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First of all, excuse the bad pictures but it gets so dark in my apartment on these dark cloudy days that it’s impossible to make proper pictures of anything really. This was the best I could do. I just really wanted to show you these two pieces because I’m so excited about them!
The first one’s a super soft knit from Won Hundred with splits at the side that go all the way up. That actually looks super cool when I’m wearing it so I’ll definitely show you an outfit soon. I got it at FEE which is a concept store in the south of the Netherlands (Sittard) selling all kinds of cool brands like Won Hundred, Samsøe & Samsøe, Herschel bags and Fashionology jewelry. They also have their own brand (FEE) and sell vintage and have an online shop, on which I ordered the sweater. Check out their website here.
The other thing I’m excited about is this pair of boots from Zara. When I saw them at first I kind of liked them but wasn’t sure, I wanted to see them on my feet first. I didn’t get the chance to see them in real life though because I went to Italy and when I later checked online they were completely sold out and also not to be found in any store in my size. I was pretty bummed I missed out on them so I searched everywhere for a pair in my size and luckily I was still able to get my hands on a pair! They will be worn a LOT since I was very much in need of a ‘clean’ pair of ankle boots!
Looking forward to the weekend, wear my new knit and boots, we just got a new couch that I still have to put together (Ikea, what else) and there’s the Mexx style event and probably more fun things that will come up! Have you got any plans for the weekend? How do you like my new buys?

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29 Responses to “New in | Knit and Boots”


    love this boots

  2. Debbie Says:

    Jeee heel erg happy voor je! Nu ik nog :p Ga mt 38 van Christine passen, maar denk dat ze te krap zijn :(


  3. Laura D. Says:

    I also had the same issues with those boots, though I was not crazy about them when I first tried them on. But I love how they look on other bloggers, which makes me wish I could have gotten them. They are really nice! x

    Fashion Landscape

  4. Carol Says:

    So, I really really love the boots. WHat brand are they? You know if I can get them online?
    Thank you!

  5. Lucy Says:

    @ Carol: They’re from Zara but they’ve been sold out in stores and online for a while now, sorry!

  6. Desi Says:

    ahhh waar heb je die laarzen alsnog gevonden?

  7. Nora Says:

    Mooie aankopen! die boots zijn super!

  8. Caroline Says:

    really sorry about they’re sold, wanted them for ages! really envy you dear, great choice

  9. Jessica Says:

    Love your boots!


  10. Louise Says:

    Love the boots! They are perfect :) looking forward to the outfit pics, with the sweater.


  11. Judith Says:

    heerlijke trui! XO

  12. Alexandra Says:

    I don’t wear heels at all but when I saw those boots on a blogger I knew I just had to have them, sadly here in France they were also very popular – not a single pair in sight online or in stores. They are gorgeous though so I understand why they sold out so quickly!

  13. Diana Says:

    very nice :-) where did you find them?

  14. Marjolein Says:

    I was one of the lucky ones that got their hands on them, but… unfortunately they didn’t look very good on me! Love how they look on everybody else though. ;)



  15. Rielle Says:

    Fijn dat je ze nu eindelijkt hebt gevonden! Ze lopen echt heel fijn!

  16. laila Says:

    suuuuuuuuper gave laarsjes, cool!
    ik ben sinds een tijdje ook begonnen met bloggen, en heb vandaag mijn eerste OOTD gepost!
    zou je/julie misschien een kijkje willen nemen?
    ik kan wel wat tips gebruiken!
    ben benieuwd naar wat jullie er van vinden,
    als je wilt kun je me volgen! vind ik leuk :)

    au revoir, laila

  17. helena Says:

    Omigado, hoe ben je nog aan die laarsjes gekomen! Ik hab de moed al opgegeven toen ze ze in Antwerpen ook niet meer hadden..


    Die schoenen zijn zoo gaaf..
    niet voor niets dat ze zo snel uitverkocht waren, jammer genoeg.
    Had ze ook graag willen hebben :(

    Check out my little give-away!

  19. Tessa Says:

    Super leuke items. En je hebt ook een leuke blog. Ik volg je! Fijn weekend.

  20. Eva Says:

    Oh ik wil die laarsjes!! xx

  21. Lucy Says:

    @ Helena: Marktplaats! :D

  22. Lucy Says:

    @ Diana: A Dutch version of Ebay :)

  23. Lucy Says:

    @ Desi: Marktplaats :)

  24. Nena Says:

    Leuk dat je de schoenen nog gevonden hebt!

  25. Says:

    Dat probleem van die foto’s heb ik ook! Mooie schoenen. <3

  26. Nicole Says:

    the sweater is so cute!!


  27. Fashion Fools Says:

    I see these boots everywhere, and I totally started to love’m. Too bad, I can’t find them anymore!

    XxX A.

  28. Theresa Says:

    Absolutely awesome that you found the boots you’ve been looking for! Yay! They’re such a great pair babe!


  29. victoria Says:

    where did you by this amazing zara boots? by ebay or in a zara shop?
    I still search in all Zara’s and I don’t find them!

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