New in | Not black shoes

A bit of a weird title maybe but I went through my shoe collection the other day and realized that except for my IM sneakers, ALL the shoes I’m wearing at the moment are black. The shoes I brought home from NY are also black, so after that I told myself to stop buying black shoes. I though that would mean buying no shoes at all for a while because I kept buying black shoes because I loved them, but then I went to Mango and found these nude and white babies. I wasn’t even out to shop (I cross Mango, Zara and H&M when I walk to the supermarket, I live on a good location in the city hihi) but when I checked the price tag and saw they were both on (mid-season) sale I tried them on both and couldn’t decide. So I got both of them, for a very nice price! My love for Mango continues.. I’ve already worn the white ones a lot, I didn’t realize I was really missing some white shoes in my closet! The nude heels walk like heaven but I’ll still have to see what I’ll wear them with. I’ll figure something out! Will post a new outfit with one of them tomorrow. Until then, happy weekend loves!


Love | Mango Fall 2012 preview

I found a preview of the Mango fall 2012 collection yesterday and I’m absolutely stunned by it. The summer lookbook was already so good and Mango is really one of my favorite brands lately since they lowered their prices in the Netherlands (not sure how that is for other countries) and came with such a strong summer collection. Seems like they’re on the right track at Mango because looking at these images from the fall 2012 lookbook I really can’t wait for this collection to hit the stores in july. Fall is my favorite fashion season anyway and I would wear almost everything pictured above. That lammy coat is on top of my fall wishlist but I’m also loving the other jackets and the overall feel of the collection. Great job Mango, can’t wait until fall!
(By the way, I also did a little shopping at Mango this week, will show you later!)


Outfit | Open back

Open back jumper: Urban Outfitters / Mesh top: Nelly / Jeans: Zara / Shoes: Zara / Cross bracelet: Fashionology / Geometric ring: Aldo / Band ring: H&M / Nails: Essie ‘blanc’

An almost all black outfit yesterday, with a little surprise! I ran into this jumper at Urban Outfitters in New York and really fell for the basic look at the front and the little surprise in the back. It’s a bit too cold for a real open back though, so I wore a mesh top underneath. I like the contrast though. This is really what I love to wear. Black, basic but just with that little exciting detail. And some high heels, even though I changed those for Converse when I had to go to the university. Yes, it’s thesis time again, no more vacation, so busy times ahead. An another note, I’d like your opinion on something. How do you like my bangs better, straight or angled like I’ve been wearing them lately? I’m just really in doubt about cutting my bangs so I decided to ask you this ‘very important’ question. Now I’m of to some school work that actually is important. Happy thursday loves!


Editorial Love

A few editorials that very much inspire me lately! Loving the Acne leather bikerjackets with stars and the Alexander Wang(-ish) sports look. And who says converse all stars are out of fashion? Never!

Elle Sweden / Grazia France / Elle Sweden / How to spend it / Costume Norway (all via Fashion Gone Rogue)


NY tips: Vintage Shopping

In this last New York post I want to give you guys some shopping tips since I’ve done a LOT of shopping there and really found some designer vintage shopping gems! If you’re going to NY in the future I’d really stop by at least two of these because you might find that Vintage Chanel jacket or Alexander Wang sandals from a few seasons ago for a very nice price!
Tokio 7
The first one is Tokio 7, located between East Village and Noho (East 7th street between 1st and 2nd Avenue). This was designer vintage heaven. A huge store with loads of vintage designer clothing, shoes, bags and jewellery. Chanel jackets, Helmut Lang knits, Balmain bags, they had it all. I tried on these Alexander Wang sandals (last pictures) that were just too perfect but since they were still 300 dollars I didn’t bring them home. For me to spend that money on shoes I would really need an obsession for them for a while. Still, Tokio 7 had a lot of bargains as well! I didn’t bring anything home because there was nothing there that I absolutely needed and I guess that’s the thing about vintage shopping: you have to be there at the right moment when they have exactly what you’re looking for in your size. Nonetheless, even going through the racks was fun, can’t believe they had so much!

Beacon’s closet 
This huuuuge vintage store is located almost next to Parson’s school of design (South 13th street, between 5th and 6th Avenue) and it shows. So many cool people walking around in the area and the store!  As I said, it was huge with clothes sorted by color and a very large shoe selection. They sell a mix of designer clothes but also regular vintage. I spent a loooong time here looking through the racks but I guess one needs a certain eye to be a real vintage shopper, and I don’t have it. Again I brought nothing home but that’s more because of myself (and the heat that day, and the fact that I was tired) than because of what the store had to offer. Which was a lot of really cool vintage stuff.

Another tip I have for you, of which I don’t have pictures, is INA. Another amazing designer vintage store that has 6 locations in NY (see their website for the locations here). I went to the small store in Soho and they had a small but really good selection of clothes, shoes and bags. Even some Isabel Marant and a very pretty vintage Balenciaga bag, if only it would have had silver hardware instead of gold.. Sigh.

Two last tips: the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market that is every sunday and saturday (not sure about winter) where they had a great amount of vintage clothes and jewelry, beautiful vintage fur and it was just nice to stroll around in all the little ‘shops’. It’s on West 39th Street and 9th Avenue. And The Garage, a hidden gem in a random garage that has a flea market every saturday and sunday. If you don’t know it’s there, you won’t run into it, it’s hidden pretty well. Here’s where random New Yorkers sell clothes, jewelry and furniture and tell you the stories behind it. Love that. It’s on 112 West 25th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue.

I hope for all of you that you’ll be visiting New York soon! When in doubt, just get some tickets because it’s my absolute favorite city in the world. And very good for shopping!


New in | NY Shopping #3

Number tees: Victoria’s Secret / Bag: Co-lab / Peach jumper: Zara / Mesh jumper: Forever 21 / Shoes: Lovely People / Vogue US / Sunglasses: both flea market

Here’s part two of what I shopped in New York! I was looking for a number tee  since I was obsessed with the ones from Isabel Marant but I think they are terribly overpriced for simple tees with a number on it. I found them at Victoria’s Secret, where I wasn’t even looking for clothing! The grey one is actually meant to sleep in and it’s really oversized, but of course I don’t care, I’ll wear it everywhere! The bag I found at Century 21, sort of a huge designer outlet in NY. It was priced very nicely and I feel like it looks a bit as if a Mulberry and a Proenza bag got a cheap baby. Not that cheap though, it’s still real leather! The peach jumper is a bit of a try, I brought it home because I loooved that it has sort of an open back (I’ll show you soon in an outfit) but as you know I don’t tend to wear much color so let’s see what happens! Loving the gladiator-ish wedges that I found on sale and they are so comfy! Of course I had to bring Vogue US and from my visits to flea markets I only brought two items: these sunglasses (worn here and here). And last but not least, foooood! I’m a foodie and always love to bring home food we don’t get in the Netherlands from other countries. The cupcake flavored toothpaste is just genius if you ask me and I think Americans are genius anyway for having so much snacks (M&M’s!) with peanut butter in them! Sooo good!
What do you think of my new buys, which one’s your favorite this time? Have a happy sunday lovelies!


Outfit | Greenwich Village

Skirt: Zara / T-shirt: Zara / Vest: River Island / Bag: Zara / Sneakers: Isabel Marant / Ring: Aldo / Necklace: unknown / Watch: Michael Kors / Sunglasses: flea market

Here it is guys, my last outfit from New York. This was on a nice and hot day when strolling around in the lovely streets of Greenwich Village. I was wearing my new printed skirt from Zara which I really loooove. It’s a slightly more chic and girly look than you’re probably used to from me but lately I’ve been trying to get out of my ‘box’ a little, and this time I like the result. And then again, pairing it with sneakers makes this very me even though I had little choice to wear them because they were the only shoes I brought that didn’t give me blisters after walking around NYC all day. Last thing I looove in this look are the sunnies that I found on a flea market. We visited 3 very nice flea markets but I think I’ll do a NYC shopping tips post on monday that you might want to read may you go to the city, now or whenever. How’s that? I’d loooove to hear what you think of this look and I wish you all a very happy saturday!

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