A Few Snaps

Just a few snaps from the past few days that I really wanted to share with you, since my next diary will be all filled with vacation pictures! Not that I mind being not on vacation right now, because this week was soooo good. All I did was enjoy summer to the fullest, which is exactly what one should do in that one week it’s really hot. So here’s what you’re looking at:

- Electric blue nail polish from Sephora, my favorite color at the moment (although I have a different favorite every few days)
- My new necklace from Zara, it’s so gorgeous!
- Enjoying the sun with a glass of wine. Life is not bad at all.
-  Wearing my galaxy printed tanktop and the leopard sandals I’ve pretty much been living in this week.
- Went to the new Batman movie and of course I had to wear my bat sweat. Get yours here.
- I know people not from the Netherlands only know Amsterdam, but Arnhem is actually quite a pretty city as well!
- My fashionable boyfriend. Camo printed cap and shoes, quilted vest,  he get’s it. He’s actually the fashionable one from us two, haha.
- Caved in after making this post and ordered the ID chain bracelet. Couldn’t resist with such a small price tag.
- Wearing Zoe Karssen (via Muze) again, this time the tank top. Will show an outfit with this one soon!
- And of course, doing a little research for our vacation since we’ve never been to Lisbon. Tips are very welcome!

Happy Friday lovelies!

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17 Responses to “A Few Snaps”

  1. Louise Says:

    Love the pics, it looks like so much fun! Hope you enjoy Lisboa oh and btw my uncle lives in Arnhem and I love it!



  2. Hannelore Says:

    Oh die top met de galaxy print vind ik zo cool!

  3. Amy Says:

    erg leuk weer!
    X Amy

  4. Logomania Says:

    Leuke foto’s! :) Die bat sweater is zo leuk! Fijne dag! xx Kayin


  5. Raspberry & Rouge Says:

    Wat fijn dat je lekker weggaat! Ik moet nog ff 3 weken doorbijten :) Enjoy! XX

  6. findmeamuse Says:

    Brilliant set of photo’s Lucy! Damn… I’ll have to live through your pic’s. It freezing here and it’s pouring rain. Depression all round

    xx Mandi

  7. Phuong Says:

    hele fotos meid, stoere vriend heb je ;)

    Travel in Style

  8. Deborah Says:

    Wow nice pictures..

  9. Eve Says:

    suuper leuke foto’s! Hope you had a good time x

  10. Eva Says:

    Dat batman shirt blijft Te leuk en die met al die sterren ziet er ook errug goed uit! Leuke foto’s!


  11. Judith Says:

    leuke foto’s! xo

  12. Nena Says:

    Leuke nagellak! veel plezier op reis :D


  13. Hallie Says:

    Enjoy these pictures, loving that bat one:)

  14. Esmay Says:

    Die batman top is tof haha!

  15. Mary @ Fashionbirds Says:

    I find the necklace sooo beautiful! Have fun in Lisboa and enjoy the sunshine!

    Love, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

  16. Miranda Says:

    What a week! …I still love that necklace :)


  17. Stefany Says:

    Nice nailpolish! I would love to see more styles from your boyfriend!

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