How to wear | The printed leather skirt – Part 3

The third and final part of ‘How to wear’ this gorgeous leather printed skater skirt: a winter look. Because well, it is winter, and it can be a challenge to get some variety into your outfits when all you want to wear is trousers and big knits. This time I’ve paired the skirt with a mohair sweater and long coat to keep me warm. Also: a cute pom pom beanie that adds a fun element, I really like those! Just as yesterday I added some blue elements to the outfit to complement the blue already in the skirt. As well as with the grey. I have this matching color obsession going on but then again I’ve always had that, I just really like it when colors come back in different parts of the outfit. So this was the final part of 3 outfits, here’s a little roundup – 3 ways to wear the leather skater skirt:

I’m really curious to hear how you feel about my final look and which one of the three looks you like best! I hope I’ve given you a little inspiration on how to wear skirts like these. Also: did you like the ‘How to wear’? I might do it more often if you guys like it of course!

Last look | Coat: Esprit / Mohair jumper: H&M / Printed leather skirt: ASOS Black x Markus Lupfer / Tights: H&M / Boots: Zara / Beanie: 8mm via Men at Work / Bat necklace: Mint via Nelly

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31 Responses to “How to wear | The printed leather skirt – Part 3”

  1. kcomekarolina Says:


    xoxo from rome

  2. Caroline Says:

    my personal favourite is still picture no.1 but whole ways are awesome!! well-worked out :)
    kisses from

  3. francesca Says:

    I love the first one!!! with the tall black boots..too cute



    Ik vind de ‘How to wear’ post echt super! Erg leuk bedacht.
    Maar mijn voorkeur gaat uit naar look 1, ondanks dat ik zelf look 3 waarschijnlijk zelf eerder zal dragen.


  5. Amy Says:

    leuk leuk leuk!
    Ik vind de laatste look het leukste; althans; dat is de eerste die ik zal dragen! :)
    Erg leuk zo’n how to wear!

  6. Jesdiny Says:

    Als ik moet kiezen vind ik dit denk ik de mooiste combi! Erg leuk rokje!


    I love your skirt, first of all! My favorite look is the last one…but I like the skirt with the knee high boots too!

  8. manouk Says:

    Ik vind deze, dus je 3e look, het mooist! En van mijn mag er vaker een ‘how to wear’ komen. Ik vind het namelijk erg insipirerend!

  9. Nienke Says:

    I REALLY like the ‘How to wear’ posts, if you could make them more often, that would be great! And I would personally go for the last combination, because it is a little more feminine than the second, but a little more casual than the first. Plus, I am totally in love with those boots.

  10. Lian Says:

    Zo’n gave rok! Ik vind de laatste combi het mooist :)

    Liefs Lian

  11. Inge Says:

    Heel leuk met die muts! Mijn favoriet blijft de eerste look, dat bloesje staat super leuk met die rok :)

  12. Laura Says:

    Love this outfit babe! Nice boots


  13. Nena Says:

    Ik vind de eerste het leukst ! :D

  14. Isabelle Says:

    This way of wearing it is my favorite, but well maybe it’s the coat, i’ve been in love with it since the first time i saw it on your blog!
    At least that was a cool little experience, it’s really not a skirt i would have spoted and wanted to wear at first but you proved me wrong! :)

  15. ewa Says:

    i think your style is impeccable

  16. Ladyceloou Says:

    I like your three propositions, but I prefer outfit 1 and 3. In the n°2, I think it’s the style of the knit which doesn’t suit me, inspite of his gorgeous color!

    I just discover your blog a few days ago but it’s already become one of my favorites!

  17. xana Says:

    first is the best. hate the second. the last I think, without the beanie is better or maybe another kind of beanie.

  18. Emilie L. Says:

    My favorite one is definitely the first one.
    I think the third one would have been better if you would have put your sweater inside the skirt? But again that’s my opinion I prefer not to let my top layered above my skirts, don’t know if that makes sense sorry!
    Love all your shoes though, just gorgeous!

  19. Louise Says:

    Great look! Big fan of the first one :D


  20. nathalie Says:

    Love this outfit a lot!

  21. Amandine Says:

    My favorite is the third one.
    I love the mix between the casual sweater and the smart skirt.

  22. Fashion Inciter Says:

    Definitely one of my favorites, I do this all the time (and for some reason finding it stylish and striking) where I wear a jacket or sweater that passes up or is the same length as the skirt. Perfect, + adorable points with the hat, Love it Lucy!

  23. Veronica Says:

    Love this outfit, you look fab!
    Would you mind telling me what lens are u using?


    Chic All Over

  24. Pauline Lim Says:

    Love the second and third! :)

    xx pauline

  25. Lucy Says:

    @ Veronica: Thank you! I use a 50mm 1.4f lens :)

  26. MARJOLEIN Says:

    Je hebt er 3 hele mooie looks van gemaakt Lucy, well done!



  27. Melanie Says:

    Though the first one is the most feminine way and not as “cool” as you usually dress, I like it most! guess number one would be perfect with the number 3 shoes :)

  28. Eleni Says:

    The oversized jacket creates such a visually interesting effect together with the mini full skirt and the beanie!

  29. Black Leather Jackets Says:

    you look wonderful, truly beauty with amazing sense of style !

  30. Sarah Says:

    Lucy where are the knee high boots from….love them!!!!!

  31. Lucy Says:

    @ Sarah: They’re from Isabel Marant (fw2011) :)

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