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Another diary with instagram pics, even though I haven’t been doing much lately besides working on my thesis (and I promise to never whine about it ever again from next week, when it’s done). Ok, maybe a little online shopping (oops) and a romantic dinner with my boyfriend. So here’s what you’re looking at:
- My wavy hair. I always straighten it’s but this is how it naturally falls and I decided to wear it like this more often.
- Ordered these Alexander Wang Liya lookalikes at Zara! They’ll arrive today so more pics to come.
- Wearing my DIY-ed denim vest.
- Actually, wearing a lot of denim lately, like these baggy jeans from Zara.
- Playing around with iPhone apps to make my pics look even cooler. Love the Frametastic app.
- Wearing my tie dye jeans with studded loafers.
- Romantic dinner with my boyfriend, had this delicious tuna starter. If you’re ever in Arnhem, go to So Phi – my favorite restaurant!
- Ordered this lilac slightly sheer parka and 2 other items on after winning a gift voucher. Not really what you’d expect me to wear maybe, but a challenge every once in a while can be very refreshing. Or not, we’ll see.
- Just how cool is this artsy iPhone case from Iconomesis?  I love the artwork, so cool!

And what’s to come this week? Finishing my thesis (help) and hold a presentation about it. My one year blog anniversary (yay!) – paired with a veeeery nice giveaway and a few more things you will find out about soon enough.. What are your plans for the week? Have a good one!

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21 Responses to “InstaDiary | Busy times”

  1. Raspberry & Rouge Says:

    Seems like a lovely week! XO

  2. Jesdiny Says:

    Wat een heerlijke diary met de felbegeerde Zara pumps EN leopard sandaaltjes! Heel veel succes met het afronden van je thesis! Komt vast goed! :)

  3. Logomania Says:

    Leuke foto’s! Ik vind je haar leuk zo. En ik heb ook die Zara pumps besteld, worden ook vandaag bezorgd! Ze zijn leuk hè!? Succes met de laatste loodjes van je scriptie! :) xx Kayin

  4. OctoberSong Says:

    i love your hair wavy so much, the waves are just perfect!^^ can’t wait to see how you style those new shoes too..
    good luck with the thesis!


    Hele leuke diary meis! LOVE de iPhone case en wat zit je haar mooi op de eerste foto <3


  6. Esmay Says:

    Ik volg je op IG en volgens mij heb ik alles geliked hihi!

  7. Clara Says:

    Nice post! Looks like you had a nice week!

  8. Eve Says:

    Ik vind instadiary’s altijd echt super leuk (: xx

  9. Nadja Says:

    Keileuk je haar zo ongestijld!

  10. Rachel Says:

    I just received those Zara heels this morning! Love them!

  11. Miranda Says:

    I always enjoy your Instagram pics ;)


  12. Theresa Says:

    Nice lil diary sweetie! How exciting that you’re almost done with your thesis, and I’m looking forward to hearing about all the rest! ;)


  13. Inge Says:

    Die iPhone cover ziet er zo leuk uit!

  14. Les is more Says:

    Lovely diary! je sandals wauw! en je cover, yay!!!

  15. Hannelore Says:

    Ho ho jij bent een mooi meisje! :)

  16. Nena Says:

    Ben benieuwd naar die zara schoenen!

  17. the marant philes Says:

    Your eye makeup & eyelashes look amazing in the first photo! Yes, keep up the wavy hair!
    - Aliya:)

  18. steph Says:

    love your instagrams! and those zara shoes.. <3

  19. joanna Says:

    you’re so cute! you have a new follower now :)

  20. Emily Says:

    Where is that mint/greeny jumper from? It’s lovely!

  21. Lucy Says:

    @ Emily: It’s actually army green colored, from Topshop!

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