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Paisley printed trousers: Zara / T-shirt: American Apparel / Coat: Stylein via Nelly / Shoes: Steve Madden / Bag: Alexander Wang / Bracelets: Fashionology

Hello there pyjama-ish cool printed trousers that I loved the moment I saw them. Definitely something different in my closet, but a few wardrobe spicer-uppers never hurt, especially not if they make my legs look this long. Excuse the Stylein coat overload on the blog, it’s my favorite coat though and goes so well with these trousers to ‘chic up’ my look. But then again, a reader once told me to ‘never apologize for awesomeness’, and I totally agree with her. After all the sweet comments on my hair lately I’ve decided to stay away from the straightener this week. Not sure about that though, my hair never seems to go in the direction I want it to. Oh well, there are more things to worry about I guess. Like exciting things happening next week which I’m still leaving a mystery for you, but I’ll tell soon, promise! So what are you up to this rainy sunday? Have you made use of the Nelly code yet and checked out their sale? Got yourself anything? Tell me!

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46 Responses to “Outfit | Pyjama Chic”

  1. Mary @ Fashionbirds Says:

    Wow, I wish I could rock such pants as you do. Was a good buy for sure! Really love the way you styled it, beauty!

  2. Fashiioncarpet Says:

    Lovely Look <3 I really like your pants, different but so beautiful!


  3. Eve Says:

    Super leuke outfit! ‘k vond ‘m toen ik ‘m op instagram zag eigenlijk niet zo leuk, maar nu je ‘m aan hebt.. vind ik ‘m echt heeel erg leuk! En ik ben ook heel verliefd op je tas! xx

  4. Stefany Says:

    Amazing pants! Great look!

  5. Christine (Fash n Chips) Says:

    Fabulous! Dit is echt helemaal mijn ding :) En je haar ziet er ook geweldig uit met die slag erin!

    Fijn weekend nog verder, X

  6. Nena Says:

    Leuke broek! lijkt me wel moeilijke te combineren :D

  7. Clara Says:

    Great look! And your hair does look nice like that! I never straighten my hair but during the summer I love when it’s wavy!

  8. Charlotte Champion Says:

    Je benen lijken idd super lang! Mooi!

  9. Natalie Says:

    ik vind het echt een leuke broek! got my eye on another one myself

  10. Becky Says:

    These pants are so amazing and I love how you combined them!!

    Love, Becky

  11. Esmay Says:

    Ben niet zo fan van die broek! :)

  12. KIM Says:

    Heel mooi!! zou het zo aan willen trekken op deze druil zondag!




  13. Style Limelight Says:

    Amazing pants!And the bag of course is gorgeous!Great outfit once again!!


  14. Kirbybee Says:

    LOVE how you’ve styled these pants!! Paisley prints rock!!
    I’ve actually retired my straightener, only using a mini one on my fringe now, love my wavy hair!!



  15. Inge Says:

    Ik vind hem echt heel leuk, de print is geweldig!

  16. Render Sublime Says:

    they DO make your legs look OH SO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG! I LOVE those pants!!!!! xxxxx


  17. Debbie Says:

    Jaaaa love it!! Staat je supermooi :)


  18. Refineness.blogspot.com Says:

    Staat je goed! Leuk. The boys just don’t get it ;)

  19. Sophie Says:

    Your pants are ally amazing!

    Join my win-party, 8 days of give-aways!

  20. Liesbeth (candyandtreats) Says:

    Those pants are amazing and paired with such class here! Pajama + class –> win-win situation! :-D

  21. vasilieva Says:

    you are rocking these pants, girl


  22. Christian Says:

    Die broek is so leuk!!! Ik wil het ook :)

  23. Miranda Says:

    Oh how I love those pants!!! I really think I need a pair, and they are in my favorite color palette…Black and white. No matter how hard I try I always revert back to it. LOL


  24. Anna Says:

    Absolutely love this look – a simple grey tee is such an essential item. Lovely blog by the way xxx

    South Molton St Style

  25. GMB Says:

    Amazing! And I really love the bag!

  26. cindy Says:

    Die broek staat je leuk! En ben helemaal weg van je tas!
    Mag ik vragen welk objectief je gebruikt?

    Liefs xx

  27. Nadja Says:

    Echt prachtig dit :) Ik was nooit zo’n fan van dit soort broeken maar jij en Phuong combineren ze super!

  28. Lucy Says:

    @ Cindy: Dankjewel meis! Bedoel je lens? Ik heb een Nikon D3100 camera met een 50mm 1.8f lens!

  29. Louise Says:

    Love those trousers, my boyfriend would hate them to haha. They look great on you and your legs do look sort of endless! Went to Parkpop today, loved it even had some sun :D




    Fijne look! Echt super mooi lengte gecreerd met de lange jas bij de broek. TOP

    XO C

  31. Femke Says:

    prachtige broek <3


  32. Phuong Says:

    wat een mooie outfit chick

    Travel in Style

  33. the marant philes Says:

    So nice Lucy! And I love your hair! It looks so good!!!
    - Aliya :)

  34. Theresa Says:

    Oh wow babe, this is pajama chic done right! I’ve been crazy about paisley prints lately, so I just love these pants. I find it awesome that you’re able to always pull off so many different looks sweetie! Love this!


  35. francesca Says:

    I am dying over your pants! they are rediculous and amazing

    definitely already hyped you on lookbook


  36. Tina Says:

    Those pants look great on you babe!

  37. Elma Says:

    Super gave broek! x

  38. Bertine Says:

    Prachtige jas!! En super armbandjes:)

  39. Madeleine Says:

    Heel gaaf!! xo Madeleine

  40. Fenny Says:

    the Paisley printed trousers is sooo COOL!

  41. Laura Says:

    Wat een gave broek!:)

    xx Laura

  42. babette Grunder Says:

    Geweldige outfit! Heel stylvol!

  43. eleni Says:

    You rock my dear!! This is one of my favorite looks from you! So chic so refined and so urban! Excellent!

  44. findmeamuse Says:

    I wish I could pull those babies off like you! They look so dreamy to wear. Gorgeous print too.

    xx Mandi

  45. bndesign Says:

    Prachtig! Dit zou ik zelf ook zo aantrekken. Wel zou ik het grijze shirt vervangen door zwart, wit of een felle kleur (of mintgroen) maar echt prachtig!

  46. Noortje Says:

    Wat een super outfit en je haar zit echt super!

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