DIY | Trashed Denim Vest

As you might have seen on Twitter, I did a little DIY yesterday and trashed my new denim vest. I’m not much of a DIY-er so after a little googling I got my tools (knife, tweezers, scissors and sandpaper) and decided to just start and see where it would bring me…

I first tried this method that I found all over the internet: make horizontal cuts and use tweezers to pull out the blue vertical strings. That was a hell of a job, and not a fun job. It also didn’t give me the result I wanted, which was to look like the fabric has been worn for years. Not such a success.

So then I tried scraping the denim with really rough sandpaper. That worked much better! It looked much more naturally damaged this way.

The hole on the very left was made with the cut and pull method (and later I tried to make it look more natural with sandpaper) and the damage on the bottom right was just made with sandpaper, see the diffence?

I have to warn you though. It was a hell of a job. You might understand that it takes more than 2 scrapes to create a hole, so I spent at least two hours scraping. It was also a pretty big mess. Half the room was covered in blue fluff and I stopped twice because my arm was tired. Also hurt my hands because I accidentally scraped my hand a few times, and not to speak about my nails.. However..

This is the result! I’m really happy with it! What was a normal oversized denim vest is now a raw looking interesting one.
It was my last trashed denim DIY because it was a hell of a job and I found out Lucy and sandpaper are not the best combination, but then again I had been looking for the perfect trashed denim and now I have it exactly the way I want it. I’ll wear it again on the blog very soon! How do you like the result?

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35 Responses to “DIY | Trashed Denim Vest”

  1. Eline - a closet full of clothes Says:

    Love the result!

  2. Raspberry & Rouge Says:

    Love it! XO Rebecca

  3. Debbie Says:

    Haha ahhh ik zie het helemaal voor me hoe je je in het zweet werkt en je handjes bezeerd :( Maar het resultaat is mooi geworden! Met het schuurpapier is inderdaad mooier dan met de schaar :)


  4. Chantal Says:

    Hi Lucy, thanks voor de tip van het schuurpapier ! Ga dit binnenkort ook eens proberen :)

  5. Natalie Says:

    heel leuk!
    ik heb vorige week nog een jeans van mij “getrashd”, wat ook heel handig is is om een keukenrasp te gebruiken, werkt nog beter dan schuurpapier.

  6. Clara Says:

    Well done! Your vest looks really nice! I’m not too fond of sand paper either :)

  7. Jesdiny Says:

    Despite that it was one hell of a job, I really love the result. Looks great!

  8. STYLIGHT Says:

    Gaaaaaf! Wij zijn heel benieuwd naar de outfit met dit leuk giletje:)

    Love, STYLIGHT

  9. Linda Says:

    Love it! You’ve made this vest so much cooler!

    ♥ Linda

  10. Blue is in Fashion this Year Says:

    It was a hard work, but the result is good! Well done :)

  11. Saida Says:

    Goed gedaan zeg! Cant wait to see you wear it!

  12. Kirbybee Says:

    Looks fantastic, great work!! Sandpaper is definitely the way to go to ‘wear’ your denim in.


  13. Amy Says:

    super goede tip! Ik was ook van plan om me hier aan te gaan wagen; waar het niet dat spijkerjas (waar ik een trashed vest van wil maken) ergens bij mijn ouders in een doos zit, waar ik niet bij kan… dus deze DIY staat al een paar maanden op m’n to-do-list! Wel thanks voor de tips; want ik dacht hier wat licht over! xx Amy

  14. Nena Says:

    Mooi gelukt ! :D zou er zelf het geduld niet voor hebben

  15. Krizia Says:

    You did a great job! Love it!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  16. Eve Says:

    Wauw super gaaf x

  17. Indrah Says:

    Hij is goed gelukt!

  18. Phuong Says:

    wat mooi gedaan meid!

    Travel in Style

  19. Lifesplash Says:

    Ik kende dit trucje al. Vind dat je echt een mooi resultaat hebt. :D

  20. Esmay Says:

    Ziet er supervet uit!

  21. Sophia Says:

    Ahhh I’vee been wanting to do that as well so badly with an oversized one to get it to look like the Acne jacket, you did such a great job! Thank you for your lovely comments on my wedding photos! <3

  22. eleni Says:

    You totally nailed the worn out denim effect! Bravo dear! Not only are you a fashion icon but also a very artsy-craftsy young lady! ;)

  23. OctoberSong Says:

    aw sorry about the nails!^^ turned out perfect though so i guess it’s worth it..

  24. Tica Says:

    You look awesome!(^^)
    Nice vest. I want it!

  25. Theresa Says:

    The hard work paid off babe! I think it turned out really cool, and I’m looking forward to seeing you wear your new trashed vest!


  26. Inge Says:

    Ziet er goed uit! Ik heb het ook al geprobeerd met schuurpapier maar bij jou ziet het er wel beter uit ;)

  27. Christina Says:

    Het resultaat is erg mooi!!

  28. Charlotte Champion Says:

    You’ve given me the idea of maybe taking the electric sander to my denim clothes …. hihi

  29. Stephanie / FAIIINT Says:

    It turned out amazingly! I totally agree, the sandpaper version is much better, but I know what you mean about it taking forever! My nails were ruined & my palms were soo sore after sanding a pair of jeans, worth it though I think!

  30. the marant philes Says:

    I like it, it’s like a subtle thrash! Great way to age the jacket…
    - Aliya:)

  31. Miranda Says:

    I need to get inspired and do another DIY post soon :) These are the best!


  32. Sari - A Little Hummingbird Says:

    Mooi resultaat!
    Waar je schuurpapier wel niet allemaal voor kunt gebruiken ;)

    xo Sari


    Ziet er mooi uit! x

  34. steph Says:

    hey sweets – love the DIY ;) such a coincidence my next post is about a DIY denim vest too :) By the way I find that putting it in a washing machine after cutting it helps with the ‘aged’ look a lot. Particularly good with cut off denim shorts, I just cut and throw in the washing machine and it comes out perfect. Hope that helps – sandpapering looks really good too :)

  35. Mireille Says:

    Ziet er niet moeilijk uit maar wel een gaaf effect, leuk!

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