Outfits – Best of 2012

2012.. It was such a great year for me, I’m really hoping 2013 will be as least as good! Here’s what I wore (or at least, part of it) in 2012. So funny to see how my style went through phases: from sneakers to boyish to prints to skirts.. I’m curious of what I’ll wear in 2013 haha.
I also want to thank all of you for reading my blog, your super sweet responses that bring a smile to my face every day and just all the support, likes, tweets, comments, pins, hypes, shares, and so on. You guys are the best and without you blogging wouldn’t even be half the fun. THANKS and I wish you all the best for 2013.. But this is not my last blogpost for this year though, I always have something to share ;) Happy Sunday!

(By the way, I know it’s a bit of an impossible question but if you have an absolute #1 favorite out of all these outfits, please tell me! I’m always interested in hearing what you guys like best!)

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36 Responses to “Outfits – Best of 2012”

  1. Nienke Says:

    My absolute faveorite is the outfit with the leather skirt and the Isabel Marant boots. If only I could look like that every day I would be the most happy girl in the world. Keep up the amazing blogging :)

  2. Christine (Fash n Chips) Says:

    Super! Echt alles wat je aantrekt staat leuk. Mijn favoriet is denk ik de laatste van de een-na-onderste rij ;) Die is van kort geleden, toch? All black & perfect layers = <3


  3. Laura D. Says:

    All of them great outfits, but my favourite one must be this one which you didn’t include: http://lovelybylucy.com/2012/10/outfit-a-dash-of-purple/

    Happy new year to you too x :)

    Fashion Landscape

  4. Melissa Says:

    Die met je blauwe jas en bobby’s is echt mn favoriet! x

  5. Vilde Says:

    You are such an inspiration source. I could wear all of your outfits:) he he. And I can’t wait to keep following you through 2013. I really like your blog:)
    Happy New Year!

  6. Cinja Says:

    i especially love your spring and fall/winter looks! great combos :)
    happy new year!

  7. Emilie Lau Says:

    I can’t give you my favorite look but I can give you my top 5 which would be outfit number 1,14(&32 it’s the Isabel Marant jacket ha ) 27, 28 & 33 in no particular orders. Mainly because they are more my style and also the more interesting to me!
    I’m also super jealous of your Isabel Marant boots (the wedges knee ones with suede/leather i don’t know their name) but i love them so much they are such a classic!
    Personal opinion i like your hair a bit more brown and you should definitely smile more on the pictures you look prettier with a smile on your face :)
    Happy holidays, xx

  8. Janiek & Ludo Says:

    Really love this post, lots of inspiration!

    x Janiek

  9. christina Says:

    Hele mooie outfits!! Mijn favoriete outfit is met je baggy leren broek en blauwe hakken!
    Gelukkig nieuwjaar! x

  10. Lucile Says:

    Wonderful and amazing looks ! You have a perfect style !
    I love your blog, congratulations ! ;D
    Happy New Year, xxx

  11. Mystylehistory Says:

    Leuk om te zien! Wat ben je toch een leuke meid met een geweldige stijl :)
    Super outfits en het is te moeilijk om een favoriet te kiezen…


  12. Inge Says:

    Het is behoorlijk moeilijk om te kiezen, maar mijn favoriet is toch die met je zwarte jas, witte fold-over clutch en boyfriend jeans :)

  13. Rowan Says:

    WAUW, allemaal zo mooi! Wat houd ik van jouw style!




  14. youna Says:

    I discovered your blog three days ago and I’ve seen aaaaall of it ! I mean, that had not happened in years !I think your style is edgy, but it’s not too much, it’s totally wearable ! You just made me want to clean up my wardrobe and dress up a bit more. I think we have about the same style, except I never wear heels (because of the snow and my job) and I’m getting bored of it ! And I saw how easy it was and I’m gonna make more efforts :)

  15. Ann Says:

    I just recently stumbled across your blog and I sooooo like it! Your style is beyond stunning and so inspriring! You’re such a beautiful girl with a remarkable figure. WOW. Sorry for being so exaggerating, but it’s just the way I think :)
    I like the most of your 2012 outfits, but no. 4, no. 12 and the last outfit are my favourites! The colour of the IM-sneakers is amazing and fits your eyecolour perfectly, outfit no. 4 is simple, laid back but classy and kind of chique as well. Big like! Outfit No. 12 is stylish, cool and i just love that jacket!
    Your ZARA-Biker Jacket ist great as well hihi
    I sound like a jerk but whatever. Just wanted to give you kind of feedback to what you’re doing! Keep up the good work, girl :)

  16. Lucy Says:

    @ Ann: I don’t mind comments like these at all, you totally made me blush and I love hearing some feedback from my readers! Thanks for all the love!

  17. Fashion Inciter Says:

    Wow! Look at those all, how cool. So awesome, I love recaps. Gosh! Hmmm to pick a favorite…the number one that sticks out to me, that I never forgot, was the bat printed sweater and black lace skirt. It’s so cute, and the top looks great with it but it’s unexpected with that kind of skirt usually. I also really loved the big green sweater with the green statement necklace and the all black looks.

  18. Louise Says:

    Still love the blog one of my big faces is the shorts with the IM boots. Will stalk your blog again in 2013. Have a great new years!


  19. Ellen Says:

    je hebt een geweldige stijl! Mijn favoriete zijn die met het leren rokje, die met de ‘cheer up’ trui en die met de baggy spijkerbroek en oversized zwarte jas!


  20. Jessica Says:

    All of those outfits are amazing!


  21. Cindy Says:

    Je bent een geweldige blogster! Love it :)

  22. Caroline Says:

    love them all !!! perfect year for outfits ♥


  23. gateaudemesreves Says:

    11 & 26 are my favorites :) i almost love all of them (n°4 is not so much of my taste, but still really nice!) Happy new year to you Lucy, hope you’re blog will inspire us as much as it did this year or even more!

  24. Amy Says:

    ik hou van dit soort overzichtjes!
    De mijne komt morgen :)

  25. Shujun Gong Says:

    My fav is the Nº7.You make me fell in love with that stlyien coat at the first sight,I remember that quite clearly.

  26. barefoot duchess Says:

    Cannot decide… Love them all!!


    Geweldig Lucy!! Happy New Year and Happy 2013 blogging ;) x

  28. Mia Says:

    Well done wearing more heels! Also something I need to work on.
    My fav is IM boots and leather skirt in the snow. Would love to steal a few pieces off you.

  29. Eva Says:

    De outfit met de denim shorts en Isabel Marant laarzen en het zebra groene rokje met de Balance sneakers zijn mijn favorieten maar eigenlijk is alles heel mooi! Hele fijne jaarwisseling! xx


  30. Sonja Says:

    Great style and outfits.All of them are interesting and stylish on its own way so it’s hard to make a decision which one is the best.If I have to vote I’ll say the one with floral pants cause I love to wear it too;)Honestly I’m impressed and I’ll keep visiting you blog!Happy New Year;)


  31. Girl Says:

    I love them all :) But my absolute favourite is no 29 (first on the eighth row). I love the simplicity yet bohemian look of this outfit. And I really loved the grey coat which was also part of this outfit (not seen on these selected picures here). Keep inspiring us :)

  32. Fashion Reactor Says:

    Discovered your blog a few days ago and I really loved your style!!!! New bloglovin follower here!!!

    Eirini from http://fashionreactor.blogspot.gr/

  33. sensitive to beauty Says:

    love your style!! thanx for the recap!!

  34. Marte Says:

    I really, really love the outfit with the green sweater and the landscapeish tights!

    This was the outfit that got me to fan you on lookbook (and really get me into lookbook all together)and start reading your blog.

    You might think this is stupid, but I loved it so much that I first tried to find pieces that looked similar, but when I later found out that I had access to both the tights ans the sweater and bought them both, haha :) (and I love them and wear them so much!)

    Love you and love your style, you really are my style inspiration and I can’t wait to follow you in 2013! <3

  35. Nina Says:

    Always inspiring :) Hugs from Germany

  36. roxy Says:

    glad I found your blog today. Just few minutes into it I felt completely in love with your style. will make sure to visit on a regular basis! xoxo


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