September Outfits

A recap of what I wore in September. Looking at the outfits it seems like I was all over the place this month, in a very non-coherent way. A few monochrome looks (black, denim, lilac) and then a few transitioning-into-fall-with-sneakers looks and then I went to Italy and it was sunny and I had to make up a few last summer looks, from girly to rock to mermaid-pencil-chic. It’s always funny to look at what you were wearing the past month and after seeing this I think I was not very inspirational the past month but a few good pieces in my closet, like the printed H&M leggings and a lilac mohair sweater can do a lot. I’m very curious to what next month will look like since I’m in an experimental phase. We’ll see! I’m very curious to hear which one is your favorite, or which ones of course! Happy Weekend loves!

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20 Responses to “September Outfits”

  1. kcomekarolina Says:

    i love all of them!

    xoxo from rome

  2. Oteea Says:

    You had a pretty wonderful month :)
    Even though I loved most of the outfits, the lilac one, with the mohair sweater will
    hunt me for a long time. It was perfection in my eyes :)

    Happy weekend! Xx

  3. Emilia Says:

    Leuke recap! Ik vind de 5e en 8e outfit het leukst denk ik. X

  4. Lies Says:

    Ik ben helemaal weg van de lila outfit en die met het denim pakje van Nelly! De tweede rij is ook super :) I definitely like what you wore

  5. Emily Says:

    I love the teal jumper:)

  6. The Minx Says:

    totally in love with your style, and I really like what you wore this past month! I think my favorites are the 4th outfit featuring the green brocade jacket with sneakers, and the outfit with your mermaid skirt :))

  7. Nena Says:

    Die paarse!!

  8. Rielle Says:

    Weer heel moeilijk kiezen! mijn favorieten zijn: 2,6,7 en 8!

  9. Eva Says:

    Ze zijn allemaal heel erg leuk, maar vond de lila outfit wel heel lief ;)

  10. Tarlan Says:

    Nice outfits! Xoxo

  11. Tessa Says:

    Ik zie juist wel een soort van samenhang, veel natuurtinten. Mooie forest greens en sea blue, leuke looks!

  12. ten Says:

    I love all styles!!

  13. jamie-lee Says:

    Loving all these looks, and also how seamless they seem to be going from one look the the next.

  14. Theresa Says:

    Lots of incredibly stylish looks going on here babe, but if I had to pick a couple of faves they’d definitely be the denim ‘suit’ and the
    all lavender look. You styled those monochromatic looks in such a cool way that I totally just loved!


  15. findmeamuse Says:

    Lucy every outfit is a winner! How the hell do you look so good all the time?! This time I’ve tried to pick one outfit but I really love every single one. Last row, centre. Just perfection!

    xx Mandi

  16. Sari - A Little Hummingbird Says:

    Hele mooie looks, again!
    Die paillettenrok staat je echt geweldig goed :)

    x Sari

  17. Cristina Says:

    So nice! I love your outfits!

  18. Stefany Says:

    I love the all over denim look.

  19. Miranda Says:

    So many great looks!!! I love the all denim ensemble, and the lilac look because I have never seen you wear that color before :)


  20. ewa Says:

    greating from rome!

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