Tuscany on Instagram

A little diary of what my vacation looks like! Here’s what you’re looking at:

- Strolling down cute little italian streets in a sporty comfy outfit, and the Tuscan hills are so photogenic, love it!
- Having lunch in Rome, and my new Hexnut necklace from We Want.
- A day at the beach! I love the beach, unfortunately the weather isn’t that great that week so that might have been the last time..
- 2 snaps from the gorgeous Firenze.
- Chilling at the poolside at the resort, and an ultra basic poolday outfit.
- Wearing my new trousers and boots, and a very cool ring I bought in Rome.
- At the gorgeous Luisa Via Roma store in Firenze, and the pool in the resort at night.

I love Italy, and so far my stay here is quite enjoyable and peaceful, but I’m also kind of looking forward to go home on Friday, back to my man, cats and own bed! But I guess that comes with every vacation, right?

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13 Responses to “Tuscany on Instagram”

  1. kcomekarolina Says:

    omg! i love the first pic!

    xoxo from rome

  2. Nora Says:

    Super fototjes!

  3. Debbie Says:

    Ahh heerlijk.. het lijkt alweer ZO lang geleden dat ik zelf op vakantie ben geweest, haha!


  4. Sjo Says:

    Je vakantie ziet er echt heerlijk uit, geniet!

  5. Krizia Says:

    So glad you’re enjoying my country! ;)

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  6. Esmay Says:

    Ooooh, heerlijk zeg :D

  7. Rielle Says:

    Altijd weer leuk om te zien!


  8. Aiken Says:

    lovely photos!! must be a really fun trip!

  9. Yak Man Says:

    Love the pool! :O

  10. Eva Says:

    Ziet er heerlijk uit, leuke foto’s! Geniet vakje laatste daagjes vakantie ;)


  11. Rowan Says:

    Prachtig, ik ben zo jaloers! En ik wil jouw benen ;)




  12. steph Says:

    dreamy pictures lucy!

  13. findmeamuse Says:

    Lucy!!! OMG how faboulous are these photo’s although I’m totally bummed now as I’m wishing I was there :( I’ll live through you for now.

    xx Mandi

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