A Roundup of November Outfits

And than it was December. Time for winter, cold, hopefully some snow, Christmas and New Year’s eve, and more winter outfits. But first let’s look back at November, outfit wise. It wasn’t that cold last month, at least not freezing, but it was time to get the big winter coats and knits out which I did of course. A lot of prints and patterns this month comparing to before! I’m still in a mood for that though, adding exciting items to basics to give my outfit a bit extra. So you’ll probably see more of that in December, including seeing what I wear during party season and a little exciting ‘How to wear’ I’m preparing! Also: a very cool live-online-thing is coming up (that’s all I can tell right now but I’ll tell more next week) and exciting collaborations. And then I’m going to London as well. December will be crazy busy but should be a lot of fun as well, I can’t wait!

I’d love to hear which one is your favorite out of these, please tell me! Have a great weekend!

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20 Responses to “A Roundup of November Outfits”

  1. Christine (Fash n Chips) Says:

    Love your roundups! ;) Nr 2 en 5 vond ik ‘t mooist! X

  2. Caroline Says:

    great outfits for november dear!! keep doing this amazing job


    beautiful style


  4. Shamz Says:

    London ! So u coming to us

  5. Laura D. Says:

    I love especially the outfit with the biker boots and the beanie, you look so awesome there! But all are amazing as well. Can’t wait to learn about your new collaboration x

    Fashion Landscape

  6. Paulien Says:

    Heel mooi! De eerste drie outfits zijn mijn favorieten.
    De kleuren, de prints, de verhoudingen.. Alles klopt!

  7. Betty Says:

    love love love! would wear each outfit completely the same way! :) if i had to decide on one, i would probably choose the middle one in the first row :)


    Very nice! Ik kan eigenlijk bijna niet kiezen hoor!
    Maar als het echt moet ga ik voor de laatste. Die trui is echt voor jou gemaakt!


  9. Curls and Bags Says:

    Just found your blog at blueisinfashionthisyear.com, I LOVE your outfits! I like the two with the houndstooth most, just love that print! I’m following now, btw you should check your bloglovin button on the right, it isn’t working, I’ve got an error at bloglovin’!
    Looking forward to your next posts!

  10. rehtael Says:

    2. Leather pants always win.

  11. Les is more Says:

    Ze worden elke maand leuker!

  12. Eva Says:

    Allemaal heel erg mooi, maar die met de luipaard broek en checkend broek staan wel op 1 en 2. Zo gaaf! Fijn weekend xx


  13. Straatstijl Says:

    Gorgeous. Last one is my absolute favourite!
    Tomorrow I’ll have a summary of all November’s looks up on my blog, I’m curious which one is your favourite!

    x Linda


  14. Miranda Says:

    So many great looks, and I love the pops of color ;)


  15. Elza Sokolovski Says:

    They are all perfects!

  16. umi Says:

    1,5 are my favorite.But all outfits are great.


  17. What the L Says:

    I love your outfits, you have a lovely style !

  18. Isabelle Says:

    I discovered your blog yesterday and when I saw this post I knew I will love your style. I’ve finally spend all the night on it! Very inspiring, and i love so much the fact that you post everyday :)

  19. steph Says:

    love your outfit recaps. the houndstooth jumper is so amazing!

  20. Nina Says:

    Last one, no hesitation. Just WOW !

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