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It was that time for my favorite boyfriend jeans again. I got the cap as an early birthday present for my man but decided to ‘boy’ up the whole look by wearing it. Love the print, so this might not be the last time I’m stealing it. I actually wear these jeans a lot even though you haven’t seen them on the blog that often. I usually wear them on days when comfort and easiness is my number 1 priority, which is usually on days I take for myself and on which I don’t take pictures of my outfits. I actually like these jeans so much that I got another pair of them on sale for almost nothing this week and cut them off for the perfect pair of boyfriend shorts! So something different, something boyish this time. How do you like my look? :)

Cap: Vans (men’s) / T-shirt: Acne / Boyfriend jeans: Zara / Gladiator heels: Lovely People / Bag: H&M Trend / Arm party: Fashionology

Tonight I’ll be picking the winner of the Cupcake Boutique giveaway and publish it on Facebook so make sure to keep an eye on my page if you’ve entered! If not, you still can until 8 pm tonight! Have a nice day!

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31 Responses to “Outfit | Boyish”

  1. Cat Says:

    I have those! I got them in the sale and they are now my fave jeans. So comfy!

  2. Amy Says:

    like like like!
    Ik hou van wel deze outfitjes!
    leuk dat je me gevonden hebt op linkedin! Ben nog aan het kijken naar een manier hoe ik mijn blog daarop kan vermelden…. (aangezien het helemaal geen raakvlakken heeft met mijn huidige functie) wordt aangewerkt :)
    X Amy

  3. silvia Says:

    I have these jeans too and I love them!

  4. Rielle Says:

    Leuke outfit! Ik heb dat shirt met NE dinsdag gekocht.

  5. Sophia Says:

    Love this! Such a fan of the boyfriend jean :). You look great! <3


  6. Kirbybee Says:

    Loving the boyfriend jean with heel look right now, been wearing it a bit myself the last few weeks.



  7. Esmay Says:

    Die heels maken het weer lekker vrouwelijk!

  8. Debbie Says:

    Huh ik kreeg een error toen ik wilde commenten! Anyway, BIG LIKE! :)


  9. Madeleine Says:

    Loveee the outfit! De pet staat je goed hoor ;)
    xo Madeleine

  10. Maria Says:

    Loce your wedges!!



  11. Theresa Says:

    Love it babe! The whole look is just so cool. Digging the boyish elements but also the feminine touches with the bag and heels. The bfs hat looks great on you. I bet you’ll be wearing it a lot!


  12. Jaymee Says:

    Im totally in love with this look! Plus you look great! <3

  13. Eva Says:

    Fantastische outfit van top tot teen!!


  14. Nikita Says:

    Heel leuk weer meis :) Alles goed met je verder? X

  15. Straatstijl Says:

    Great shirt!

    x Linda


  16. Lucy Says:

    @ Nikita: Dankjewel meis! Ja hoor, met jou ook? :)


    dit is ook zooo mijn ding! Staat je ah-mazing <3


  18. Jesdiny Says:

    Die schoenen!!!!!! <3333

  19. Dominika Says:

    lovely blog! <3 I have a question: are your hair naturally straight?

  20. Fashion Inciter Says:

    I love boyfriend jeans, they are comfy and worn, which looks cool, and they almost always have pockets, REAL POCKETS. Gosh, I don’t know what possesses some 21st century designers that they go “Hey I think I’m going to sew the pockets closed so they’re unusable!” Just cause I want to be fashionable doesn’t mean I’m saying no to carrying all my items in my pants cause I don’t want to hold a purse that day, man.


  21. Miranda Says:

    Yesssss! I love looking like a hot boy…Well you know what I really mean ;) LOL


    Ps- And yes, you are right-> We can’t all be Christine C. Maybe if I hit the lottery or something one day though? LOL. Then I can afford a closet full of Celine and all the best designers, but until then…

  22. the marant philes Says:

    In love with those jeans! Boyish, but not overly boyish…
    - Aliya:)

  23. Lucy Says:

    @ Dominika: Thanks! And no, it is not, I straighten it :)

  24. Deborah Says:

    Again a great outfit!!Think the T-shirt is Amazing

  25. findmeamuse Says:

    Great outfit time after time. I swear you do no wrong! Your jeans are my sweet spot.

    xx Mandi

  26. Laura Says:

    love the bag!


  27. Inge Says:

    Leuke jeans, staat je goed!

  28. Dorothy Says:

    Found you on lookbook and I just HAD to stop by your blog. Your outfit is absolutely amazing and it inspires me to post more chill/laid back looks on my blog. You rock Lucy!

    Dorothy <3

  29. Keisha Says:

    Dope outfit!!!


  30. Lovely by Lucy » Blog Archive » Packing for Lisboa Says:

    [...] taking my cool tie dye bikini and the shorts in the picture are the ones I cut off (read about that here if you’ve missed it). Also taking a lot of jewelry since that can spice up any simple skirt [...]

  31. Nena Says:

    Staat je heel leuk!

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