Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone of you! And a big thank you to all my readers and followers, you’ve really made this year amazing for me! I hope Santa gives you lots of presents and I hope you’ll enjoy my favorite time of year to the fullest. I’m having a cozy Christmas eve in with my love tonight, and cooking rabbit for the first time in my life so wish me luck! I’ll show you what I was wearing tomorrow!
(by the way, how cute is my Christmas tree?)


Outfit | Rainy Day

Oh, it’s such a drama trying to take proper pictures in the afternoon when it’s non stop raining and super dark. Yesterday was more of a day to not leave your bed, but I did because I had some last minute Christmas shopping to do. I’m really happy with my new check trousers that I found in London at Topshop. The combination of the fit and colors are perfect. I was wearing them with another London buy: super cute hairy leopard slippers. They’re super comfy and it wasn’t that cold yesterday so I was able to take them for a first spin. The combination of the afore mentioned pieces made me feel quite dressed though so I decided to give it a sports vibe with a turtleneck top that is just the right combination of basic and sporty. Sports luxe: definitely my favorite trend and I’m really happy that will continue into 2013. Which it almost is by the way, only 3 days until it’s Christmas! I still haven’t figured out my Christmas outfit yet though.. One thing I’ll definitely be wearing is the Christmas present I got from my boyfriend and that you can see in the second picture: a gorgeous watch. Boyfriends are the best Santas!

Top: Zara / Trousers: Topshop / Leopard slippers: Zara / Beanie: COS / Bag: Zara / Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelets: Fashionology


VIP Access to the Sale

It’s here again! Sale on doesn’t start until 3 days but from today my readers get early access to their big sale. Make sure you get what you want before it’s sold out! I was up super late this morning so I’m checking it out right now but I already found a few gems that I might not be able to resist.. Click HERE and enter code LUCY to access the sale. Happy Shopping!


Outfit | Something up my sleeves

I’m such a sucker for sweats, especially when they have something interesting to them. So even though I own quite a lot of sweats, I fell for this one the moment I saw it. It’s quite simple, except for the sleeves that have embroidery in a gorgeous velvet blue. Gives it just that perfect little extra touch! This is what I was wearing yesterday when still in London. Had such a good time with my love! I didn’t do much shopping but sale hadn’t start in London yet and I can’t really buy anything right now knowing that I might be able to get it for half the price next week. I was again wearing my blue Bobby sneakers, can’t get enough of them! Got to run now, busy day and my email inbox is pretty much exploding.. Life of a blogger! Enjoy your Friday loves!

Sweater: Zara / Jeans: ASOS / Sneakers: Isabel Marant / Beanie: no idea, very old


ASOS Sale Favorites (x48)

You might have seen it already but sale on ASOS started! After doing the Surftrain I had some requests from readers asking me to do a sale favorites post when the sale starts, so here it is. I browsed the entire sale section yesterday (which is huge) and from all of the thousands of pieces, these 48 pieces below are my favorites. I’ve ordered a few of them and some go out of stock pretty quickly so I hope everything’s still available in the size you want!

Wool stripe jumper / Printed top / Wolf jumper / Dandizette print jumper
Top with leather look sleeves / Short sleeved sweater / Leopard print bomber / Shirt with text 

Ovoid coat / Motorcycle jacket / Parka / Long grey coat
Electric blue jeans / Navy spot print jeans / Black/white spot jeans / Ripped boyfriend jeans

Suede ankle boots / Buckle wedges / Flatform sneakers / Tartan trainers
Check backpack / Colorblock clutch / Sunglasses / Green backpack

Chevron faux fur / Jacquard long coat / Check blazer / Dogtooth sweater
Structured top / Fishermans knit jumper / Slouchy cardigan /  Cardigan in stripe

High gloss trousers / Trousers with elastic cuff / Colorblock trousers / Premium evening trousers
Geo jacquard skirt / Leather pencil skirt / Structured skater skirt / Denim shorts 

Blue cuffs / Bar rings / Silver cuffs / Spike rings
Cage cuff / Rose gold stone rings / Chain and spike bracelet / Rose gold tone watch




At ASOS HQ (+ movie!)


I hope you’re reading this before viewing the video, haha. Let me explain. I was at ASOS HQ in London Tuesday which was a super cool experience! There’s so much behind that one website, you can’t even imagine. I got a tour through the offices and shooting areas and saw the SS13 ASOS collection and after that had a really great lunch, it was amazing. There are so many things going on there, so many people and so many good looking and creative people as well. Did you know they have about 200 womenswear buyers only? That’s huge! Everything just breathes fashion, and there are clothes everywhere, I loved it. So in the first few pictures you see a few snaps from models that are showing looks – they shoot a huge amount of looks per day, each model has 2 minutes to shoot a look and then 4 minutes for the catwalk video, that’s crazy fast right? Picture 5, 6 and 7 show the ASOS SS13 collection which looked really good and fun and colorful, I can’t wait for it to hit the shop. And then just before I left they asked me: oh would you like to shoot your own catwalk video? It’s a supercool experience and fun to have your own ASOS video so obviously I said yes, but I’m not a model at all so the video looks super awkward and I had no idea what to do haha. So even though the video looks really weird and I walk way to slow and I look so awkward, it’s cool to have one anyway I guess. Thanks ASOS for the super fun day!

I was wearing ASOS jumper (on sale now!), ASOS jeans and Acne boots.
By the way, did you see SALE started on ASOS? I’ll do a post with my sale favorites very soon when I get back from London!


Wish I was wearing..

A mini post today since I really don’t have any time to blog here, trying to get the most out of 3 days in London! Here’s what I wish I was wearing today – Love the simple check scarf, and  I’m really into tweed so a pair of tweed trousers would be great paired with a sporty sweater and some bold bling.. LUCKILY I’m going shopping today so who knows if I’ll get my hands on one of these!

Check scarf / Tweed trousers / Dweeb sweat / Chain necklace

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