Favorites | Rose Gold

I’m so into rose gold jewelry at the moment! Love that I found a matching metallic purse! My collection so far:
Watch / Michael Kors, Button earrings & Tiny heart ring / River Island, Ring / ASOS
Cuffs / H&M;, Purse / ASOS (get it here).


Spring Essentials

Here’s what for me are this spring’s fashion essentials!
A pair of wide legged pajama-ish trousers. Love these ones from H&M;!
A funky piece of denim, whether jeans or a blouse, it needs a little extra this season. I recently got this one at River Island (outfit soon).
A white bikerjacket. I’m in love with a leather one from H&M; but this one from Mango is a bit more budgetfriendly!
Some flashy friendship- or beaded bracelets to spice up my basic wardrobe. These are from ASOS that sells a lot of cute friendship bracelets! (These ones here and here)
OK, many of you will already own this one, but I’m still looking for the perfect pair of pointy black pumps. Just can’t seem to find a pair that is pretty, as comfy as it gets and friendly for my wallet. The search continues..
Of course these are my spring essentials, what are yours?


Outfit | Peplum

Peplum tee   /   H&M; Trend
Jeans   /   Nudie
Shoes   /   Nelly
Bag   /   Zara
Snood   /   Chasin’
Arm candy   /   Fashionology, H&M;, Brandy & Melville
Peplum. It’s not something I instantly loved, and I definitely don’t like it in all versions, but when I tried on this tee at H&M; Trend I thought I might give it a try. I like that this tee is not the ‘stiff’ peplum kind but it’s more ‘a tee with a twist’. And very waist-flattering, if you ask me.
This is another one of my transition outfits. On the one hand, I wanted to finally wear these pretty high but very comfy Nelly heels (find them here), but on the other hand I was a bit cold and grabbed a snood.  I’m digging these shoes by the way, the pretty much make a statement of their own and don’t need too much. So pretty simple, but not, today. Thoughts?


Nails | Fading to black

My nails today: fading to black. Loving this multicolor nail trend, I can never decide what color nail polish to choose, but now I won’t have to!


Outfit | Perfect Parka

Parka   /   River Island
Sweater   /   Minimum (stolen from boyfriend)
Shorts   /   Vintage Levi’s
Shoes   /   Nelly
Ring   /   Club Manhattan
I’m so very happy I finally found the perfect parka! I used to have another one (see here) and held onto it about 3 years too long, because I couldn’t find the perfect one, but I finally have. I looove the chambray details, it gives just that little extra. Wearing an oversized jumper that I’ve borrowed from my boyfriend, which is ‘our’ favorite jumper now, and I would wear it all the time if he would let me. Luckily he did today. I love stealing my man’s clothes and then pairing the oversized item with short shorts and some heels to make it ‘me’. What do you think of the result?
Happy sunday lovelies!


Wearing Today | Perfect Parka & White Bag

Wearing today: the perfect parka with chambray details from River Island
and a white bag from Zara, a birthday present from my sweet friends.
Happy weekend!


Diary | Stupid Shopping Diet & More.

What I’ve been up to and wearing lately in a nutshell. And some nails, of course!
1. One of my favorite rings of the moment.
2. So in love with this bag from Zara. This shopping diet isn’t getting any easier..
3. My boyfriend got up early on my birthday and decorated the house, so sweet!
4. Delicious mini tarts that my dad surprised me with on my birthday.
5. So cool to see my face in Fashion United magazine!
6. My other favorite rings, these tiny heart rings from River Island.
7. Another bag I really fell in love with, from H&M; Trend. Stupid shopping diet part two!
8. My cat has the cutest sleeping habits.
9. The view from Amsterdam at the River Island event! (see the whole report here).
10. I should wear this jumper more often, love it!
11. Matching my nails with my sneakers. A perfect match.
12. Tried on this flower printed bomber jacket at Zara, but didn’t bring it home. Wish it was more puffy!
13. Stripe & beige nails.
14. Stupid shopping diet part 3. How gorgeous is this Zara bag with rose gold studs?
15. Got this little cute wrapped gift from Muze, thanks!
16. Pastel colored easter M&M;’s. what’s not to love?
17. Loving this warmer weather, I can go bare foot in my studded loafers again!
18. Totally addicted to Draw Something, how do you like my cow?
Happy weekend!

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