Best buys of 2012

Not only is it the 2nd day of Christmas (which we celebrate in the Netherlands so again, Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy it while it lasts!) but it’s also the end of the year. A year in which a lot happened and changed for me, and a year in which I did a lot of shopping ;) I thought it would be fun to show you my best buys of 2012. Insightful as well maybe, because it’s good to review your buys from time to time and see which ones became your favorites and why. Could prevent you from bad buys and make you realize what kind of pieces are good to invest in. It was quite hard to limit this list to 14 pieces but I really do think these are the pieces that were the best buys from this year, the ones I wore most, the ones I will still wear next year and were totally worth investing in (or not, who knew a 6€ ring could make the cut!). Above is what be my most worn item of 2012: my Isabel Marant sneakers in beige. I wore them every season, even in summer, and they’re just so comfy and good and after wearing them so much, they still look good. Definitely worth the investment.

Next (but not in hierarchical order) is this black coat from Stylein. Just the perfect simple black (summer) coat, perfect length, perfect fabric and it’s kind of chic which goes quite well with my more sporty looks. Really happy I found this one! Unfortunately it’s not available anymore..

You’ve seen these around quite a few times: grey New Balance 420 sneakers that I wore with everything and brought me everywhere the second half of the year after I got one. Again, a sneaker but I guess you could have expected that :) Anyway, a good sneaker that matches with anything is always a good buy!


These leopard trousers from Zara are my favorite summer trousers, I wore them so often! Super comfy and light and in a cool leopard print: just the right leopard trousers. Can’t wait to wear them again next summer.

This is probably not much of a surprise either: my Alexander Wang prisma tote. It was actually one of my fashion resolutions last year to find the perfect black leather bag and I’m really happy I did – and on sale! It’s been my everyday bag ever since I got it and it hardly ever leaves my side. However I’m keeping an eye open for a second designer bag for a bit of variation but for now, this one does the job pretty well.

Sweats were a big part of 2012. From sweatpants in different variations to a lot of grey and bright sweaters: I wore a lot of sweats. I tried to combine them with something different every time though. The best sweat from 2012 (though picking it wasn’t easy) is this bat sweater from Zoe Karssen. The bat just makes it so cool, need I say more?

Another investment piece I wore a crazy lot in 2012: these black leather trousers from Humanoid. They’re an investment piece by themselves but luckily I didn’t even have to make the investment: I found them at a stock sale for €70 when they used to be €760. Not bad huh? It turned out to be a hell of a lucky find because these are for me the perfect leather trousers. Tight, quite long, and obviously leather trousers can be worn with almost everything. Definitely a lucky find.

These leopard sandals from Zara sold out super fast but I was happy to have gotten my hands on them because I wore them all summer. When it’s super hot you want to wear as little shoe as possible but not walk around on flipflops all the time so these were the perfect solution. Love the leopard!

The least expensive that made it to the cut: this kitty ring from Monki. Except from watches I always buy affordable jewelry so that I can get more and have lots of options to choose from, and this ring (for just €6) is absolutely the cutest thing. It’s been around my fingers a lot even though I got it only a month ago but I just have such a weak spot for kitties!

It took me a while, but I finally found the perfect black heeled ankle boots. The big chunky heel, slightly pointed toe and buckles were just what I was looking for. Great underneath trousers, skirts or even dresses: I’ve worn and will be wearing them so much!

A big thing we’ve looked forward to this year was Maison Martin Margiela for H&M. I got my hands on this huge cashmere jumper and it proved to be a super good buy. You’ve seen it on the blog only once so far but I wear it at home all the time because it’s so comfy and oversized and what is better in winter than to cuddle up in a big sea of cashmere?

Another bag: this one from Zara is the one I wear when I don’t wear my Wang. It’s great for days on which I don’t need to bring that much and a great party bag as well. A chain strap is always good and I love the cool design on this one. Definitely my #2 bag and a great buy!

Another search that’s over: finding a perfect black leather motorcycle jacket. Again, Zara, you’ve done well this year. After getting this one I got rid of all my faux leather jackets that just weren’t what I was looking for and wore this one all the time. Investing in the perfect leather biker jacket is always a good idea, it never goes out of fashion and can be thrown over whatever you want.

Last but definitely not least: these Acne boots I got a few weeks ago. Again, black leather ankle boots that go with anything and I just love the textured suede and cool design. They’re super comfy as well and I’m sure they will prove to be a great buy in 2013 as well.

So that was my list of best buys of 2012. As you can see: a lot of black, a lot of leather and a lot of shoes. No need to explain I like black for everyday basics and whatever style you have: everybody needs a pair of leather trousers, a good black bag, a pair of black leather ankle boots and the perfect black coat. Also: shoes can really make your outfit so I my investment pieces tend to be mostly shoes. Now I’m curious though, what’s your best buy of 2012?
Enjoy this last day of Christmas!

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23 Responses to “Best buys of 2012”

  1. Daphne Says:

    Die grijze new balance sneakers vind ik zo gaaf! Bijna al de schoenen die ik hierboven zie. Ik denk dat het bij mij ook schoenen zijn waar ik het meest blij mee ben! M’n dr. Martens en vans kan ik bij een hoop outfits aan :)
    Jij ook fijne feestdagen!

  2. Laura Says:

    Great buys honey!


  3. Amy Says:

    die IM sneakers zijn gewoon het einde… leuke lijst meis!

  4. gateaudemesreves Says:

    great post, love almost everything!

  5. Naomi Says:

    Inderdaad hele leuke leopard trousers!!

    Fijne kerst nog en gelukkig nieuw jaar alvast!

  6. Danielle Says:

    Vind je Isabel Marant sneakers, Acne laarsjes en je leren jasje erg mooi!

  7. Jesdiny Says:

    Wat een mooie aankopen!

  8. Caroline Says:

    isabele marant babies of course !!! ♥♥♥♥
    kisses babe

  9. Les is more Says:

    Jaaa je het zulke leuke items! Ja zoe sweater! Hou er van!

  10. christina Says:

    Wat een leuke post!! Ik vind alle items ontzettend mooi, vooral je Alexander Wang tas!

  11. Melissa Says:

    So far I think the Isabel Marant sneakers are also my best buy this year! x

  12. Krizia Says:

    Awesome buys, especially the leather trousers!
    I think mine are also the Marant-sneakers, the Chanel espadrilles and a pair of Tom Ford-sunnies.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  13. Nena Says:

    Heel leuke post!

  14. Debbie Says:

    Supermooie spulletjes, ik heb ook een best-buys-post klaar staan voor ergens komende week. Great minds think alike, hahaha ;) Mooie post heb je er van gemaakt, ik hou van je schoenen en tassen!


  15. krista Says:

    You have such impeccable style. These items are perfect!

  16. Eva Says:

    Je Alexander Wang tas, Isabel Marant sneakers en Zara laarsjes zijn echt geweldig! Hoop dat je een leuke kerst hebt gehad! xx

  17. Frenchonista Says:

    You have an amazing style. I like it big time. Keep up the good work Lucy.

  18. Lubna Says:

    I agree – they’re all wonderful purchases! I especially like the leopard print Zara sandals :)


  19. Aitana Says:

    i love your Isabel Marant sneakers ;)


  20. barefoot duchess Says:

    These were all great buys indeed, but my personal favorites were the Isabel Marant sneakers & the leopard pants!

  21. jessica Says:

    Hi do you have a link for the zara jacket? im trying to find it on the site and I cant :-(

  22. Lucy Says:

    @ jessica: it’s old collection sorry!

  23. Lola Says:

    Hello! What brand are the black chunky ankle booties with the straps? They’re divine!

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