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A bit of a weird title maybe but I went through my shoe collection the other day and realized that except for my IM sneakers, ALL the shoes I’m wearing at the moment are black. The shoes I brought home from NY are also black, so after that I told myself to stop buying black shoes. I though that would mean buying no shoes at all for a while because I kept buying black shoes because I loved them, but then I went to Mango and found these nude and white babies. I wasn’t even out to shop (I cross Mango, Zara and H&M when I walk to the supermarket, I live on a good location in the city hihi) but when I checked the price tag and saw they were both on (mid-season) sale I tried them on both and couldn’t decide. So I got both of them, for a very nice price! My love for Mango continues.. I’ve already worn the white ones a lot, I didn’t realize I was really missing some white shoes in my closet! The nude heels walk like heaven but I’ll still have to see what I’ll wear them with. I’ll figure something out! Will post a new outfit with one of them tomorrow. Until then, happy weekend loves!

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23 Responses to “New in | Not black shoes”

  1. Mary @ Fashionbirds Says:

    Gorgeous! Nude colors are just as important as blacks in my opinion ;) I was lusting after those white wedges too. Good choice taking both :)

    xoxo, M.


    Love them!! Nog steeds op zoek naar die witte in mijn maat!! haha x

  3. Isabella Says:

    Super mooi beide! Ben benieuwd naar je outfit met een van de schoenen! X

  4. Nienke Says:

    Ik denk dat als ik langs zoveel leuke winkels zou komen op weg naar de supermarket, ik een stuk armer zou zijn!

  5. Inge Says:

    Ik ken het probleem, mij lukt het ook nooit om niet-zwarte schoenen te kopen, ik kom altijd thuis met zwarte :p De witte zien er heel leuk uit!

  6. Noortje Says:

    De witte zien er erg gaaf uit.
    Benieuwd naar de looks met deze schoenen.
    Goed weekend! xx

  7. Nena Says:

    Wat leuk om zo dicht bij de winkels te wonen! :D
    Die nude wedges zijn echt leuk , zijn het dezelfde als die van Phuong ?

  8. Yak Man Says:

    die nude pumps zijn nice! :D Tjaa, wie kan sale nou weer wel weerstaan ;p

  9. Cherish Says:

    Love them both. Totally my style ;)

  10. amy Says:


    xx amy.

  11. Style Limelight Says:

    i want both of them!!
    Style LimeLight

  12. Madeleine Says:

    Pretty!! xo Madeleine

  13. Miranda Says:

    I notice that I gravitate towards black as well here lately and I am trying to break the habit…But black makes everything look so badass or sophisticated, so it is hard. LOL. However, I do love a good tan shoe during the summer!!


  14. helena Says:

    Heeeel erg mooi allebei!

  15. Kathrina Says:

    Oh, I want these white pumps too!!! ;) Unfortunately they’re sold out in my size :( You lucky girl! ;)

  16. Amy Says:

    Leuk!! Lekker zomers :)
    X Amy

  17. Christina Says:

    Heeel erg mooi!

  18. Christina Says:

    Vaak is het ook als je van plan bent niks te halen, vind je ineens allerlei leuke dingen haha:p

  19. Phuong Says:

    ik heb de witte ook, ze zijn zo leuk!

    Travel in Style

  20. Theresa Says:

    Great finds – they’re both super cool! I’m totally the same way when it comes to black shoes. ;) Looking forward to the outfit post!


  21. the marant philes Says:

    Well these are great additions even though you weren’t really looking to shop! Can’t wait to see what you pair them with!
    - Aliya:-)

  22. Krizia Says:

    Loving the wedges on the right!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  23. A Little Hummingbird Says:

    De witte sleehakken heb ik al veel voorbij zien komen en ik ben er nog steeds niet uit of ik ze nou mooi vind of niet ;)De nude pumps zijn super! Mooie kleur en het model is geweldig! Ben benieuwd naar de eerste outfitpost.

    Liefs, Sari

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