A few more snaps from Lisboa

I wanted to show you a few more Lisboa pics worth sharing, since I still had quite a few left and we managed to capture a few pretty shots of sights like the pretty village and coast of Cascais and Cabo di Roca (last picture), apparently the most western point of Europe. Also two tourist outfits haha, please don’t mind my hair but I didn’t have a hair dryer all week and that turned out to be killing. I’m still in bed feeling sick, which I very much hate since it’s my boyfriends birthday today. So happy birthday to my love and photographer without whom I’d probably wouldn’t even have a blog! Now it’s time for carrot cake and celebrations! What are you doing this weekend?

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25 Responses to “A few more snaps from Lisboa”

  1. Natalie Says:

    weeral mooie foto’s! wens je bf een zeer gelukkige verjaardag!

  2. Nikki Says:

    wat een fijne foto’s! en supermooie omgeving <3


  3. Krizia Says:

    Congrats to the boyfriend!
    And I hope you’ll get well soon.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  4. Pipa Says:

    Lisbon is a AMAZING city!!! I hope you enjoy it a lot!!!!



  5. Esmay Says:

    Hoezo “Ik heb een geweldige tijd hier! ” ?! Nee hoor (of eigenlijk wel),m aar geniet er maer van!

  6. Victoria Says:

    Thank you for your nice comment Lucy :)
    I think I’ve been to the exact same beach years ago, it’s a wonderful place!
    Hugs from Vienna,

  7. WNY Says:

    What a beautiful place! Love your shots!
    Happy bf birthday and hope you feel better soon!

    Xo – wnyfashion.blogspot.com -

  8. Emilia Says:

    Hele mooie foto’s! En ik vind je haar helemaal niet gek zitten eigenlijk hihi.
    Gefeliciteerd met je vriend en beterschap! X

  9. sheree@itsnotthatdeep Says:


  10. Carla Says:

    Wow ! your pictures are amazing ! i would like to go to Lisboa, it looks very beautiful ;)
    kisses from France.
    Please vote for me for a french contest , click on the heart



  11. Jazzy Belle Says:

    Wauw amazing photo’s!
    Love your blog doll,

    JazzyBelle <3!

  12. Nena Says:

    Toffe foto’s !

  13. the marant philes Says:

    Oh Lucy sorry to hear you don’t feel well. Thanks for these great shots, Lisbon looks beautiful! Get better soon…
    - Aliya :)

  14. Theresa Says:

    Pretty photos sweetie! Really looks like you had a great holiday! Happy birthday to your boy! Get better babe!!


  15. Leonie Says:

    Super foto’s! Wil altijd nog een keer naar Portugal – zoveel goede verhalen gehoord. Beterschap!

    xo Leonie


  16. Mary @ Fashionbirds Says:

    The pics look magnificient… I hope you feel better soon and happy birthday to your BF.

  17. Eva Says:

    Hele mooie foto’s, ziet er echt uit als waanzinnige vakantie! Wat rot dat je ziek bent :( Beterschap en gefeliciteerd met je vriend!


  18. Amanda Says:

    Ziet er goed uit!! Have fun.

  19. Miranda Says:

    What a beautiful place!!! I also love your mirror printed tee, because it reminds me of a Prabal G print from his spring collection ;)


  20. Blaise Says:

    i love your shoessssss :)


  21. The Golden Bun Says:

    I just discovered your amazing blog through a friend’s recommendation – love it! following through bloglovin’!
    wish you a wonderful evening!


  22. Phuong Says:

    Mooie fotos meid!!

    Travel in Style

  23. findmeamuse Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photo’s Lucy. I’m trying to imagine myself there at the moment. It’s not working :(

    xx Mandi

  24. Dressing Ivana Says:

    Woooh love the place and the pics!

  25. Sofia Motta Says:

    aww my country! :)) just to say that you are beyond beautiful! :)

    musch love, xx

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