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So finally the big news is out, sorry to have been so mysterious the past few weeks! I’m very excited to announce that from today on, I will be blogging for Fashionscene: one of the largest Dutch online fashion magazines! I will have my own blog there in Dutch and the blogposts that will be published here will also be published on Fashionscene. No worries, nothing about this blog will change, will stay the same but  there will just be more Lovely By Lucy on Fashionscene! I will be blogging there together with the lovely Cate. You can find my Fashionscene blog here. By the way, how amazing does their new website look? It’s definitely bringing Fashionscene to a new level and I’m very happy to be part of it! I’m very excited to be blogging for them and can’t believe that just a year of blogging brought me this opportunity. Pretty cool, huh?
So check out my new blog on Fashionscene and let me know what you think!

Oh and don’t forget, since this is another reason to celebrate: you have only two days to enter my celebration giveaway with Nelly to win a €100 Nelly voucher!

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16 Responses to “News | Blogging for Fashionscene!”

  1. Francien Says:


  2. Blue is in Fashion this Year Says:


  3. Cristel Says:

    Gefeliciteeeeeeerd! Echt superleuk voor je! X

  4. Lifesplash Says:

    Ah, wauw! Gefeliciteerd.. dit is zo awesome hè, ik ben echt blij voor je! Hopelijk krijg je daar een leuke tijd tegemoet. Geniet ervan. xo

  5. MonochromeMagpie Says:

    This is amazing news! Congratulations :D

    Monochrome Magpie

  6. Miranda Says:

    How exciting! Congrats my love :)


  7. Nena Says:

    Waauw wat leuk voor je ! :D Heb altijd wel gedacht dat je ver zou komen met je blog ;)

  8. Fashion Inciter Says:

    Happy for you! Can’t wait to check it out. Gratz!

  9. Inge Says:

    Gefeliciteerd! :D

  10. Suzanne Says:

    tof, gefeliciteerd, enjoy it!

  11. Phuong Says:

    wow congrats meid

    Travel in Style

  12. Theresa Says:

    Congratulations sweetie! I’m so incredibly happy for you! What an awesome opportunity! Yay!!


  13. Eva Says:

    Wat gaaf zeg! Gefeliciteerd!!

  14. Logomania Says:

    Wow! Wat ontzettend cool! Gefeliciteerd! xx Kayin

  15. Hannelore Says:

    Proficiat! En wauw fashionscene ziet er inderdaad goed uit, wat een verbetering!

  16. Noortje - LionessofStyle Says:

    Nogmaals gefeliciteerd! x

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