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On top of my wishlist right now: a pair of black ankle boots. Maybe I’m just picky but I find it really hard to find a pair of black ankle boots that are perfect to me. I’ve been browsing what feels like any online shop there is to look for a good budget pair, but after not being able to find even anything close I’m starting to think I should just spend a little more but be happy. Because I really love all these pictured above! They’re all from Shoebaloo.nl – a gorgeous Dutch webshop selling designer shoes from Givenchy, Alexander Wang but also Celine bags. And I happen to have won a gift voucher from them (thank you Shoebaloo) so I’m definitely thinking of getting a pair of boots that I otherwise wouldn’t have bought.. I really like the three python booties but maybe I should go for an everyday boot that is friendly for my feet, like the Givenchy ones.. But then of course how cool are those mesh toe booties? Which one is your favorite?

Velvet Balmain boots / Python Dsquared boots/ Mesh toe Alexander Wang boots
Python Jimmy Choo wedge boots / Givenchy Plissé boots / Enrico Antinori python chelsea boot

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14 Responses to “Wanted | Black booties”

  1. christina Says:

    Ik ben ook opzoek naar perfecte zwarte laarsjes, maar heb nog niks gevonden :( Mijn favoriet is de tweede, van Dsquared!! x


    I love all of them


  3. findmeamuse Says:

    Oh yeah… The classic black booties. You just can’t go wrong with these. I love all of the top row :)

    xx Mandi

  4. Caroline Says:

    love no. 5!!! Kill for them, haha

  5. Sjo Says:

    3, 4 of 5!

  6. Kirbybee Says:

    I’d definitely go python, the Enrico Antinori ones are very cool, and so are the Jimmy Choo and the Dsquared! Much to hard to choose!



  7. Mary @ Fashionbirds Says:

    Uh, the Jimmy Choo wedge is hooot!

  8. Laura Dittrich Says:

    I am literally dying for the first ones, the Balmain boots. They have the perfect form, the perfect ankle length, perfect everything and seem timeless. You should go for the ones which you can wear next year too and when it gets colder. x

    Paint me in the landscape

  9. Les is more Says:

    Lovely boots!

  10. carla Says:

    meteen nr 2 ! woehhhhhhhhhhh love that !


    Ik kan niet kiezen hoor!!


  12. Eva Says:

    Nummer 5 is echt geweldig! xx


  13. Theresa Says:

    Oh wow, this is a tough choice! I love the peep-toe detail of the Balmain boots. They’re beauties but I also like that cool chunky heel and overall shape of the Givenchy ones! I’m sure whatever ones you pick, you totally can’t go wrong! Looking forward to seeing your final decision! :)


  14. Coralie Says:

    the jimmy choo wedge boots are wonderful!! but the Givenchy plissé boots are still stylish and much more “feet friendly” indeed. but let’s think again: wedges are usually quite “comfy” compared to “normal” heels right?
    let us know!

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