At ASOS HQ (+ movie!)


I hope you’re reading this before viewing the video, haha. Let me explain. I was at ASOS HQ in London Tuesday which was a super cool experience! There’s so much behind that one website, you can’t even imagine. I got a tour through the offices and shooting areas and saw the SS13 ASOS collection and after that had a really great lunch, it was amazing. There are so many things going on there, so many people and so many good looking and creative people as well. Did you know they have about 200 womenswear buyers only? That’s huge! Everything just breathes fashion, and there are clothes everywhere, I loved it. So in the first few pictures you see a few snaps from models that are showing looks – they shoot a huge amount of looks per day, each model has 2 minutes to shoot a look and then 4 minutes for the catwalk video, that’s crazy fast right? Picture 5, 6 and 7 show the ASOS SS13 collection which looked really good and fun and colorful, I can’t wait for it to hit the shop. And then just before I left they asked me: oh would you like to shoot your own catwalk video? It’s a supercool experience and fun to have your own ASOS video so obviously I said yes, but I’m not a model at all so the video looks super awkward and I had no idea what to do haha. So even though the video looks really weird and I walk way to slow and I look so awkward, it’s cool to have one anyway I guess. Thanks ASOS for the super fun day!

I was wearing ASOS jumper (on sale now!), ASOS jeans and Acne boots.
By the way, did you see SALE started on ASOS? I’ll do a post with my sale favorites very soon when I get back from London!

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22 Responses to “At ASOS HQ (+ movie!)”

  1. Laura D. Says:

    Hahahaha you are really cute, Lucy! It’s nice to see you on a video for the 1st time, hope you do that more often. Happy that you had such a great time and congrats!
    The jumper you are wearing is really nice. x

    Fashion Landscape

  2. Christine (Fash n Chips) Says:

    Haha, so cute!! En je trui is echt leuk ook. En heb je al specifieke items op t oog voor SS13? Ik heb er nog niks van gezien geloof ik, maar ben heel benieuwd :)
    Enjoy London! X

  3. kcomekarolina Says:

    how cool is that!

    xoxo from rome

  4. Caroline Says:

    perfect pictures, lovely video, lovely you :)..look forward for asos s/s13 colection :)

  5. Nora Says:

    Leuk zegg je eigenfilmpje!


    interesting project!!! congratulations

  7. Blue is in Fashion this Year Says:

    Must have been really cool! And you’re so cute on the video :)

  8. Kaamiye Says:

    Oooh your catwalk is so cute, you look so sweet and shy ! :)
    This must have been a crazy experience to visit Asos HQ and I hope that you measure the chance you had, i personnaly would kill (an ant or a fly, that’s all) to have this kinda chance ! :)

  9. Isabelle Says:

    I already bought an awsome white parka yesterday night, damn you great Asos sales!

  10. Debbie Says:

    Hahaha ik vind het wel cute hoor! Ik hou van een beetje awkwardness, love it! En gewoon superleuk dat je dat mocht doen :)


  11. michelle Says:

    Hahaha super grappig hoe ongemakkelijk dit is!
    maar wel vet dat je het heb gedaan

  12. Wave Says:

    This is so cool! You look adorable :)

  13. nathalie Says:

    haha its so cute you walk a bit like a robot in this movie :D Its crazy indeed that they have so little time! Must be a great experience to drop a visit there!

  14. Eva Says:

    Wat een leuk filmpje. Lijkt me zo raar om op een catwalk te staan. Gave foto’s ook, ziet er echt heel leuk uit! xx

  15. Eleni Says:

    Congrats my dearest Lucy! I love seeing you on Asos runway. the awkwardness you’re refering at is so cute though and I can’t wait to see more of collaborations like these! :)

  16. Fashion Inciter Says:

    How cool Lucy! (Read before I watched the video XD) Sounds like you had loads of fun, what a cool experience! Great post Lucy!


  17. Laurenzia Says:

    You are so cute. Haha. I would have been awkward, too! ;)

  18. Lucy Says:

    AMAZING! I work on the 4th floor in Fashion Finder! (popped you up on the front page today!) How cool that you got to go and check it all out! I still need to go down and have a proper look. Also woudl have been totally girl crushing over the cropped hair model – you really look like her too!

    Glad you had fun Luce!

  19. Judith Says:

    Wat een ontzettend schattig filmpje! Haha, ik zat echt met een enorme grijns achter mijn computer :-)

  20. MARJOLEIN Says:




  21. ana Says:

    Hi, I love that jumper and I wanted to ask you which size are you wearing? I am just trying to know if it runs true size because I am going to order it. Thank you

  22. Lucy Says:

    @ Ana: Sorry for the late reply, your comment got marked as spam by my spam filter! I’m wearing a size 8, it fits pretty much true to size, it’s a little bit oversized but I think it’s supposed to be like that :)

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