Nails | Colors of the Sea

My nails today: 5 different shades of mint and turquoise. Not only a nice nail-do, also a good way to test 5 different brands of nail polish! OPI won this one (on my pink).

So from my thumb to my pink these are Essence, Catrice, Miss Sporty, Douglas and OPI.
Sorry for just the quick little update but I’m crazy busy at the moment so unfortunately I’m going to have to do more of these ‘little snaps’ the coming 2 weeks! Hope you don’t mind!


Outfit | First bare legs

Bomber jacket   /   Ready to Fish via Muze
T-shirt   /   Zara
Shorts   /   DIY
Boots   /   Isabel Marant
Watch   /   Michael Kors
Here they are, the first bare legs of the season! Spring and summer actually aren’t my favorite seasons because I like layering, dark and non-colors, jackets and long sleeves and trousers better than all-revealing colorful summer wear, but I had to show you the shorts I DIY-ed and it was just such good weather this week that I decided to go for shorts anyway. Still in love with this bomber jacket, the print it’s just perfect and right now I like to wear it as a spring coat. Too bad the weather is getting colder already and this weekend will probably be rainy.. What’s your favorite season (fashion wise)? Tell me!


DIY: Tie dye shorts

Did a little DIY this weekend. Cut off an old pair of Zara jeans and then tie dyed them. Turned out a little bit lighter than I wanted but I still really like my ‘new’ shorts! Good way to spice up your wardrobe without spending money!


Outfit | Peplum Part Two

Peplum top   /   H&M; Trend
Jeans   /   Zara (very old)
Bag   /   Zara
Shoes   /   Zara
Watch   /   Michael Kors
Bracelets   /   H&M;
Ring    /   ASOS
I found these jeans in the back of my closet last week – I didn’t even remember I had flared jeans! I really like these ones though since they’re light and trashed, not the usual dark ones. This is peplum part two (part one here) and I love this one even more because of the perforated faux leather, H&M; Trend does so well lately! What do you think, part two succeeded?


Monday Inspiration

A little inspiration to start the week with!
I have a VERY busy week but I’m planning on trying to enjoy the sun if I can as well, and a little DIY, so stay tuned! Have a nice week lovelies!
Images via Stockholm Streetstyle, Car Mar Lookbook, Givenchy Fall 2012, Stockholm Streetstyle,, Phil Oh for Vogue


Outfit | Old but new

Shirt   /   Zara
Jeans   /   Zara (old)
Belt   /   Chasin’
Shoes   /   Nelly
Ring   /   Nelly
Nails   /   Chanel Blue Rebel
I’ve completely rediscovered this pair of grey jeans this week. Most of my jeans and pants are black or dark but the weather here is amazing so I had to dive into my closet to see what else was there, for instance to wear with this blouse I still really like a lot.
I wasn’t always keen on wearing my shirt in my pants because my upper body is pretty short compared to my legs, but I’m giving it a try lately, you know, spring and time for different things and all.
Thoughts? Happy Sunday lovelies!!


Outfit | Silk & Denim

Silk trousers   /   Whyred (on sale here)
Denim shirt   /   River Island
Shoes   /   Zara
Bag   /   Zara
Watch   /   Michael Kors
Cross bracelet   /   Fashionology
Ring   /   H&M;
Nails   /   Chanel Blue Rebel
These are the softest trousers I have ever owned. They have been in my closet for a few weeks now but somehow I’m wearing them for the first time this week. And I’m hooked. Yes, I’m participating on the pajama pant trend here, but the fact that the trousers aren’t printed and made from silk makes it a lot less pajama to me. I just love the fit and it’s something different from the skinny jeans I live in. I did pair it somehow pajama-ish with the blouse but then I took a denim blouse because by this time you might know I like the whole fabric mixing thing.
Hit me with your thoughts on this, I’d really like to hear! And happy friday!

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