July Looks – What’s your favorite?

I know, July hasn’t ended yet but since it’s the end of the month and I haven’t had time to shoot and show you a new outfit (sorry!), anddd I’m on my way to Portugal right now, I thought I’d round up my favorite looks from July. A lot of variation I guess, and not as much shorts as I would have wanted to, but the good thing about transitional weather is that you can wear anything you want. Which is pretty much what I always do. So which one’s your favorite? Happy Sunday!

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30 Responses to “July Looks – What’s your favorite?”

  1. joanna Says:

    I love the one with the Zoe Karssen bat sweater :) I’m probably gonna order one today from nelly with your code!

  2. Christine (Fash n Chips) Says:

    De 1e en 5e :) Fijne vakantie!! x

  3. Inge Says:

    Moeilijk om te kiezen, ik vind die met jouw boyfriend jeans en bomber jacket beiden wel leuk :)

  4. Laura Says:

    My favourite is the first one!


  5. Logomania Says:

    Wow, wat gaat de tijd snel! Weer een maand voorbij. Zoveel mooie outfits weer. Mijn favoriet is links bovenin met je prachtige Ulyse! Geniet van je vakantie in Portugal! xx Kayin


  6. Aimee Says:

    Leuke outfits! Mijn favorieten zijn de derde en de zevende.


    Hmm, moeilijk! Ik ga denk ik voor 4 en 8 <3


  8. polder glamour Says:

    Ik vind de zwarte outfit, de vleermuis outfit en het leren jasje met hartjes outfit het leukst. Fijne vakantie meis. X

  9. Nynke Says:

    De eerste en derde vind ik heel erg mooi!

  10. Claudia Says:

    I love the fourth with the denim vest :):)

  11. Liesbeth De Somviele Says:

    the one with the white wedges!

  12. Debbie Says:

    Zeker weten de eerste! :)


  13. Lisa Says:

    Eerste! Zonder twijfel!

  14. Eva Says:

    Ik vind ze allemaal gaaf, maar vooral de 1e, 4e en een na laatste zijn echt te geweldig!!


  15. Ilse Danielle Martina Says:

    Allemaal gaaf en je bent zo mooi!


  16. Stefany Says:

    i love all the looks. so casual but still chic

  17. Fashion Inciter Says:

    My favorite has got to be the torn up jean vest and skirt, with the all black outfit in the first set coming in close second. Have a good trip! Nice post Lucy!

  18. findmeamuse Says:

    I managed to narrow it down to 3 favourites (very difficult). 1, 2 and 6! I wish my month looked like yours!

    xx Mandi

  19. Miranda Says:

    I just love the first look! Leather pants and a good parka are two of my favorite things :)


  20. Valerie Says:

    1,4,5 en 8 van links naar rechts! super cool! ;)


  21. Theresa Says:

    It’s always so hard picking a fave but there’s just something I love about the all-black look in the first picture! Loves it!


  22. MIRTE Says:

    Prachtige outfits!! De aller eerste is mijn favoriet :)

  23. Mary @ Fashionbirds Says:

    They’re all gorgeous; the last photo is particularly beautiful I think. :)

    Love, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

  24. eleni Says:

    I always find hard to come up with a fav as I love each an every of your inspired looks but my heart is stolen by the sixth one! So minimally refined and subversive in a subtle and contempo manner! Kiss kiss!

  25. Nena Says:

    De 4e ! eens iets totaal anders :)

  26. Nanna Says:

    They’re all beutiful, love the second one! <3

  27. Fenny Says:

    my fav?? ALL!!

  28. sheree@itsnotthatdeep Says:

    1,6 & 8…LOVE them!
    sheree x

  29. Nina Says:

    l o v e your style!

  30. ca Says:

    Since you are deadly hot in leather pants, those outfits win!
    But they should be worn with the shoes from the second outfit. ;)

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