Issue 1.3 by Nelly

Be prepared for amazingness. Nelly just launched a new line designed by Madeleine von Schedvin called Issue 1.3, and it’s amazing. I’ve been a fan of Nelly’s own lines since the start since they have great garments, right on trend for such good prices. You might notice how often I order on, it’s hard to resist! But Issue 1.3 is my favorite line so far. It really has it’s own look and signature and includes great statement pieces like a quilted bomber jacket, patent skirt and statement jewelry. Above you see a few of the lookbook images and my favorites from the collection:

A quilted bomber jacket / Blue knitted sweater / Statement necklace / Faux patent leather skirt
Embellished sweater / Quilted cap / Grey coat with patent sleeves / Sweater with structured sleeves
 You can find the entire collection here. Or at least what’s available now, because there’s more to come in the coming months!

I totally couldn’t resist and ordered the quilted bomber and the blue sweater, which I’ll show you as soon as it lands on my doorstep. Can’t wait! The prices are very reasonable by the way. Kind of why I’m thinking of ordering the cap as well.. Or the necklace..  Can someone stop me? ;)

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12 Responses to “Issue 1.3 by Nelly”

  1. Malena Says:

    Beautiful collection :)

  2. Laura Says:

    It’s so beautiful and I was surprised to see the small prices!

  3. findmeamuse Says:

    Oh yes! What a set. Loving every item but I NEED that blue knit in my wardrobe pronto!

    xx Mandi

  4. Fashion Fools Says:

    Gorgeous collection indeed! I love the statement necklace, especially in blue. And that sweater with structured sleeves is very tempting…

    XxX A.

  5. Nena Says:

    Super gaaf he ! heb het ook op mn blog staan, ben aant wachten op die comic trui :D

  6. Eve Says:

    Die blauwe trui is zo leeeuk! xx

  7. keava Says:

    loove it

  8. Eva Says:

    Ziet er echt goed uit! Vind die AAAAA trui echt geweldig :D

  9. Theresa Says:

    These pieces are all very wearable and would make for perfect wardrobe staples! That sweater is gorgeous and I’m sure it’s going to look awesome on you! ;)


  10. Jennifer Says:

    I love so many of these pieces!

    xo Jennifer

  11. the marant philes Says:

    Great scores on the bomber and knit, I like the subtle textures in all of these pieces….
    - Aliya:)

  12. Miranda Says:

    I am already drooling!!


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