Outfit | Back to black

Oh this is such a good weekend. I’m back home from vacation and nothing feels as good as sleeping my own bed and being reunited with my man. And with my closet, of course! Also a good part of getting back from vacation was the small stack of packages waiting for me, and one of them contained this gorgeous quilted bomberjacket from Issue 1.3 (which I told you about earlier here). I was searching for one and I’m really stoked of the quality of this one even though it’s faux leather. Went back to my comfort zone yesterday wearing all black, which I would do about 5 days a week if I’d get the chance but lately I’ve been allowing quite some color in my closet so.. Variation is key right? Oh and LOVE this scarf. It’s not actually mine, but my boyfriend and I kind of share scarfs (read: he always finds cool ones and I steal them). Love that it’s scarf weather! So I’m just going to enjoy the weekend a bit more, from my bed which is really hard to get out of right now. Happy Sunday!

Quilted bomberjacket: Issue 1.3 via Nelly.com / Scarf: WEEKDAY men’s section / Jeans: Zara / Ponyhair boots: Zara / Bag: Alexander Wang


September Outfits

A recap of what I wore in September. Looking at the outfits it seems like I was all over the place this month, in a very non-coherent way. A few monochrome looks (black, denim, lilac) and then a few transitioning-into-fall-with-sneakers looks and then I went to Italy and it was sunny and I had to make up a few last summer looks, from girly to rock to mermaid-pencil-chic. It’s always funny to look at what you were wearing the past month and after seeing this I think I was not very inspirational the past month but a few good pieces in my closet, like the printed H&M leggings and a lilac mohair sweater can do a lot. I’m very curious to what next month will look like since I’m in an experimental phase. We’ll see! I’m very curious to hear which one is your favorite, or which ones of course! Happy Weekend loves!


Wanted | Egyptofunk

I’m obsessing really hard over the Balenciaga Egyptofunk collection. Love the tees with their comic fun prints but the structured neoprene sweaters are gorgeous and so space as well. I’m all about comics and bringing the fun into fashion, and these tees are so wearable with anything, to upgrade simple black jeans or to combine with lots of prints for a fashionable mismatch.. Seeing them all over streetstyle blogs at the moment doesn’t make me want them less, I’ve already thought of a hundred outfits with one of these babies. Aaaah, shall I give in?


Outfit | Sweats and Lace

As you’re reading this I’m already on my way home. A two day drive, back to the Netherlands, my man and my closet! Ended up not going to Rome yesterday and leaving today, a day earlier than planned, but it’s all OK. It was a great vacation (thanks mum and dad!), Italy was beautiful but now I’m ready for Dutch fall and Wifi that actually works. This is what I was wearing yesterday, my absolute favorite sweater and a lace dress underneath. I’ve had that lace dress for a while but I thought it was a little too girly for me, until I cut off the sleeves. And wearing it with sweats is a contrast that makes it feel just right. Might be the last time I’m wearing bare legs since I heard the Dutch weather isn’t that great, but then again I’m ready for coats and boots! See you when I get home!

Sweater: Zoe Karssen via Muze / Lace dress: H&M / Shoes: Mango / Bracelets: Fashionology / Ring: some random market in Rome


Tuscany on Instagram

A little diary of what my vacation looks like! Here’s what you’re looking at:

- Strolling down cute little italian streets in a sporty comfy outfit, and the Tuscan hills are so photogenic, love it!
- Having lunch in Rome, and my new Hexnut necklace from We Want.
- A day at the beach! I love the beach, unfortunately the weather isn’t that great that week so that might have been the last time..
- 2 snaps from the gorgeous Firenze.
- Chilling at the poolside at the resort, and an ultra basic poolday outfit.
- Wearing my new trousers and boots, and a very cool ring I bought in Rome.
- At the gorgeous Luisa Via Roma store in Firenze, and the pool in the resort at night.

I love Italy, and so far my stay here is quite enjoyable and peaceful, but I’m also kind of looking forward to go home on Friday, back to my man, cats and own bed! But I guess that comes with every vacation, right?


Outfit | Animals

Hello from sunny Italy (sorry, I just really like saying that haha)! How are you guys? This is what I was wearing on Sunday. Zebra and ponyhair, very much animalistic (is that a word?). Not that fashion forward though but I recently realized I brought way too little clothes and nothing that really matches and pretty much only basics, and then I guess I don’t feel like dressing up all the way when in the middle of nowhere in Tuscany. But then again I did feel really much like wearing my new boots! They’re sky high but actually quite comfy! And then there’s my new very cool Hexnut necklace, all the way from Denmark. I love it! So I’m off to enjoy the sun again and hope that I can still squeeze out an outfit that is even a little interesting before I leave on Friday. Have a great day!

Zebra top: Mango / Shorts: Levis Vintage / Boots: Zara / Bag: Alexander Wang / Necklace: We Want


Shopped Online

Woops, I did a little online shopping! Went to Rome today and even though I love that gorgeous city, I did very much walking and not so much shopping. But I was in a shopping mood! So I checked my email and luck was on my side, since ASOS has 20% off their own brand right now. I couldn’t resist and ordered this animal print jumper and skirt with dipped hem. Not that I needed another black skirt, but one can never have enough good basics right? Can’t wait to get home and have my packages waiting for me! I’m going to Rome again on Wednesday so if you have any shopping tips (I’ve seen the tourist part by now), please share!

Animal print jumper and dipped hem skirt / both ASOS (click here to see everything with 20% off)

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