Obsession | Chains

I have developed what is now pretty much an obsession for chains (as in: jewelry, for those of you who might think whatever). It all started with the chain ID bracelet that was such a good budget option for the Celine ID bracelet, but chains are everywhere now. And since I’m currently ‘in between jobs’, I had to go look for my chains in budget friendly places and boy could I find them. I really needed some new bling added to my jewelry collection and went for chains all the way! Happy Friday!

ID Plaque bracelet: ASOS / Pack of two silver chain bracelets: ASOS / Pack of two rose gold chain bracelets: ASOS / Long chain necklace: H&M
Chunky chain and stone necklace and bracelet: H&M

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14 Responses to “Obsession | Chains”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Lovely! Ik hou ook van chains, heb al een aardige collectie opgebouwd (en draag de ID-bracelet die ik van mn opa heb gehad, love it).


  2. Eva Says:

    Wauw, die armband en ketting van H&M zijn echt heel erg mooi!


  3. Nena Says:

    Die laatste ketting is mooi!


  4. christina Says:

    Heel erg leuk, vooral de laatste!!

  5. Eve Says:

    Ah die onderste ketting is leeuuuuk! Nou eigenlijk alles wel. <3

  6. Nikki Says:

    heel erg mooi! x


  7. Rielle Says:

    Mooi! Die tweede van de h&m heb ik ook, vind hem alleen een beetje prikken!


  8. Esmay Says:

    Ik vind het gaaf, zulke grote armbanden ofzo!

  9. Miranda Says:

    Thank you for this! I have been searching for a budget friendly option for a chain necklace myself, so I can give my metal choker a rest (LOL). I wish I could get the Celine one also, but that isn’t an option for me at the moment either :(.



    Ik heb de Asos chains ook besteld! Vond het trouwens super gezellig gister :D


  11. Jesdiny Says:

    Mooie aankopen!

  12. Phuong Says:

    wat een mooie collectie chick!

    Travel in Style

  13. Nina Says:

    You could do great things with the bracelets in the 2nd picture if you add some bright nailpolishes :)

  14. eleni Says:

    the id plaque bracelets are so amazing! Total celine pieces! ;)

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