wang Diego bucket bag. OK, I’m obviously not counting on actually getting it, but if you would ask me what I would want most in the world (fashion related, that is), it would be this baby. No doubt.
2. This soooo cool Dannijo iPhone case. Would make my phone such a more fashionable accessory, especially since I’m holding it in my hands always.
3. A rose gold watch. I really like this one by Marc by Marc Jacobs, but it wouldn’t necessarily have to be this one. Any pretty rose gold watch will do.
4. This Fashionology cross bracelet. I’ve been wanting to order it for two months but I’m not sure why I haven’t yet. Wanted to order it last week until I realized I’m on a shopping diet. Boohoo.
5. A subscription to the Dutch Vogue Magazine, which will launch very soon. So excited about that!
If you could pick anything (fashion related that is) to get for your birthday, what would it be?
Please note, if I could choose to have anything, it would be world peace, a cure to cancer and no more hunger in the world. But I’m talking fashion on this blog. Just wanted you to know though :)


Photoshoot | Some Close Ups

Photos by Huub Louppen
I showed you last week in my diary that I did a photoshoot to help my mum’s friend with his portfolio, so I still owed you the pictures! Here are some of them. They’re all close ups, so no outfits for a change! It was a fun thing to do but I’m still quite awkward in front of a camera when my boyfriend’s not behind it. No modeling career for me!
Which one’s your favorite?


Outfit | Tie Dyed Sunday

Tie dye blouse   /   Zara
Corduroi pants   /   River island
Sneakers   /   Isabel Marant
Ring   /   ASOS
Nails   /   OPI I don’t give a Rotterdam
A pretty basic outfit on this sunday, but it’s really just what I felt like wearing. I’ve said it before, on this blog I like to show you what I actually wear, not just what looks good in pictures :). And well, a blouse like this and a good pair of sneakers can do a lot, right? And as you might have noticed, I’ve matched my nails. That’s an effort I do like to take somehow. Hope you guys like this look even though it is quite simple! Happy sunday sweeties!


New In | Tie Dye blouse

Got this blouse as a belated Valentine’s gift from my boyfriend. I don’t wear blouses often but maybe I should. I’m soooo going tie dye all the way this season. Love that this is not the average denim tie dye but made from a soft sheer fabric. It’s from Zara by the way. I’ll show you an outfit soon! Happy weekend lovelies :)


Outfit | Grey Tones

Hoodie   /   H&M; Men’s dep. (stolen from BF)
Oversized cardigan   /  IRO
Leggings   /   H&M;
Boots   /   Isabel Marant
Bag   /   Warehouse
Necklace   /   Fashionology
Rings   /   H&M;
When you’re on a shopping diet, you have to be creative. That’s exactly what I’ve tried with this look, stealing my boyfriends very comfy hooded sweater. I like wearing it with leggings as a sort of dress, with makes it a little more feminine. And of course, a great pair of boots can do a lot for a simple, comfy outfit if you ask me. The cardigan I wear all the time, it’s so warm that it actually functions as a coat here. This dreary weather made me in the mood for grey tones and oversized comfy clothes, I hope the rain will leave us soon!
I’d love to hear what you think guys! Thanks so very much for all your previous comments and hypes, you guys mean so much to me!


Video | Behind the scenes with Tommy Ton

(video via MODTV)
I just had to share this video with you. It shows a behind the scenes-look on what Tommy Ton does on a daily basis. What it’s like to be a street style photographer. And what it’s like to shoot during NYFW, especially now, when anybody can be a street style photographer. I love to see the face behind one of the best street style photographers in the world. He looks so sweet!
When I’m in NY this april, I will definitely also take some street style pics for on the blog. Now I know how it works ;)

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