Just Ordered

Just placed a huge order on ASOS! I won a competition last week and my price was a gift voucher so yay to free shopping! All of these I had already spotted a while ago though… Two pretty basic jumpers to go well with two not so basic trousers: checked palazzo pants and leopard trackpants. Than very cute blue jumper and a white leather skirt that I really can’t wait to wear. And a pom pom beanie because I needed that in my life and 3 rings. I also ordered a fur which is not shown here and I let my boyfriend order some stuff as well because I’m a good girlfriend :).. So how do you like my buys?

Here’s where to find them (left to right):
Color block jumper / Bright leopard jumper / Rib jumper with hem details
Wide leg trousers in check / Vila white leather skirt (on sale) / Leopard oversized trackpants
Textured pom beanie / Pack of 3 double bar rings

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17 Responses to “Just Ordered”

  1. Judith Says:

    Hey Lucy,

    Ik ontving net een mailtje van Steve Madden met daarin felicitaties omdat ik de surprise box heb gewonnen! Hallelujah, ik schrok me dood haha :-D Mijn dank is mega groot, net zoals mijn nieuwsgierigheid naar de surprise box….


  2. Caroline Says:

    great choices dear!
    I consider about leather skirt, looks amazing :)

  3. Laura Dittrich Says:

    All the jumpers you picked are so gorgeous! Lucky you for winnning free vouchers! ASOS is awesome <3

    Fashion Landscape

  4. Amy Says:

    wow vet!
    Jeez; voor hoeveel euro mocht jij shoppen??1 Vet veel!
    Lucky girl! X

  5. Emilia Says:

    Lekker veel zeg, wow! Die eerste trui vind ik echt heel tof. En lief dat je je vriend ook nog wat hebt laten uitkiezen :).

  6. Nora Says:

    Moooie aankoopjes! wat leuk dat je dat gewonnen hebt :D!

  7. Rowan Says:

    Wauw, die witte leren rok ziet er heel mooi uit!




  8. Samsamsa Says:

    Lucy, you just ordered some great items!


  9. Theresa Says:

    Congrats on winning the competition! That’s awesome! Lovin’ all your buys especially those palazzo pants! They’re going to look so cool on you!


  10. Alexandra Says:

    Crazy about the leopard trackpants, looks warm and comfy for the winter weather.

  11. Marjolein Says:

    Print addict much? ;)


    Lucky you!
    Vindt de wide leg trousers en leopard jumper echt helemaal geweldig!!
    Kan niet wachten op outfit foto’s ;)


  13. Michelle Says:

    Love the leopard knit and trousers. How are the sizes? I have never bought pants from asos, so I could use a little help…:-)

  14. Juliette-Aimée Says:

    Heb meteen de ringen besteld, super leuk!
    Ben ook erg benieuwd naar de outfit foto’s!

    xx http://julietteaimee.blogspot.nl/

  15. Eva Says:

    Wauw, lucky you! Die broeken zijn echt geweldig! xx


  16. Giovanna Says:

    Cute buys! Loving that colorblock jumper!


  17. keava Says:

    lovee it

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