Love | Mango Fall 2012 preview

I found a preview of the Mango fall 2012 collection yesterday and I’m absolutely stunned by it. The summer lookbook was already so good and Mango is really one of my favorite brands lately since they lowered their prices in the Netherlands (not sure how that is for other countries) and came with such a strong summer collection. Seems like they’re on the right track at Mango because looking at these images from the fall 2012 lookbook I really can’t wait for this collection to hit the stores in july. Fall is my favorite fashion season anyway and I would wear almost everything pictured above. That lammy coat is on top of my fall wishlist but I’m also loving the other jackets and the overall feel of the collection. Great job Mango, can’t wait until fall!
(By the way, I also did a little shopping at Mango this week, will show you later!)

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24 Responses to “Love | Mango Fall 2012 preview”

  1. Madeleine Says:

    Super collectie! En damn, mooi model!
    Ik wist helemaal niet dat ze de prijzen hebben verlaagd! Me Like :)
    xo Madeleine

  2. A Little Hummingbird Says:

    Oeh heel mooi!
    Die gestreepte broek, burgundy leren tas en de allerlaatste outfit zijn super!
    Bedankt voor het delen :)

    xo Sari

  3. Debbie Says:

    Zo mee eens!! Ik verbaasde me er ook al over!

  4. la tiquismiquis Says:

    uuuuuhh, this looks amazing :) cannot wait. but for now i am soo happy about the first days of spring.

    la tiquismiquis

  5. Kathrina Says:

    Yeeees, the lookbook is amazing! Can’t wait for the release either! :)

  6. MonochromeMagpie Says:

    Wow, I’m loving pretty much everything – the pieces, the styling, even the model! They are definitely heading along the right tracks… although my bank account may disagree :p x

    Monochrome Magpie

  7. Inge Says:

    Super collectie inderdaad, ik vind vooral de jassen de moeite waard :)

  8. Christina Says:

    Wauw prachtig! Vooral de eerste foto vind ik erg leuk

  9. Phuong Says:

    collectie is idd prachtig!
    Travel in Style

  10. Joy Says:

    Inderdaad, doen ze goed! Love the grey jacket!

  11. Nena Says:

    Whoaa die jas bovenaan MOET ik hebben ! :D

  12. Kirby Says:

    Yes, yes and yes to everything!! Only recently discovered Mango is in Melbourne, gotta get myself there!!


  13. the marant philes Says:

    I agree, the overall styling for Mango and Zara keeps getting better. They really make their clothing look luxurious.
    - Aliya:)

  14. louise Says:

    Mjjn liefde voor mango wordt ook steeds groter mooie items met eengoede pasvorm en erg hip/chique! Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe items :)


  15. Sophie Says:

    Nooo, ik word hier zoo hebberig van!! X

  16. Alexandra Says:

    Ohhhh, this lookbook is so SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! I want all of it in my closet right now! I love the boots the most – tres chic!!

    Thanks for sharing love!


  17. Theresa Says:

    Wow, definitely a great collection of looks, and I’m really loving the first one – those pants are freaking cool!


  18. Rowan Says:

    Wauw wat ontzettend gaaf! Die lammy coat is inderdaad heel mooi, maar zo’n soort heb ik al. Ik zou heel graag die parka willen hebben!



    ps: Join my GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a pair of geometric feather earrings.

  19. Yak Man Says:

    wow nu al, haha! Echt mooie collectie!

  20. Lianne Says:

    Wow echt een super collectie, kan inderdaad niet wachten!!
    Totally in love met de knits van foto 2 en 6..

  21. Judith Says:

    Ik vind Mango ook heel fijn, maar op de een of andere manier komen de leuke items nooit echt in de Nederlandse winkels. Net zoals deze lookbook: super mooi, maar waarschijnlijk kunnen we maar de helft hiervan verwachten in Nederland. Jammer!

  22. Krizia Says:

    Loving the outfit with the hat and shorts!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  23. amy Says:

    in love with this new lookbook! can’t wait to get my hands on the striped pants!

    xx amy.

  24. KERRIN Says:

    oh my goodness obsessed doesn’t even begin to cover it! love your blog. xx

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