NY tips: Vintage Shopping

In this last New York post I want to give you guys some shopping tips since I’ve done a LOT of shopping there and really found some designer vintage shopping gems! If you’re going to NY in the future I’d really stop by at least two of these because you might find that Vintage Chanel jacket or Alexander Wang sandals from a few seasons ago for a very nice price!
Tokio 7
The first one is Tokio 7, located between East Village and Noho (East 7th street between 1st and 2nd Avenue). This was designer vintage heaven. A huge store with loads of vintage designer clothing, shoes, bags and jewellery. Chanel jackets, Helmut Lang knits, Balmain bags, they had it all. I tried on these Alexander Wang sandals (last pictures) that were just too perfect but since they were still 300 dollars I didn’t bring them home. For me to spend that money on shoes I would really need an obsession for them for a while. Still, Tokio 7 had a lot of bargains as well! I didn’t bring anything home because there was nothing there that I absolutely needed and I guess that’s the thing about vintage shopping: you have to be there at the right moment when they have exactly what you’re looking for in your size. Nonetheless, even going through the racks was fun, can’t believe they had so much!

Beacon’s closet 
This huuuuge vintage store is located almost next to Parson’s school of design (South 13th street, between 5th and 6th Avenue) and it shows. So many cool people walking around in the area and the store!  As I said, it was huge with clothes sorted by color and a very large shoe selection. They sell a mix of designer clothes but also regular vintage. I spent a loooong time here looking through the racks but I guess one needs a certain eye to be a real vintage shopper, and I don’t have it. Again I brought nothing home but that’s more because of myself (and the heat that day, and the fact that I was tired) than because of what the store had to offer. Which was a lot of really cool vintage stuff.

Another tip I have for you, of which I don’t have pictures, is INA. Another amazing designer vintage store that has 6 locations in NY (see their website for the locations here). I went to the small store in Soho and they had a small but really good selection of clothes, shoes and bags. Even some Isabel Marant and a very pretty vintage Balenciaga bag, if only it would have had silver hardware instead of gold.. Sigh.

Two last tips: the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market that is every sunday and saturday (not sure about winter) where they had a great amount of vintage clothes and jewelry, beautiful vintage fur and it was just nice to stroll around in all the little ‘shops’. It’s on West 39th Street and 9th Avenue. And The Garage, a hidden gem in a random garage that has a flea market every saturday and sunday. If you don’t know it’s there, you won’t run into it, it’s hidden pretty well. Here’s where random New Yorkers sell clothes, jewelry and furniture and tell you the stories behind it. Love that. It’s on 112 West 25th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue.

I hope for all of you that you’ll be visiting New York soon! When in doubt, just get some tickets because it’s my absolute favorite city in the world. And very good for shopping!

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18 Responses to “NY tips: Vintage Shopping”

  1. Esmay Says:

    Oh heaven, al die vintage shopjes, ik hou d’r van!
    Jammer genoeg ga ik niet binnen nu en een tijdje naar NYC :(

  2. Erin Z Says:

    This post makes me wanna go to NY right now! I’ll definitely drop by these few places if I’m ever in NY. I’ll never pass out on vintage shopping!

  3. Joy Says:

    Wow! Super leuke post! Kga ik onthouden voor de keer dat ik naar NY zal gaan!


    Those sandals are AMAZING!! You should have bought them ;) No kidding, it’s a lot of money, still! But they are so nice on your feet!!

    XO Charlotte

  5. amy Says:

    the wang heels are stunning!


    xx Amy.

  6. the marant philes Says:

    Thanks for sharing those tips, I usually don’t shop vintage because it’s overwhelming to me to pick threw things, but I like the color coding at Beacon’s closet. I can handle that!
    - Aliya

  7. Sari Says:

    Oh leuke post!
    Deze ga ik zeker bewaren voor als ik ooit (eindelijk!) in NYC ben ^^

  8. GMB Says:

    Love vintage and the Alexander Wang sandals!

  9. Madeleine Says:

    Thnx for the tips! Erg handig om te weten :) xo Madeleine

  10. Theresa Says:

    Hoping to make it to NY sometime soon, so I’ll definitely check out your suggestions! Thanks for the awesome tips sweetie! :)


  11. Femke Says:

    Ohhhh, zo jaloers op je :D.. je NYC fotos zien er echt fantastisch uit,
    en ik vind al je outfits ervan ook helemaal leuk haha :D.. Cool!


  12. Femke Says:

    Wooow, ben ZO jaloers op je NYC photos.. Echt prachtig,!!
    Ziet er heel super vet uit allemaal, je nieuwe aankopen zijn mooi
    en ook al je outfits zijn vet haha :D.. heel cool!


    ps. Sorry als de reactie 2x is geplaatst, computer deed beetje vreemd hihi :).

  13. Larissa Says:

    Leuk!! Ik ben al 3x in nyc geweest en nooit wezen vintage shoppen! Ik moét nu serieus meteen terug, nyc is zoo fijn! Thanks for sharing!:D

  14. Debbie Says:

    My God, dat je je daar in hebt kunnen houden joh! Pfff! Ziet er geweldig uit!


  15. Miranda Says:

    It looks like you were in vintage heaven!! LOL- I will have to visit these places next time I go to NYC :)


  16. Refineness.blogspot.com Says:

    Die schoenen zijn er leuk, maar idd 300 dollar is nog wel erg veel. Daarvoor kun je ook heel veel andere leuke dingen kopen.
    Ik snap je. Wat een leuke foto’s. Ik zou deze shops graag eens bezoeken…



  17. Chila Says:

    I want to be ther now!!! that must be a dream!

  18. Mw. Ekster Says:

    Was ik maar in new York – dreaming!

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