New in | NY Shopping #2

Studded denim vest: Forever 21 / Cream leather biker vest: Topshop
Boots: Steve Madden
Printed skirt and blouse: Zara
Rose gold rings and geometric ring: Aldo / Cuff and beaded bracelet: Forever 21 / Friendship bracelets: Flea Market
Tie dye bikini: Forever 21

I’ve showed you a vague little sneak peek of my New York shopping spree already (here) but I decided to do two big posts on all the things I have shopped in the big apple, of which this is part one. I did a pretty good amount of shopping if you ask me and am really happy with the result. Love my 2 vests that rock in their own ways and I’m also sooo happy with the fringed ankle boots. I know they are IM lookalikes but regardless of the brand and originality, I just love them. I also found two printed items on Zara which was probably my favorite shop in NY. Why? On 666 Fifth Avenue there’s a 3000 square meter big Zara and everything is so spacious and relaxed there, nothing like the chaos in the Dutch stores! I’ll post the last NY outfit wearing the skirt tomorrow. Then some jewelry, some of which you might recognize because I was wearing it already and posted it on Twitter. Than a bikini and of course I had to bring nail polish because it’s such a big price difference with the Netherlands!! What do you think of my buys so far? What’s your favorite! Have a great friday, I’m going to try to get rid of my jetlag now!


Diary | NYC part 2

My second diary, blogging from JFK airport while waiting on my delayed flight back home! Too bad I have to leave the best city in the world but I do miss my boyfriend a lot and I promised NY we will meet again. I’ve done and seen (and shopped, but more on that later) soooo much here! Went to see the Broadway Show ‘Memphis’ yesterday and it was amazing! Had a lot of frozen yoghurt and burgers (I hope I will still fit into my jeans), been to a few of the best shops of NY (more on that later as well), I’ve been to musea, to the parks.. Too much to tell so I’ll just tell you what you’re looking at in the pictures above!
- An fantastic burger my dad had in a little restaurant in Greenwich Village. I took a bite and it was soooo good!
- A view of Central Park from Rockefeller Center. If you ever go to New York, go during spring. It’s the best.
- At MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) looking at some Modern Art. I also went to the Metropolitan but I’m more into Modern, colorful art though!
-  Having a rest in the museum garden after seeing lotsss of paintings. It was so hot that day!
- We went to Greenwich Village for a day and it was the best. Great for shopping but I also just loved the vibe there and the streets.. I could really see myself living in that area! I also went vintage shopping there but I’ll do a post later this week with a few NY tips for (vintage) shopping!
- The best cauliflower soup (with mussels) I EVER had. Also in Greenwich village. Sooooo good.
- More of Greenwich Village cozy streets. I really have to go back soon!
That’s it for now but I still have one outfit to show you and I’ll also do a post on all my NY buys and a few shopping tips so stay tuned!


Outfit | Top of the Rock

Sleeveless cream biker jacket: Topshop / Tee: Zara / Shorts: Forever 21 / Bag: Zara / Sneakers: Isabel Marant / Sunglasses: Flea Market / Beaded bracelet: Forever 21 / Necklace: Mint via

I’m very excited to show you these pictures because I just love the location. The pictures were taken on top of the Rockefeller Center where we had a great view of the city and and the Empire State Building, which you see on the background. I’ve been on the Empire State Building twice before so this time we tried Rockefeller and the view was at least just as gorgeous! It was soooo hot this day, 34 degrees Celcius, so I decided to go bare legged and rock my biker jacket for the first time. Love it! Black and cream just seem to go so well together. Again wearing my sneakers but walking trough the streets of NY all day made me find out that these are actually the most comfy shoes I own, even more comfy than my Converse all stars! I hope you’re having a great week as well, I’m off into the city again. Leaving tomorrow already, boohoo! Happy wednesday lovelies!


Outfit | Battery Park

Jeans: Mango / Jumper: Zara / Sneakers: Converse / Bag: Zara / Necklace and bracelet: Fashionology

Hello again from a sunny NYC! These are pictures from Battery Park, all the way downtown where you can take the ferry to Staten Island to see the Statue of Liberty. Which I did. It was my third meeting with this lady and even though I could have skipped the touristic attraction, a free boat ride and chilling at another park on a hot day is not bad at all. Wearing my tie dye jeans for the first time, and I really love how they add up to a simple ensemble. I have a thing for off shoulder slouchy jumpers but I guess pairing it with jeans like these makes my comfy travel look a bit more interesting. I’m off again, still have a few days to go until I leave on thursday! Off to Greenwich Village for some shopping! See you soon, lovelies!


Diary | NYC randoms

Some random snaps from my stay in New York so far! We’re so lucky with the weather, it was 34 degrees (Celcius) today! So far I’ve been doing some shopping and a lot of sight seeing as well. We went flea market shopping this sunday which I loooove here. So much great vintage hidden in this city. So here’s what you’re looking at:
- Drooling at the Isabel Marant shop in Soho! Didn’t bring anything with me though, it’s even more expensive here in the USA than in Europe!
- Spending a sunny afternoon in Central Park which was so lovely and blooming.
- Doing some shopping in the cute little streets of Noho.
- Loooove frozen yoghurt!
- Taking the ferry to Staten Island and getting a nice view of the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m a little bit of a tourist as well haha.
- We found a flea market in some random garage, too cool!
- At battery park, a navy memorial. We also snapped some pictures of my outfit here which I’ll post soon, so stay tuned!


Outfit | Central Park

Denim shirt: River Island / Trousers: Zara / Studded loafers: Topshop / Bag: Zara / Cross bracelet: Fashionology / Beaded bracelet: Forever21 / Band rings: H&M / Nails: Essie

It is so sunny and warm in the city, there’s no better way spending the weekend than strolling around and relaxing in Central Park. I love how relaxed it is there in contrast to the ever moving city, even though there are lots of things to do in the park as well. I’ll post a visual diary tomorrow showing you all the things I’ve been doing here, which is quite a lot. About my outfit.. Hello jungle pants! I have walked by these pants for over a month wanting to get them but the shopping diet kept me from getting them, until I couldn’t contain myself anymore last week. I don’t like floral pants but somehow these jungle trousers totally appealed to me and I needed a dash of color and prints in my summer closet. I found out the studded loafers that are very comfy are not made for walking very far, since my feet are covered with blisters after just one day. Luckily I brought other shoes as well and I could also get new ones of course ;) Tomorrow another shopping day, can’t wait! Happy monday!


New in | NY shopping #1

I did a little NY shopping already so here’s the catch so far! Sorry for the crappy picture but my hotel room is very dark and not very pretty so this was all I could do right now.
Finally found a cream leather sleeveless biker jacket that I’ve been looking for, at Topshop! The trousers are also from Topshop, they’re sort of boucle jogging trousers. If you’ve been reading my blog regularly you might now these are the trousers I looove to wear. A mesh jumper from Forever 21, some friendship bracelets from a flea market we visited this morning, and lilac Essie nail polish which is so much cheaper here! Really happy with my buys so far, but believe me, I’m haven’t finished shopping here AT ALL.  I’ll post a visual diary soon showing you all the things I’m doing and seeing here, which is a lot. For now, enjoy your sunday lovelies!
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