Outfit | Perforated

Perforated bomber jacket: Zara / Tee: H&M / Shorts: Vintage Levi’s / Boots: Isabel Marant / Necklace: H&M FAA / Sunglasses: H&M men’s dep. / Bracelets: Fashionology & ASOS

Yesterday’s outfit: a pretty simple one and another one of my variations to black and white, supplemented by a little denim. It’s becoming kind of ‘my thing’ (I hate it when people say that) to wear simple outfits that are interesting in details. Say hello to Perforated Bomber Jacket. Bombers are so my cup of trend and this perforated one brings that extra sports feel into it. I was going to wear trainers but decided to give the prettiest boots in the world a little daylight again. I don’t care about the 27 degrees! What do you think?

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Fashion Diary

My last diary has been a while so when I thought to myself I should post another diary on the blog soon, I went through my iPhone and hardly found any visuals of what I’ve been doing lately. There’s a big reason for that, and it’s called Thesis. Not much social excitement the past and coming month, I guess. What I did find in my iPhone were snaps of what I’ve been wearing lately and what my nails look like. I guess when I’m this busy there’s not much time for a social life, fashionable events, or even browsing the web for inspiration. So you’ll have to do with snaps of what I’m wearing and my nails, and maybe even a few more outfit posts than normal because if I have to wear clothes every day, why not snap them right? Here’s what you’re looking at!

So happy I found this camo jacket, I’ve been wearing it a lot! / Neutral nails, that matched this outfit.
Borrowed my boyfriends backpack last week, love it! / Of course when I find these gorgeous black tie dye jeans, summer starts.
But on the positive side: bare legs every day! / Purple glittery ombre nails.
So, soooo in love with Ulyse. (Isabel Marant Jacket) / Ever since I cut a hole in these jeans I rediscovered them! Tip ;)
Turned these nails into something different the next day! / Happy with my Ready to Fish (via Muze) foldover clutch.
Found this denim patchwork skirt on sale at H&M for just 5€! Scooore / My latest outfit.


Outfit | Hello Summer

Top: Isabel Marant Temo top / Sweat shorts: H&M / Sleeveless parka: Zara / Bag: Zara / Sneakers: Isabel Marant / Cross bracelets: Fashionology / Watch: Michael Kors

Hello summer, good to have you here! I’m sooo happy it’s finally warm and I can start wearing all the summer wear I had been anticipating to wear. I hope you weren’t expecting flowy summer dresses and the like, because the outfit above would be a typical summer outfit for me. Shorts, a good top and usually a vest or something similar as well, just because I feel boring wearing just shorts and a tee. Of course, this top does a lot for an outfit and I’m so over the moon with it! Let’s hope the weather will stay this way because I have much more summer wear to show you! I’d looove to hear what you think about my outfits, your sweet comments make my day, every day guys! Happy Wednesday :)


New in | Meet Temo

Isabel Marant Temo Top

It’s been in my closet for a while, but it was too cold and rainy to get it out. It was sort of my little secret: one of the reasons I was excited for summer. To wear this amazing top. Now summer is here, and I plan on wearing this stunner a lot. Outfit coming soon! Do you love it as much as I do?


Outfit | Clean Cut

Black coat: Stylein via Nelly / T-shirt: H&M / Boyfriend jeans: Zara / Flatforms: ASOS / Foldover clutch: Ready to Fish via Muze

An outfit still from last week (friday) when it wasn’t as hot as it is now in the Netherlands. Wearing my gorgeous coat again that I’m so in love with. But of course; when you find the perfect black coat summer decides to kick in. Oh well, I’m not complaining, I can finally wear some summer outfits now. More on that soon, back to my once again simple and comfy wear. I’m really happy with the cut of my jeans: a boyfriend model but still somehow feminine because of the carrot fit. And helloooo gorgeous new white leather foldover clutch that can also be worn as a bag. I prefer it as an oversized clutch though!
Hope you all had a great weekend, I’m getting ready for a very exciting week involving Humanoid, picking giveaway winners and showing you something ‘new in’. Stay tuned!


My Nails Today

My nails today. Simple and white, just how I like it.
Just a quick little update today, sorry! Exciting things coming up though.
And Dutchies, are you joining my giveaway for festival tickets yet? Happy sunday!


Outfit | The perfect coat

Perfect black coat: Stylein via Nelly / Striped tee: H&M (very old) / Trashed denim skirt: TRF / Sneakers: Converse / Sunglasses: Flea market / Tiny skull rings: ASOS

Best part of this week? Finding the perfect black coat my wardrobe was so much in lack of. As I was waiting for it to arrive I had already paired it in my head with about everything. It’s one of the most versatile items but that’s also why I didn’t have one: I needed it to be perfect. This one is minimalistic, flowy and elegant, and it’s my new love. I really wanted to wear it with this trashed mini skirt because of the contrast but also because I’m very into mini skirts. And bare legs, just because it want it to be summer. Now, please. Soooo how do you like my new coat?

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